What To Do In Seoul In February

February is one of the least popular months to visit South Korea, but if you like traveling in winter and don’t mind the cold then Korea is an excellent destination. You can still enjoy all the wonders of winter without having to endure the extreme cold temperatures. Read on to find out what to do in Seoul in February!

seoul in february

Things To Know About Traveling To Seoul In February

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Seoul Weather In February

The temperatures in February in Seoul are slight higher than the previous month. The temperature in Seoul in February lies between -5°C and +5°C but this goes up towards the end of the month. There are around 3 rainy/snowy days during this month.

Seoul Weather February

What To Wear In Korea In February

It can still get quite cold in Seoul during February so make sure to layer up. Bring the following items: very warm jacket, sweaters, long sleeve t-shirts, thick long trousers, long johns, woollen socks, waterproof shoes, hat, scarf, gloves, sunglasses, lip balm and hot packs. Click here for more info about what to wear in Korea in winter.

Pro Tip! Make your visit to the tomato festival in Hwacheon stress free and simple by booking an organized bus tour. Click here for more info.

What To Do In Seoul In February

There are plenty of things to do when in Seoul during February. You’ll probably want to spend as much time as possible indoors to escape the winter colds but luckily Seoul is a huge city with lots of indoor opportunities to spend a nice time indoors.

1. Eat Yummy Winter Street Snacks

There are lots of markets in Seoul where you can enjoy the best winter snacks. Namdaemun Market, Gwangjang Market, Tonging Market or Myeongdong Night Market are the best options to find the yummiest winter snacks. Make sure to try Tteokbokki, Goguma, Bungeoppang and Hotteok. If you are new to Seoul and want to learn more about the different snacks, consider booking a food tour of Seoul. Listed below are some of the best tours to take:

2. Enjoy A Hot Traditional Jjimjilbang

A Jjimjilbang is a Korean traditional bathhouse where you can bade, go to the sauna or even take a rest in the sleeping room. Going to a Jjimjilbang is a unique experience all year around but is extra nice when it’s freezing cold outside.

Additionally, they provide customers with lounging areas where they can relax and socialize with friends or family members. Jjimjilbangs are often open 24/7 and are popular among Koreans as a place to unwind after a long day at work or school.

Many jjimjilbangs also offer a wide range of services, such as Korean traditional medicinal treatments, body scrubs, and facials. Visitors can also indulge in delicious Korean snacks and beverages while enjoying the amenities. Overall, jjimjilbangs are an integral part of Korean culture and offer a unique way to relax and connect with others.

Seoul has a couple of excellent bath houses including Dragon Hill Spa, Siloam Spa, Spa Lei and The Spa in Garden 5. Learn all about the Jjimjilbang etiquette and how to behave in a Jjimjilbang here.

If you enjoy this relaxing activity with loads of health benefits. Why not consider doing a Korean medical checkup as well? These can include a General Korean Health Checkup, Korean Anti-aging Checkup or a Korean DNA Checkup.

3. Go Ice Skating

Each year during the winter periods a couple of ice skating rinks open up all over the city. The most known and popular one is at Seoul City Hall. It is a rather small ice skating rink but tickets only cost 1000 krw. This ice skating rink stays open until the 2nd week of February. Other ice skating rinks include:

NOTE: Check official website for opening hours. Outdoor ice rinks may close earlier due to warm weather.

Lotte World is a popular theme park and indoor amusement park located in Seoul, South Korea. One of its main attractions is the Lotte World Ice Rink, which is the largest indoor ice rink in South Korea. This rink offers a unique skating experience for visitors with its state-of-the-art facilities and various skating programs. Lotte World theme park also features thrilling rides, diverse entertainment shows, and a variety of dining and shopping options. With its exciting atmosphere and endless entertainment options, Lotte World is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to have a fun-filled day in Seoul, especially during the cold winter days.

temperature in seoul in february

4. Play Games

Arcade Games are super popular in Korea and can be found in every city. Seoul is heaven for gamers as it has arcade rooms, board game cafes, escape rooms, themed game cafes and much more. Listed below are all the most popular venues for anyone who likes gaming.

5. Spend Time In A Traditional Tea House

Korean tea is absolutely splendid! You’ll find all sorts of tea, made with all kinds of leaves, roots, flowers, fruits, grains, edible mushrooms and even seaweed. The best area to find traditional tea houses in Seoul is in Insadong. Here you’ll find many stunning traditional tea houses where you can spend a lovely time. Tea is often served with traditional Korean snacks like rice cookies, dried fruit or rice cakes.

	what to do in seoul in february

TIP: Shin Old Tea House in Insadong is an excellent choice when looking for a traditional tea house. But if you are just walking around in the back alleys of Insadong you’ll stumble upon many other excellent tea houses.

TIP 2: My favourite tea to have in one of these tea houses in the Omija Berry Tea. Very light but refreshing.

6. Enjoy A Buffet Han River Cruise

Going a Han River cruise is the perfect way to see the stunning skyline of Seoul, from Yeouido Park all the way to Banpo Bridge and beyond. There are different kind of Han River cruises available like the music cruise or the fireworks cruise.

Banpo Bridge Light Show is a highlight of the cruise as it is a stunning display of lights and water. The bridge, which spans the Han River, is transformed into a magical wonderland as thousands of LED lights illuminate the water, creating a mesmerizing spectacle for viewers. The show features a variety of different patterns and colors, synchronized to music and water jets shooting from the bridge. The Banpo Bridge Light Show is a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike, and it’s an unforgettable experience that showcases the beauty of the city of Seoul at night.

7. Lotte World, The Indoor Theme Park

Going to Lotte World on a cold day is the perfect things to do with kids in Seoul as 70% of all the attractions are indoor. Lotte World Amusement Park is the biggest indoor theme park in the world and is surrounded by other enormous indoor entertainment and shopping complex, including an aquarium and hotels. Find more info and entrance prices here.

TIP: consider combining your visit to Lotte World with Lotte Tower, Lotte Aquarium or Lotte Folk Museum. Find more info about combo tickets here.

things to do in seoul in february

8. Skincare Treatment

February in Seoul presents a unique opportunity to not only explore the city’s vibrant atmosphere but also to indulge in some self-care, particularly focusing on enhancing your natural beauty amidst the winter chill. As the cold weather might take a toll on one’s skin, engaging in popular skincare procedures becomes an excellent way to rejuvenate and protect your complexion. Skin boosters are highly sought after, offering deep hydration to combat the dryness of winter. Simultaneously, skin whitening treatments gain popularity, promising a brighter, more even skin tone as many strive for that luminous, porcelain look characteristic of Korean beauty standards. Collagen fillers, another favored option, provide an immediate solution to fine lines and restoring the skin’s youthful elasticity. Not to be overlooked, teeth whitening is also a popular procedure, ensuring that your smile is as radiant as your skin. Together, these treatments round out a perfect self-care day in Seoul, allowing visitors and locals alike to pamper themselves and emerge feeling refreshed and confident.

What To Do In February Outside Seoul?

If you are staying in Seoul for a couple of days and have the time to take some day trips then read on as listed below are the best things to do outside Seoul during February.

1. Go Skiing

Skiing is the ultimate Korea winter activity as the country is filled with the best ski resorts! For beginner skiers, visiting Vivaldi Park in Gangwon-do is highly recommended. The ski resort is located just a 1h30 drive away from Seoul and free shuttle buses are available to all visitors. More info and prices about skiing in Vivaldi park here.

2. Garden of Morning Calm Light Festival

The Lighting Festival at The Garden of Morning Calm runs until March and is just stunning. The whole garden is filled with over 30 000 coloured lights which creates a festive glow and cozy atmosphere. The lights get turned on at sunset and the garden stays open till 9 PM (11 PM on Saturdays).

TIP! Book a tour to Garden of Morning calm and combine it with a visit to Snowy Land. Find more info and entrance ticket prices here.

3. Visit Santa Village In Buncheon

Even though Christmas is over, it’s never too late to visit Santa Village in Buncheon. Santa Village is filled with all kinds of Santa statues and Christmas decorations. It’s a bit eclectic but quite cosy. A visit to Santa Village is best combined with a strawberry picking experience or visiting Yangpyeong Dumulmeori, where the K-Drama She Was Pretty was filmed. Find more info about the village and day tours here.

TIP! There is another Santa Village in Pocheon Herb Island. The small theme park is located just an hour away from Seoul.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it snow in Seoul in February?

During February there are averagely 2-3 snowy days, but this depends from year to year. Some years there is more snow that other years.

What is temperature in Seoul during February?

The temperature during February in Seoul lies between -5°C and +5°C but this goes up towards the end of the month.

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