Driving In Jeju Island | Jeju Car Rental + Self Drive Itinerary

Jeju is a huge island, people often underestimate the size of the island. The only ways to get around is by public transport or by car. Obviously the latter one is the most convenient one as it saves travelers time getting from one place to another. Read on to find all there is to know about driving in Jeju Island, renting a car and a Jeju self drive itinerary on this Jeju car rental blog.

This article assumes you are arriving at Jeju international airport and that’s where you will getting a Jeju Airport car rental, by picking up and dropping off your car at the same location.

Driving In Jeju Car Rental jeju Self Drive Itinerary

Driving In Jeju: What To Know

When planning on driving in Jeju, be aware of all the requirements and traffic regulations of Jeju Island. Familiarize yourself with them before your trip.

Don’t miss out during your trip in Jeju! Book your car in advance, so airport pick-up and drop-off goes smoothly! Check the best rental companies here. 

1. Requirements For Renting A Car

Anyone renting a car in Jeju has to be 21 or older, with at least one year of driving experience. The driver license must be valid for the entire rental period. When renting a type D vehicle, the driver has to be 26 or older, with minimum 3 years driving experience.

Before renting a car, make sure to check Korean traffic law and road signs.

Korean Or International Driving Permit (IDP)

Anyone who want to drive in Jeju and the rest of Korea needs a valid Korean or International driving license (IDP, International Drivers Permit). Even though it is impossible to drive in Korea on a foreign drivers license, rental companies might ask for it together with your IDP. For it to be valid, your IDP needs to be issued in the same country as your local drivers license.

Unfortunately IDP’s issued in China, except for Hong Kong and Macau, are not accepted in South Korea as China is not a member state of Geneva Convention and Vienna Convention.

For more info on IDP’s and requirements on renting a car in Jeju and the rest of Korea, check out the official Visit Korea website.

If you have been staying in South Korea for over a year, you will need a Korean drivers license to rent a car instead of using your IDP. It’s possible to exchange your foreign drivers license for a Korean license. Find more info here.

Other motorized vehicles like motorcycles, ATV or scooters also require an IDP when being rented.

Bring Your Passport

When renting a car, bringing your passport is needed to complete the reservation. A copy of your passport will be made by the rental company. The name on the IDP and passport need to match.

jeju car rental airport

Book Car With Your Credit Card

Car rentals can only be paid with a credit card under the name of the main driver. Debit cards or cash are not accepted.

One of the most recommended companies to rent a car through in Jeju Island is AJ Car Rental (which is part of the SK Rent-A-Car rental company). They are a high quality but also affordable company which cater to foreign visitors too. Make sure to book your car far in advance as Jeju is very popular among Korean visitors and car rentals book out quickly.

2. Car Insurance

Most car rentals in Jeju and Korea always include a basic insurance which covers small damages and defects. This does not cover serious damages or even theft. An additional insurance is needed to cover these, and this has to be purchase additionally from the rental company.

For example: The damages are covered by the basic insurance plan, but the loss of income for the rental company are not covered and the renters will be responsible for this. This is called a per-day loss-of-use charge, which is 50% of the daily rental cost. If the car is in repair for 2 days and the rental cost of the car is 50 000 won (2 x 50 000 krw), then the rental has to pay 50% of 100 000 krw.

3. Additional Drivers

When renting a car, every driver has to be registered with the rental company for insurance reasons. Only one additional driver can be added and this is free of charge with most rental companies.

4. Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Most car rental shops are at Jeju International airport. Upon arrival go through gate 5 and get to section 5 in the parking lot. Here a shuttle will be waiting to take passengers to the Rent-a-Car building. It’s a 5 minute bus ride and the shuttle comes every 5 minutes.

All the rental car companies are located in the same Rent-a-Car building, they all offer similar services and prices when getting a car rental Jeju Island.

5. Renting English GPS

When renting through an online platform or website, it is possible to request an English GPS, child seats and more. Make sure to check when picking up the car, that this GPS is included. If it is in Korean, you can easily change this to English in the settings. Ask someone from the rental company to help you if you’re struggling with the Korean interface.

jeju car rental blog review

6. Rent A WiFi Egg

It is recommended to rent a WiFi egg when renting a car and driving in Jeju, especially for finding the right addresses of the tourist attractions and sites. These can be picked up at the airport.

The WiFi eggs are incredibly cheap, starting at 3300 krw a day. Check more info here.

7. Left Hand Driving

In Jeju and the rest of Korea, the steering wheel is located at the left side of the car and cars drive on the right side of the road. If you are planning on driving in Jeju Island and are from a country that drive on the other side, then pay extra attention when driving.

8. Roads In Jeju

It is really easy to drive on Jeju island, there are no complicated areas, not too much traffic and most of the roads are flat.

There are quite a few roundabouts on the island and watch out for wild animals, motor cycles and scooters that might appear out of nowhere especially in small villages.

9. Jeju Driving Regulations

Be careful when driving in Jeju as the maximum speed limit in Jeju is around 50km/h in the city centre and 80 km/h outside the city, but of course this differs from road to road. Many street cameras are installed along major roads and any speeding ticket the rental company received will be charged on the card used when booking the car initially.

Traffic rules in Jeju differ from other countries, make sure to familiarize yourself with the law before driving in Jeju. Check more info on the official Korean road website.

Jeju Car Rental

Multiple companies are available when looking to rent a car in Jeju. Most of these are selling similar products at similar prices, so go for the company you’ve had the best experiences with. If you are looking for a car rental Jeju Island Airport then stick to the main companies.

1. Jeju Car Rental Companies & Review

The main companies for a Jeju car hire are Sixt, AJ, Avis, Lotte Rent A Car, OK Rent A Car, KT Kumho Car Rental, etc. Prices per day are similar for each company with the Jeju car rental price starting around 50 000 krw per day for a cheap car rental Jeju.

Starting PriceBook
Rentalcars.com70 000 krwMore info here
Klook50 000 krwMore info here
Trazy50 000 krwMore info here
jeju airport car rental

Another company worth checking out is ‘AJ rent a car Jeju’, this company is also recommended by many local travel platforms.

  • Car Type: Economy, Premium, Luxury, Standard, SUV, Van (Jeju has high quality roads, so any economy car will be sufficient)
  • Fuel Type: Mainly diesel or gasoline. You might be able to find LPG, electric (EV) or hybrid.
  • Jeju Rental Car Prices: Recently prices of rental cars have gone up in Jeju, so you’re looking at a starting price of 40-50 000 krw for a small car.

2. Jeju Car Rental With Driver

Instead of just renting a car it is also possible to hire a driver, if needed. These are obviously more expensive than just renting a car, but still very affordable when travelling in a small or big group. Check the different options for a recommended driver in Jeju Island below:

These are the best options for a Jeju driver hire.

3. What To Check When Renting A Car

When picking up your rental car at Jeju international airport, make sure to check the car for any scratches or dents. Take pictures or videos of anything that could be considered as damage.

If upon drop-off there is a problem, you can prove the scratches or damages were already on the car.

Also check how full the tank is, normally you should be getting a full tank, if this is not the case return to the rental desk to resolve this. As otherwise you might have to pay for gas you never used. The car needs to be returned with a full tank.

Jeju Self Drive Itinerary

The itinerary below is the perfect Jeju self drive itinerary for spending 3 days on Jeju island. Check the detailed 3 day itinerary here. This is the best Jeju driving route for first timers in Jeju Island.

jeju self drive itinerary
  • Jeju Self Drive Itinerary: Day 1
    • 1. Jeju-Si City
    • 2. Hamdeok Beach
    • 3. Manjanggul Lava Tunnel Cave
    • 4. Haenyeo Female Divers Museum
    • 6. Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak) + horse riding
    • 7. Seopjikoji
    • 8. Hanwha Aquarium Jeju
  • Jeju Self Drive Itinerary: Day 2
    • 1. Mysterious Road
    • 2. Hyeopjae Beach
    • 3. Cactus Village
    • 4. Seogwang Tea Garden & O’Sulloc Tea Museum
    • 5. Chocolate Museum
  • Jeju Self Drive Itinerary: Day 3
    • 1. Mt Hallasan
    • 2. Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls
    • 3. Jusangjeolli Cliffs
    • 4. Yakcheonsa Buddhist Temple
    • 5. Jeongbang falls
    • 6. Teddy Bear Musuem

Below is a map of the main road on the island. You can see there is one main road, running all around the island. The scenery on these road are stunning and definitely worth the detour. This is a good guide map to use as a Jeju self drive map.

jeju driving map

Where To Stay In Jeju

When staying and driving in Jeju for 2 or 3 days, the best place to stay in Jeju city. The city is well connected with the rest of the island and is close to the International airport. Check a guide on the best places to stay in Jeju here.

FAQ About Self Drive In Jeju Island

Is it difficult to drive in Jeju?

No, it’s fairly easy to drive in Jeju as the roads are in good condition, the maximum speed limit is 80km/h and the roads are not busy.

Is it possible to rent a car Jeju without an International Driving Licence?

No, this is not possible. This is illegal in Korea and Jeju Island. If obtaining an IDP is impossible then other options are taking the bus, taking a group tour or hiring a private driver.

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