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Korea, the land of the festivals; these are not just fun and entertaining but is also a fantastic way of immersion yourself in the Korea culture. With so many so many festivals happening all year around in each part of the country; here’s a guide to the best festivals to visit on your next holiday to South Korea. Check out a list of all the best festivals.

In winter the ‘Hwacheon Ice Fishing Festival‘ must be on your to do list; for spring it has to be the ‘Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Festival‘ and in autumn the ‘Andong Mask Dance Festival‘.

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Hwacheon Tomato Festival

Among the list of Korea’s more unique events, the Hwacheon Tomato Festival is likely to hold an upper ranking. The festival takes place every August in the countryside town of Hwacheon, Gangwon Province, and...

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Andong Mask Festival

The Andong Mask Festival is held yearly in Andong South Korea which is also referred to as the capital of Korean Traditional culture. Andong is most known for its Hahoe Folk Village which dates back...