Incheon Airport To Busan | By Flight, Bus Or Train

Incheon Airport is the main arrival port of South Korea with around 70% of all tourists coming through this airport. It comes as no surprise that Incheon Airport is well connected to the rest of the country and major cities like Busan, Seoul and Daegu. Read on to find out how to go from Incheon Airport to Busan.

incheon airport to busan

This guide only covers how to go from Incheon Airport to Busan, not how to go from Incheon to Busan. Incheon city is still quite far from the airport, so the way and route to Busan is different.

Where Is Incheon Airport?

Incheon International Airport, also known as Seoul-Incheon International Airport, is located on an island just west of the city of Incheon, South Korea. It is approximately 32 miles (52 kilometers) west of the South Korean capital, Seoul.

The airport is easily accessible by various forms of transportation, including the Incheon Airport Railroad, express buses, taxis, and rental cars. Incheon Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in Asia, serving as a major hub for international travel and connecting flights to various destinations around the world.

Things To Know About Going To Busan

  • Transportation Card: Get a transportation card upon arrival at Incheon Airport. This card can be used on any type of public transportation around the country, including bus, subway and taxi. More info here.
  • Busan In Winter: Going to Busan during December, January or February? Check out all this appropriate things to do in Busan in winter.
  • Busan Itinerary: If you are spending two days or less in Busan, the use this example 2 day itinerary which include the best things to do. On top of many things to do in Busan, there are many day trips from Busan which are great fun.
  • Late Night Arrival: If you are arriving late at night at Incheon Airport, you’ll need to get a hotel for the night before being able to head to Busan. Check the best hotels near Incheon Airport here.
  • Luggage Storage: There is luggage storage at Incheon Airport, Hongdae Station or Seoul Station. If you want to spend the day in Seoul before heading to Busan, then storing your luggage is the best option.
  • Beauty Tourism: Korea is the capital of skin care clinics and high quality medical procedures. Find out more about medical tourism in Korea here.

Incheon Airport To Busan

There are three options when looking to go to Busan from Incheon International Airport, namely by train, bus or plane. By train is mostly the best options as it is very straight forward and rather fast, but the way of transport depends on your budget and where you need to be in Busan.

If you arrive by flight, you’ll arrive in the west of Busan. By bus, you’ll arrive in the North or east and by train in the center of Busan.

The cheapest mode of transfer and also the longest is going by express bus. Going by flight is most of the time the fastest but also the most expensive and check in time needs to be taken into account as well. Personally, I find going by KTX the most convenient and comfortable mode of transport. The KTX brings you to the center of Busan and there is free WiFi on all trains.

1. Incheon Airport To Busan By Train

There is no direct ktx Incheon to Busan, so passengers need to go over Seoul Station first. There are 2 options when going from Incheon Airport to Seoul, the first one is taking the subway and the second is by AREX express train.

1.1 Incheon International Airport To Seoul Station

There are 2 options when going to Seoul station, by subway or by AREX Airport express train. The travel time and cost is fairly similar, but the express train is far more comfortable than taking the subway.

ktx incheon to busan

By Subway

To go by all stop subway from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station you’ll need a transportation card. This card can be topped up and used on any form of public transportation in the whole of Korea. It is recommended to buy this card online and pick it up when arriving at Incheon Airport. You can also buy the card in any convenience store using cash. Buy card here.

The subway between Incheon Airport Terminal 1 or 2 leaves every 15 minutes. The first train leaves around 05:23 and the last one around 23:39. The subway ride takes around 59 minutes.

By AREX Train

If you want to travel comfortably then taking the AREX is the best option. The ride between the airport and Seoul station takes only 44 minutes and each passenger has its own comfortable chair and there is free WiFi on the train. It is recommended to buy tickets for the AREX online as it is cheaper that buying it on site. The AREX goes once or twice an hour. Buy ticket here.

1.2 Seoul Station To Busan Station

Upon arrival at Seoul Station, make your way to the ground floor or follow the signs which mention the KTX Station. The KTX is a high speed train going up to 305km/h and is the fastest way of going to Busan from Seoul. Other train options are the ITX and Mugunghwa, which are all stop slow trains taking up to 5 hours to reach Busan.

The KTX station in Busan is located on the orange subway line 1 and is well connected to the rest of the city. Use the Busan subway app to navigate to your hotel or end destination.

ktx seoul to busan schedule

The price of going from Seoul station to Busan really depends on the time of the day, but starts at around 53 000 krw and can go up to 60 000 krw. Tickets can be bought online or at the KTX station. Normally there is no need to book tickets in advance, unless it is a public holiday. Check time table here. The first train is leaving from Seoul station around 5 AM and the last train leaves around 10.30 PM

If you are planning on using the train in Korea more than once, then it is highly recommended to purchase a special foreigner train discount pass.

 One Way Ticket (day 1)Return Ticket (day 1 or 2)Extra tickets (day 2 or 3)Buy Tickets
Single Ticket 1 Person± 60 000 won± 120 000 won+ price extra ticketsHere
Korail Pass 1 Person± 120 000 won± 120 000 wonFree (no extra price)Here
Single Ticket 2-5 Persons± 60 000 won Per Person± 120 000 won Per Person+ price extra tickets Per PersonHere
Korail Pass 2-5 Persons± 110 000 won Per Person± 110 000 won Per PersonFree (no extra price)Here

1.3 Hotels Near Busan KTX Station

Booking a hotel is this area is highly recommended as it is in central Busan and the area is well connected with the rest of the city. Below are some recommended hotels in the area.

  • Notte La Mia: This superb three star hotel is located just next to the KTX station in Busan. The staff is extremely friendly and rooms are well maintained and clean. This is the perfect mid-range hotel in the area.
  • Mozzihostel Busan Station: The best budget hostel in the area. This high rated hostel has a nice big common room overlooking the harbour.

2. Incheon Airport To Busan By Bus

The second option when going from Incheon Airport to Busan is going by bus. The bus leaves directly from Incheon Airport and is going to Nopo Bus terminal, which is the last station of the orange subway line 1. The bus ride takes around 5 hours (depending on traffic) and costs around 40 000 krw. Three times a day there are buses running to Haeundae Bus Terminal, which lies at the other side of Busan.

Tickets for the bus can be bought on site at Incheon Airport (terminal 1 or 2). The first bus leaves around T1 06 : 50 / T2 06 : 30 and the last bus T1 23 : 30 / T2 23 : 10. The interval between buses is 90 to 120 minutes.

TIP: Book your bus tickets in advance as they can sell out quickly. You can book them on the official website Kobus (international cards are only accepted on the PC version) or through 3rd party booking platforms.

From Busan Nopo bus terminal it takes around 1 hour to reach central Busan using the subway.

TIP: one stop from Nopo Station is Beomosa Station. Beomosa is one of the major temples of Busan and lies on a hill overlooking the city. Leave the station at exit 5, look for bus number 90. This will take you to the entrance of the temple.

3. Incheon Airport To Busan By Flight

The last option to go from Incheon Airport to Busan is by flight. There are no direct flight between Incheon Airport and Gimhae Airport, therefor it is recommended to book a flight leaving from Gimpo Airport. Gimpo Airport is easily accessible from Incheon Airport by subway.

3.1 Incheon To Gimpo Airport

Getting to Gimpo Airport from Incheon Airport is relatively easy and can be done by various modes of transportation.

Incheon Airport and Gimpo Airport are located on the same subway line. It is only a 35 minutes subway ride and the subway leaves every 10 minutes. The subway fare is 3750 krw with a transportation card.

Another option is to take a taxi, which is a more expensive but comfortable way to travel between the airports. The journey takes around 45 minutes, depending on traffic.

Alternatively, you can also take a bus, which is a more affordable option, but it may take longer to reach the destination due to traffic.

3.2 Gimpo Airport To Gimhae Airport

Flights from Gimpo Airport to Gimhae Airport take around 55 minutes one way. The different airlines flying to Gimhae are Jeju Air, Busan Air, T’Way, Korean Air, Easy Jet and Jin Air. In low season, tickets prices start at around 50 000 krw.

incheon to busan flight

Upon arrival at Gimhae Airport you can take the subway into Busan. Gimhae Airport is located on the purple Busan–Gimhae Light Rail Transit and going into the city takes around an hour, depending on where in Busan you’ll be going. Use the subway or Kakao app to navigate to your final destination.

Busan To Incheon Airport

Going from Busan to Incheon Airport works just the same way as the other way around. There are three options, namely going by flight from Gimhae Airport, taking the bus from Nopo Bus Terminal / Haeundae Bus Terminal or taking the KTX train from Busan Station.

TIP! If you have to catch a flight in Incheon Airport, make sure to have enough time to spare just in case something goes wrong. The safest option is to take the KTX from Busan to Incheon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there direct train from Incheon to Busan?

No. You will first have to take the train into Seoul and transfer at Seoul station to a direct train going to Busan station.

How do I get from Incheon Airport to Busan?

There are different ways of getting from Incheon Airport to Busan, including by train, bus, flight or car.

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