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Myeongdong is a vibrant area in the central of Seoul. It is easy accessible from most touristic attractions and is THE place to stay when visiting Seoul.

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Things To Know When Coming To Myeongdong

What To Wear In Myeongdong – Seoul has very extreme seasons, it can get to -20°C in winter and can go up to 40°C during summer. Make sure to pack the right clothes for the right season.
Seoul Power Adapter – Plug outlets in Korea are the same as mainland Europe. If you are coming from another country, make sure to bring the right travel adapter.
Tipping Culture – Tipping in Seoul is not mandatory and often not done, it can be rejected in many cases.
• Myeongdong Luggage Storage – Arriving in Myeongdong early morning and can’t get to your hotel until later in the day? Leave your luggage at the Myeongdong luggage storeage point.

Myeongdong Blog Posts

Incheon Airport to Myeongdong – Getting from Incheon Airport to Myeongdong is quite easy. The cheapest way is by subway and fastest way is by bus.
Things To Do In Myeongdong – Enjoy a hanbok photo shoot, shopping, street food, spa experience and much more in Myeongdong.
Myeongdong Night Market – The Myeongdong night market is a must do experience. Around 4 pm, vendors start opening their stalls and sell everything from tteokpokki to odeng, dumplings, grilled lobster, juices and much more.
What To Eat In Myeongdong – In Myeongdong you’ll find many department stores, cosmetic stores, underground shopping mall and much more.
Shopping At Myeongdong – Myeongdong is the shopping paradise, make your way to the vibrant shopping district for the best skin care, fashion and souvenirs.
How To Go To Myeongdong – Guide to how to go to Myeongdong by bus, subway, taxi and on foot from major districts in Seoul like Hongdae, Dongdaemun and more.

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Latest Myeongdong Blog Posts:

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Seoul Lantern Festival

The Seoul Lantern Festival is an annual festival that takes place along the stunning Cheonggyecheon Stream. It usually takes place from early November for about two weeks. If you are in Seoul during that...

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Things To Do In Myeongdong

Myeongdong, literally translates to ‘bright tunnel’, is one of the most famous districts in Seoul. You’ll find it listed as ‘number one’ among places to go in Seoul. That’s indeed the best area to...