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Be Marie Korea is a travel blog specially focused towards all things South Korea. It is a source of inspiration for independent and solo travelers looking to have the full Korean experience.

Be Marie Korea is all about travelling and living in South Korea mainly focused to foreign expats or tourists. Travelling and writing on this Korea blog is my passion, which I love to share with people and use to inspire travelers by providing valuable tips and inspiration.

Our aim is to inspire more travels and create win-win relationship. Get in touch with us directly to discuss working together on content creations, sponsored content, social media promotions, etc.

Blog Statistics

(Last updated May 2019)

be marie korea media kit
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: +80 000
  • Monthly Pinterest Viewers: +255 000
  • Instagram Followers: +11 300
  • Nationalities Readers: USA, Singapore, Philippines
  • Gender: female (72%)
  • Age: 18-24 (18%), 25-34 (53%), 35-44 (14%)

Let’s Partner Up! 

Be Marie Korea is available for collaboration and advertising in the South Korean travel industry. I’m always interested to explore new places on the Korean Peninsula and share these adventures with my readers. It is exciting to write articles with stories from the road, festivals, accommodations and about travel products.

Services offered:

  • Press Trips
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Social Media Coverage
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Reviews [Hotel, Products, Service]

Please contact for more info and prices.

Please note: Be Marie Korea strives to being open and truthful the the audience. All articles portray the whole picture, including both the good and bad aspects of an experience. This honesty is much appreciated by the readers.

Why Work With Me?

Be Marie Korea is a trusted resource when it comes to travel tips for Korea. It is a passion to help and inspire travelers, give them travel advice, inspiration on the best locations and attractions using this Korea travel blog.


Be Marie Korea has partnered with multiple companies on Instagram and the blog.

For all inquiries please send an email to, I’ll get back to you asap. Thank you.


  • 1st Place | Global Seoul Mate 2019 | Seoul Tourism Organisation
  • 1st Place | Incheon SNS Supporters 2019 | Incheon Tourism Organisation
  • 1st Place | Tony Moly SNS Supporters 2019 | Tony Moly
  • 1st Place | Bibigo Marketing Challenge 2019 | Bibigo
  • 1st Place | Gyeonggi-do Dream Challenge 2019 | Gyeonggi-do Tourism Organisation
  • 2nd Place | Hello Korea 2019 | Korea Tourism Organisation
  • 3rd Place | Global Seoul Mate 2018 | Seoul Tourism Organisation
  • 2nd Place | K-Startup Challenge 2017 | Pangyo Startup Centre