Luggage Storage Seoul Station And Other Locations In Korea

Wondering what to do with all your luggage while you want to explore the city or country? There are many different luggage storage options in Seoul and other cities around the country. From long term storage in the airport to short term in subway lockers. Read on for some hacks for luggage storage Seoul Station, Hongdae station, Gimpo, Incheon International Airport and other cities around the country.

Luggage Storage Seoul Station

Traveling should be fun, exciting and carefree. You are out and about, exploring the city, living your own little adventure, without any worries. Except for those 24 kg suitcases filled with stuff. The best way is to drop that asap and get on with the day. If you are staying at a hotel or hostel, you could just go and drop it off, unless it’s far out of the city.

Luckily most airports, train stations and subway stations have a luggage storage lockers or drop off points.

Things To Know When Visiting Korea

  • What To Pack For Korea – Don’t know what to pack when coming to South Korea? Then check out this luggage list of all the things you need to bring.
  • Seoul Day Pass – Only have a day or two when dropping of your luggage, then purchase a Seoul 24/48/72 hours pass. This gives you instant access to more than 35 different touristic sights in Seoul. Check more info here.
  • Power Travel Converter – Make sure to bring the right travel adapter when coming to Seoul. Find more about the right travel converter here.
  • Korea Itineraries – Check out the best Korea itineraries which include all the highlights of South Korea.
  • Seoul Transportation Card – The best way to get around Seoul is by using public transportation like the bus or subway. Buy your public transportation card in advance and pick up at Incheon International Airport.

TIP: Don’t want to worry about your luggage when arriving at Incheon Airport? Then consider booking a luggage delivery service which will bring your suitcases straight to your hotel. Find more info here.

Luggage Storage In Seoul Overview

Below is an overview of the different luggage storage methods you can find in Seoul, the airports and around the rest of Korea.

Max TimePricePayment
Seoul Station Safex Luggage StorageFull DayStarting Price 2700 krwClick here to book online
Seoul Station Travel Center Bagage Storage15 daysStarting Price 5000 krwClick here to book online
Seoul Subway Luggage StorageFull DayStarting Price 2000 krwCash, card or transportation card
Hongdae Travel Center Bagage Storage 15 daysStarting Price 4000 krwClick here to book online
Airport Safex Luggage StorageFull DayStarting Price 2700 krwClick here to book online
Airport Travel Center Bagage Storage15 daysStarting Price 5000 krwClick here to book online

Luggage Storage Seoul Station And Hongdae Station

Most people will go through Seoul station when arriving in South Korea. The station is close to most of the touristic areas like Itaewon and Myeongdong, it is also well connected to Gimpo Airport and Incheon Airport.

1. Seoul Station Luggage Storage

There are different kinds of luggage storage facilities in Seoul station and Hongdae station. You can book a 4 hour, 1 day or multiple day luggage storage service. There are two different baggage services available at the station, one with Safex and the other with Travel Store.

At Safex luggage storage at Seoul station and Hongdae station, you can drop off your luggage and come pick it up later during the day. There are only 2 options when dropping off luggage. A 4 hour or a full day storage service. Size of the suitcase doesn’t matter. Starting price is 2700 krw for 2 hours, this is cheaper than using the subway lockers. Operation times, daily between 8 AM and 9 PM. Make sure to book this in advance online. Find more info here.

The second luggage service offers 1 day or more storage time (long term luggage storage in Seoul station is maximum 14 days). Here you get charged per day and the size of the bag does matter. Service time is daily between 8 AM and 9 PM. Also book this service online in advance. More info here.

Seoul Station Luggage Storage

2. Seoul Subway Luggage Storage

In all most every subway station you will find station lockers. In Busan, Seoul and even more remote places. Not only will you find lockers in subway stations, but also bus terminals, museums, theme parks and train stations.

The subway station often have multiple locations with rows of lockers, inside and outside the ticket gates. Most of the time you’ll find empty ones, but Seoul station is busier than any other place, so finding an empty locker might be trickier.

Most of the time they come in 3 size and charge an hourly fee in busy stations and a daily fee in less busy stations. The locker fee for 2-4 hours is generally 2000 krw for a small locker, 3000 won for a medium locker and 4000 for a large locker. All lockers accept cash or a payment with the transportation card.

Seoul Subway Luggage Storage

Additional Storage Locker Tips

  • Take a picture of you locker and locker number, also take a picture of the location of the lockers. This way you can easily find the locker again, as some subway stations have multiple locker stations and might be confusing.
  • If the lockers are full, look for a map of the station. This will indicate where other locker stations are located.
  • Lost your stuff? Didn’t lock your locker properly or forgot your password, don’t panic. The lost and founds in Korea are amazing. Just go to the information desk with proof of identity and ask for help.
  • Lotte Mart at Seoul station also has some lockers, but this is only for people planning on shopping at the supermarket.

Other Subway Stations

Storage at any other subway station in Seoul is same as at Seoul Station subway. If you are looking for luggage storage Myeongdong, Gangnam or Itaewon, you will have to look for the rows of wall lockers.

Incheon Airport Luggage Storage

If you’re only in Seoul for a day or two and don’t need all your bags and stuff, you can easily leave it at the airport or even have it delivered to your hotel, some companies or airlines offer same-day delivery.

The airport luggage service can keep your luggage for as long as needed. Daily charges depend on the size of the suitcase. Charges start at 5000 krw, this would equal storing one small suitcase for a full day. The service is open daily from 7 AM till 10 PM at Incheon terminal 1 and from 7 AM till 9.30 PM at Incheon terminal 2. Book this service in advance online. Check more info here for one day storage and here for multiple day storage (maximum 14 days).

The luggage storage location at Incheon Airport Terminal 1 is located on level B1 at the Travel Store. In Incheon Airport Terminal 2, the baggage storage is also located on lever B1 at the Travel Store.

incheon airport luggage storage

Gimpo Airport Luggage Storage

The luggage storage at Gimpo is very similar to the one at Incheon airport. There are 2 different companies running the luggage storage. First one offers 4 hours or 1 day storage. The second one offers a one day or more (maximum 14 days) storage time.

The luggage storage is located on level B1, near exit 4. Operation times are daily from 7 AM till 9.30 PM. Check more info for one day storage services here and multiple day storage here. Storage needs to be booked online in advance. Prices are starting at 2700 krw for 4 hours.

gimpo airport luggage storage

Busan Station Luggage Storage

Busan is a major city in South Korea, well connected with Seoul and from Incheon Airport. The city has much to offer, from stunning beaches, yummy food to loads of shopping opportunities. Check out this 2 day Busan itinerary to help you plan your trip.

In Busan KTX station you can find self locker services. There are 3 different sizes of lockers and they are to be paid in cash. There is a standard fee for each size locker, with the smallest one being 3000 krw. Be aware these lockers are extremely popular, so during the busy season they might full. If this is the case, don’t worry, every subway station in Busan has its own lockers where you can leave your stuff.

Busan Station Luggage Storage

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there lockers in Seoul Station?

Yes! You will find lockers in almost any subway station and many all around Seoul Station. You can also book storage in advance if you have many big suitcases and want to be 100% sure that there is enough space.

Is there luggage storage at Incheon Airport?

Yes! You can leave luggage in Incheon Airport for as long as needed. The luggage storage at Incheon Airport Terminal 1 is located on level B1 at the Travel Store.

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        Do you know the link for multiple day luggage storage at Gimpo airport? The link provided is for only 1 day storage.

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  8. Dulve says:

    The link for Gimpo airport is sold out. Is it worth risking it and show up same day we need luggage storage? Also, is there a link for multiple day storage at Gimpo? Thanks.

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