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When visiting Korea, having your itinerary ready is a must as it will save you lots of puzzle work upon arrival and during your stay here in Korea. Below are listed many South Korea Itinerary, make sure to choose your Korean Itinerary based on your time and budget.

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South Korea Itinerary: A Full Guide To The Best Itineraries

South Korea Itinerary

Korea 5 Day Itinerary – a guide to the best things to do in South Korea including Seoul and other destinations like Busan, Gyeongju or Jeju.
Korea 7 Day Itinerary – travel post about how to spend 7 days in South Korea. Destinations include Busan, Seoul, Gyeongju, Jeju, Jeonju and many more.

Seoul Itinerary

Seoul is a must visit when in Korea, you can easily spend one day or one month in this vibrant city.

Seoul 1 Day Itinerary – an itinerary when only one day in Seoul while using the Discover Seoul Pass.
Seoul 4 Day Itinerary – the best itinerary when only 4 days in Seoul including where to go, stay and eat.
• Seoul 5 Day Itinerary – detailed itinerary to spending 5 days in and around Seoul.
Seoul 7 Day Itinerary – a full itinerary to the best things to do when 7 days in Seoul.

Busan Itinerary

Even though Busan is one of the biggest cities in Korea, it has a completely different vibe than Seoul!

Busan 2 Day Itinerary – only have 2 days to spend in Busan? Make the most of your time with this detailed itinerary.

Other Itineraries

Gyeongju 2 Day Itinerary – 2 days is the perfect amount of time to spend in Gyeongju.
Jeonju 2 Day Itinerary – A full itinerary to 2 days in Jeonju and the Jeonju hanok village.

Jeju Itinerary

The pride of Korea! Jeju is an exotic island of the south coast of the peninsula.

Jeju Itinerary 3 Days – A 3 day itinerary to the best things to do on the stunning Jeju island.

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