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The Best Things To Do And Visit In Andong (South Korea)

Andong located in Gyeongsanbuk-do is famous for its wooden masks, mackerel and soju, is a must go place during your holidays on the South Korean peninsula. The traditional Andong Hahoe folk village and the Andong mask dance festival are the things that put the name ‘Andong’ out there; famous among Korean and international travellers. Check out the main things to do in Andong here. This South Korea travel blog will help you find all the must go places during your stay in this historically rich city; including touristic sites, hotels & guesthouses, restaurants and bars.

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Best Things To Do In Andong, South Korea

When thinking about Andong South Korea, the first things that pops to mind is the Andong Hahoe village and the Andong Mask Dance Festival. When in Korea, visiting Andong is a must! But there...