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Songdo Central Park lies in the Songdo International Business District and is a major recreational park for residents of Songdo, Incheon and beyond. If you’re just in Incheon for the day or are looking to go for a relaxing day trip from Seoul, then Songdo is a great place to go. Listed below are all the things to do in Songdo Central Park, which are suitable for young and old.

songdo central park

Things To Know Before Going To Songdo Central Park

Songdo, also known as Songdo International Business District (IBD), is a planned city located in the Incheon Metropolitan City in South Korea. Its development began in the early 2000s as a collaboration between the South Korean government, the Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority, and private developers.

The city was designed to be a sustainable, high-tech, and international hub for business, education, and residential living. It features modern infrastructure, including an advanced transportation system and a ubiquitous high-speed internet network. Songdo has attracted a large number of multinational corporations, educational institutions, and research centers, making it a thriving economic and cultural center in East Asia.

Today, Songdo serves as an example of successful urban planning and development, with many cities around the world looking to emulate its model.

  • Tipping: Restaurants, cafes and hotels in Korea usually do not allow tips, and some people can even get offended by this. More about tipping in Korea here.
  • Water: Even though Korea has some of the cleanest drinking water in the world, Incheon had some small crisis some time ago with the tap water. If you want to play it safe, use bottled water instead of tap water. More about drinking water in Korea here.
  • Paying: Songdo is a new town which was built from scratch more than 10 years ago. You’ll be able to pay with card or cash in almost every single establishment. Make sure to inform your bank you are traveling abroad or use a travel master card.
  • Day Trip: From Seoul, going to Songdo is a great and relaxing day trip. It is easy accessible by subway and has lots going on to enjoy with the whole family. More about day trips from Seoul here.

Songdo Central Park

Songdo Central Park lies in the middle of Songdo and is the main park of Songdo. It was created as part of Incheon’s IBD’s green space plan and was inspired by Central Park in New York City. Listed below are all the best things to do in and around the park.

1. G Tower Songdo

G Tower stands and the end of the park and is a 150 meter tall tower. It is not the highest tower of the park, but G Tower is open to the public and has an observation deck on the 33rd floor. It is completely free to enter and on the observation floor you’ll find some photo zones, AR experiences and a cafe.

Visiting the observation deck around sunset is especially beautiful as you can see the sun set on the ocean behind the famous Incheon Bridge. Occasionally concerts are held in the sky garden overlooking Songdo Central Park.

songdo g tower

2. Tri Bowl Songdo

At Central Park subway station lies the Tri Bowl which is a multi-complex culture and arts center. Due to the way the building is constructed, it gives the illusion it is floating on the water. The Tri Bowl received the 2010 Korean Architecture Award and is currently used as a concert hall and exhibition center. Check the current program here.

The meaning behind the name Tri Bowl is rather straight forward. It means triple bowl, referring to the sky, sea and land.

tri bowl songdo

3. NC Cube Canal Walk

Next to the park lies NC Cube Canal Walk which is a small shopping complex composed out of 4 main buildings called Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Major brands have a shop in this complex as well as restaurants and cafes. The Canal Walk has a European style atmosphere and the small watercourse is decorated with sculptures and art work.

4. Compact Smart City Songdo

This museum covers the past, present and future of Incheon in three exhibition halls. Compact Smart City has two massive miniature halls which show the map of Incheon and of IFEZ (Incheon Free Economic Zone). Apart from these exhibition halls you’ll find 5D and 4D theaters which will teach you more about Incheon. This museum lies next to the Tri Bowl on the edge of Songdo Central Park.

5. Hanok Village Songdo

The Hanok Village in Songdo Central park is not an old traditional village but was built not so long ago. It is home to multiple coffee shops, restaurants, shops and a hanok hotel. The village is a nice place to walk around and stop at one of the coffee shops to take a break. Hollies Coffee is located in this hanok village and the interior will rather impress you. Another must try restaurant is the Sapporo Seafood restaurant.

One of the best hanok hotels of the country lies in this village. Namely the 5 start Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon hanok hotel. Not only is this a hotel, the grounds can also be rented for weddings or events. Click here for more information and latest prices.

songdo international business district

6. Canoes, Boats and Bikes

In the middle of the park lies a big lake which can be enjoyed in all sorts of ways, from boating to paddle boarding or just going around the lake on foot or by bike.

Stand Up Paddle Boat10 000 krw per 50 minutes
Canoe/Kayak25 000 krw per 50 minutes
Water Taxi4000 krw
CyclingFree (weekdays only at G Tower)

When going around the lake on foot or bike, make sure to stop at the deer and bunny enclosure. The deer are quite friendly and will come close so you can pet them.

7. Songdo ConvensiA

This convention center was the first project completed in Songdo International Business District and the design looks slightly similar to Sydney Opera House in Australia. Songdo ConvensiA hosts major international conferences and trade shows. What’s amazing is that this building has received a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate and is the first Asian building to have ever received such a certificate. Check the upcoming conferences and fairs here.

8. Songdo Moonlight Festival Park

A bit away from Central Park lies the Songdo Moonlight Festival Park which is a permanent outdoor concert ground. The park has hosted concerts like Ed Sheeran and the yearly Pentaport Incheon Rock Festival.

Best Songdo Hotels

When looking for a hotel in Songdo, try to stay as close as possible to the subway station as this will definitely make your life easier when traveling using public transport. The closest subway station to Songdo Central Park is ‘Central Park Station’. Around this subway station you’ll find many hotels and the things to do in Songdo like listed above.

1. Songdo Central Park Hotel

This 5 star hotels looks over the Songdo Hanok village and Central Park. It is located withing walking distance of the subway station and an airport shuttle can be arranged for those arriving at Incheon International Airport. The view from the rooms is absolutely stunning and guests are treated like celebrities. Each room has a stunning bathroom and optional continental breakfast is served daily in the hotel restaurant. This is hotels near Songdo ConvensiA which is only a 10 minute walk away. Click here for more info and latest prices.

2. Oakwood Premier Incheon

Another 5 star hotel in Songdo. The Oakwood Premier Incheon lies 5 minutes away from Songdo ConvensiA and 10 minutes walk away from Central Park Subway station. All rooms are super spacious and look out on the big park. Continental breakfast is optional and a bar is located on the 65th floor. Click here for more info and latest prices.

How To Go To Songdo Central Park

Songdo Central Park is located on the subway line Incheon 1 which is a light blue line. From Seoul Station it takes around 1h30 minutes to get there. Take line 1 towards Incheon until Bupyeong Station (30 minutes). At Bupyeong, transfer to Incheon line 1 towards Dongsu (33 minutes). This ride costs around 1950 krw using the T Money Card.

From Incheon Airport it is recommended to take a taxi. This would only be a 25 minute ride and cost around 25 000 krw. If you are staying in a hotel in Songdo, it’s very likely your hotel has an airport shuttle you can request.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Songdo Central Park?

Songdo Central Park is a large public park located in the Songdo International Business District in Incheon, South Korea. It spans an area of 101 acres and features a variety of amenities, including walking paths, gardens, fountains, sculptures, and a man-made canal.

What are some of the attractions in Songdo Central Park?

Songdo Central Park has a number of popular attractions, including the Tri-Bowl cultural center, the Convensia Convention Center, and the Northeast Asia Trade Tower. Other notable features include a large musical fountain, a traditional Korean garden, and a walking trail that runs alongside the canal.

Is there anything to do in Songdo Central Park besides walking and enjoying the scenery?

Yes, there are a variety of activities to enjoy in Songdo Central Park. Visitors can rent bicycles or Segways to explore the park, or take a boat ride along the canal. There are also several restaurants and cafes located throughout the park, as well as a playground and a skate park for children. Additionally, the park hosts a variety of events throughout the year, such as outdoor concerts and cultural festivals.

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