Incheon Airport To Seoul Station

Most tourists visiting South Korea will arrive at Incheon Airport (ICN) and have to make their way to their hotel or accommodation in central Seoul. After a long haul flight, we want to get to our hotel the fastest way possible. This article covers every way of going from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station and back. From the cheapest to the fastest option.

Incheon airport to Seoul Station

Things To Know About Incheon Airport

Incheon International Airport is a major transportation hub located in Incheon, South Korea. It is considered one of the best airports in the world, renowned for its modern architecture, efficient services, and numerous amenities. Incheon Airport has won multiple awards for its outstanding facilities, including its duty-free shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

With its strategic location and state-of-the-art facilities, Incheon Airport serves as a gateway to South Korea and the rest of Asia, connecting passengers to over 180 destinations worldwide. The airport has become an iconic landmark of South Korea, attracting millions of visitors each year.

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Incheon airport to Seoul Station

There are quite a few options when looking to go from Incheon airport to Seoul Station. The fastest way is by AREX fast train and the cheapest option is by subway. If you arrive late at night you might want to take a taxi. The limousine bus is also an option but is not that convenient when going to Seoul Station.

How?CostTime Book
By AREX train7500 krw50 minutesBuy tickets here
By subway4150 krw59 minutesBuy card here
By taxi60 000 – 100 000 krw1h30 minutesReserve here
By Bus13 400 krw1h30 minutesBuy tickets here

1. By AREX Train

Going by AREX train from Incheon to Seoul station is by far the easiest and fastest way. The train runs from both Incheon Airport Terminal 1 and 2 all the way to Seoul Station without stopping. The train starts running around 5 am until 11 pm and goes approximately every 30 minutes. You’ll have a comfortable seat, plugs and free WiFi.

Tickets can be purchase online for 7500 krw or 8000 krw at the ticket office. If you are traveling during peak times or day, it is highly recommended to book online in advance as tickets might sell out quickly and queues at the ticket office can be rather long.

If you need to transfer to the subway upon arrival in Seoul Station, an additional ticket has to be purchased. If you are using the Seoul public transportation system, then a T Money Transportation Card is needed.

TIP: The Discover Seoul Pass comes with one free AREX express ticket. The AREX ticket can be claimed any time and doesn’t activate the 24/48/72 hours countdown. Click here to purchase pass.

incheon to seoul station

2. By Subway

The next best option is going by subway. There is not a big different in price and time between the subway and AREX express, but the AREX is way more comfortable. The all stop train leaves from both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 and goes all the way to Seoul Station, which is also the end destination. The train will stop 12 times along the way.

The total cost of the subway ride is 4150 krw and from Terminal 1 it takes around 1 hour. The first subway leaves just after 5 am and the last one goes just before 12 am. This is the cheapest option when looking to go to Seoul station from Incheon Airport. Every 15 minutes a train leaves, so no need to wait long.

You can buy a ticket at the subway station but you can pay cash only. The best way when using the subway in Seoul is by purchasing a T Money card. This card is rechargeable and can be used to pay on the subway, buses and even in taxis all around Korea.

TIP: The Discover Seoul Pass is also a T Money Card (not the BTS edition).

3. By Bus

It is also possible to go to Seoul Station from Incheon by bus. Only bus 6001 stops in front of the station, the others don’t stop directly at the train station, but instead stop in the vicinity of the station. If you have a specific hotel to go to, then it might be worth checking if any of the buses stop closer to your hotel.

3.1 Bus 6001

Bus 6001 goes to the Seoul Station Area and the bus actually stops across the street from Seoul Station. The bus ride takes around 1h10 minutes and costs 13 000 krw. Tickets can only be bought on the bus. At Incheon Airport, go to the first floor in Terminal 1.

incheon international airport to seoul station

3.2 Airport Limousine

The KAL Airport Limousine bus doesn’t go straight to Seoul Station, instead is stops in the City Hall area or at Namdaemun, which are surrounding areas to the station. The first bus departs just before 5 and the last one at 10.50 pm. Taking the bus is more expensive than the train or subway and it also takes longer. The buses are quite comfortable and complimentary water and WiFi are available on board. It is not recommended to take this bus during rush hour as you might be stuck in traffic. 

Tickets for the bus can be purchased both online and at the ticket office in Incheon Airport. Online tickets are a bit cheaper, 14 000 krw instead of 16 000 krw. Click here to find more info and to buy tickets.

The bus leaves from Incheon International Airport Terminal 1, Floor 1, Gate 4, KAL Limousine Service Counter (No. 22) or Incheon International Airport Terminal 2, Floor 1, KAL Limousine Service Counter.

arex incheon airport to seoul station

3.3 Bus 6015

Bus 6015 also goes to the Seoul Station Area. It doesn’t stop at station but instead it stops at Chungjeongro Station and Namdaemun Market. This bus is quite similar to the Airport Limusine but tickets are a bit cheaper (13 000 krw). The 6015 bus from Incheon To Myeongdong is very similar to the Airport bus. It leaves every 20 minutes from Incheon Airport and takes around 1h20 minutes to reach Seoul Station. Tickets can only be bought on the bus, a T Money Card can be used.

3.4 Nightbus

If you are arriving when trains have stopped running, taking a taxi or a night bus are the only options. Night buses to Seoul Station leave once an hour and can be taken from floor 1, exit 6A in terminal 1. Tickets can be bought on site and cost 9000 krw.

4. By Taxi

This is by far the most expensive way of going from the airport in Incheon to Seoul Station, and it isn’t the fastest. It is a great option though when you are arriving late at night and trains aren’t running anymore. Another benefit from taking a taxi is that it will drop you off right at your hotel or end destination.

The distance between Incheon Airport and Seoul station is about 50 kilometres and a ride takes around 1h30 minutes during day time and if there are no traffic jams. During the night, when streets are empty it will only take around an hour to reach the station.

When looking to take a taxi, there are two options. Booking the taxi online or going to the taxi platform and queue until it’s your turn. It is recommended to book a taxi as you can pick the size based on the amount of people you are traveling with. Click here to check prices and to book a taxi online.

If you decide to get a regular metered taxi, then upon arrival at Incheon Airport, follow the signs to the taxi stop. It is best to have the address printed on a piece of paper in Korean. Most taxi drivers don’t tend to speak English.

Note: when taking a taxi from the airport, additional toll fees will be charged.

Consider staying at a hotel near Incheon Airport when arriving late at night and making your way to Seoul in the morning.

how to get from incheon airport to seoul station

Seoul Station To Incheon Airport

Looking to go back to Incheon Airport from Seoul Station? Then just follow the information mentioned above but in the opposite directions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way of going from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station?

Going by AREX fast train or subway are the two best options. They are fast, around one hour, and cheap too.

How to book tickets for the AREX fast train?

Tickets for the train can be bought at the ticket office in the airport or online. Booking online is very easy and secures your spot on the train.

How far is the airport from Seoul Station?

The airport is about 50 kilometres away from downtown Seoul.

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