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Of course one of the biggest question is always accommodation in Korea. Finding the right place to stay on a certain budget can be the hardest part of planning your trip. It can take many hours to figure out the best choice especially with this overload of options.
In this section of Be Marie Korea, we want to make your choice extra easy for you – whether you are looking to book a big hotel, traditional hanok stay or just want to stay in a Jjimjil bang.

What type of accommodation best suits your trip?

The first decision is what type of accommodation you want and what your budget is. Here is a brief run down of the options:

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and resorts are most of the time the easiest option. You have a fair idea of what to expect and they are readily available just about all over the world. You can easily book hotels in Korea using sites such as Booking and Hotels Combined.

Pro: hotels and resorts are very easy to find. Most places have 24 hour check in and staff to assist with any problems. A lot of the hotels have a buffet breakfast, pool/gym/sauna, pick up service.

Cons: staying in a hotel is not as cozy as staying in a guesthouse or hanok. Hotels also tend to be more expensive than other types of accommodations.

You will find many hotel reviews in the posts below to make finding the right hotel easier for you from the super cheap to the super luxurious.

Holiday Rentals

This is a great alternative to hotels and resorts. Sites such as AirBnB (join on this link and receive free credit) and TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals make it extremely easy to find cozy apartments or houses all over the world. These can be especially useful for families or groups or friends thanks to all the extra space and options like fully equipped kitchens, laundry facilities can help make your trip easier and cheaper.

Pro: renting a full apartment or house can be very cost effective when travelling in bigger groups or staying for a longer period of time.

Cons: you’ll receive less help or guidance than in a hotel or resort. Often there won’t be that many facilities available.

Hanok Stay

A hanok is a traditional Korean house made out wood and clay. It is a great opportunity to stay traditional house and experience the Korean lifestyle and culture. Most of the hanok houses around the country are more than 100 years old. They have been renovated and modernized over the years to include floor heating and a modern bathroom.

Pro: this is the best way to experience South Korea. A lot of the hanok stays have been turned into cozy and modernized versions to accommodate guests.

Cons: you will most likely have to sleep on a special Korean mattress on the floor. If you struggle with your back, this is probably not the best idea.

Hanok Guide Seoul  Hanok 24 Gyeongbokgung Seoul

Yeongyang Hanok Village  Doodle Hanok Village

Jjimjil bang

A jjimjilbang is a Korean spa or bathhouse where you can stay up to 24 hours. This is a very cost effective as you pay around 10 000 KRW for a night which includes the spa and access to the sleeping rooms.

Pro: Very cheap and you’ll be surrounded with locals.

Cons: no privacy as there are big common sleeping rooms and you’ll have to sleep on the floor. 

Check out my guide on what to do in a traditional Korean Jjimjilbang.

Our accommodation guides

We have also written some accommodation guides for cities around Korea to make it even easier for you to find the best accommodation. These guides include hotels and often apartment rentals as well.

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Do you have any questions regarding a hotel or guesthouse, or are you looking for more recommendations? Do not hesitate to contact me anytime.