Hotels Near Incheon Airport & Best Transit Hotel

Whether you have a long layover, have an early flight or just an overnight sleepover, the Incheon hotel airport guide is a great place to start planning your visit. Read on to find out about the best hotels near Incheon Airport.

Staying overnight around or Incheon Airport is very convenient. Many hotels are located in the area and shuttle buses will bring guests to the right hotel. There are free shuttle buses running between the different terminals and major hotels. The free shuttles starts running around 5:30 am until 00:30 am. Check the route here.

Hotels Near Incheon Airport

What To Know About Incheon Airport

  • Terminals: Incheon airport is divided into 2 terminals (1 and 2), your experience will depend on which terminal you will be arriving or departing from. Terminal 2 is the newest terminal and has only been in use since early 2018.
  • Locations: Incheon International Airport is located outside the capital, Seoul, and it takes minimum 45 minutes to reach Seoul station using the AREX train. Check how to get to Incheon Airport from Myeongdong here.
  • Subway & Transfer: The subway between Incheon Airport and Seoul station starts running around 5:30 till approximately 24:00. Booking a night transfer is available.
  • Luggage Storage: Booking a luggage storage is available at both Incheon terminal 1 & 2.

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel

Most of the hotels and accommodations are located outside the airport, but there are a couple of hotel and rest areas located in the airport itself. One is located in the transit area, which is perfect for those waiting for a connecting flight. The other is just outside the immigration area. If you have a long layover in Seoul, check out this one day itinerary in Seoul.

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel

1. Incheon Airport Transit Hotel

This hotel is located in the departure area of the airport and is only for people who have a stopover during an international flight. When landing in Incheon, head straight for the hotel and DO NOT go through immigration. Find more info on the transit hotel in terminal 1 and terminal 2 here.

2. Incheon Airport Capsule Hotel

Darakhyu is the capsule hotel Incheon by Walkershill, only located in the B1 basement of Incheon terminal 2. Apart from having rooms the hotel also offers other facilities to guests and non-guests, like the hotel loby and showers facilities. If you have an early flight leaving Incheon or are arriving in Incheon late at night then this is a great place to stay. It is comfortable and very convenient.

hotel inside incheon airport

Best Hotels Near Incheon Airport

Incheon Airport is located on an island, connected to mainland Korea by a huge bridge. It is recommended to find a hotel on the Incheon Airport island as this is where the free shuttle bus runs between the hotels and airport. You can also easily get a taxi from the airport to the hotels on the island and back. Below are listed some of the best hotels near Incheon Airport to stay at.

1. Incheon Airport Oceanside Hotel

A cozy hotel with daily breakfast and optional dinner. A direct shuttle leaves from terminal 1 to the hotel. This great value hotel lies at the beautiful Incheon Island coastline. Enjoy a late night walk along the ocean before embarking on a long haul flight the next day. The hotel has great double, twin and family rooms Find more info here.

2. Incheon Airport Hotel Queen

The 3 star Incheon Airport Hotel Queen has some of the highest ratings on Genius Members receive an additional 10% discount at this mid-rage hotel. Option breakfast is served daily and the staff is extremely friendly and accommodation to all guests. Find more info here.

Incheon Airport Hotel Queen

3. Hotel Hu Incheon Airport

Hotel Hu lies just behind Incheon Airport and in the street of an E-Mart and CU convenience store. The modern rooms have their own little kitchenette and optional breakfast is served daily. Having dinner at the Jet-legged Lizard pizza restaurant just next to the Incheon transit hotel is highly recommended. Find more info here.

4. Incheon Airport Hotel June

Each room of the Incheon Airport Hotel June comes with a huge TV, high speed internet and the hotel organized personalized tours of Seoul and Incheon for their guest. The on-site restaurant of Hotel June serves Korean and Western cuisines. Optional breakfast is available. Find more info here.

Incheon Airport Hotel June

5. Nest Hotel Incheon Airport

A luxury 4 star hotel with high ratings on Booking. The interior design and architecture of the building is absolutely amazing. The hotel lies at the coastline which is a great location for an evening stroll or even to make a small trip to the Muuido Island. A free shuttle bus runs between the hotel and the airport. Genius members receive an additional 10% discount when booking this hotel. Find more info here.

6. Best Western Premier Incheon Airport Hotel

This Incheon International Airport hotel sells out quite fast, so if you really want to stay at the best Western Premier Incheon Airport Hotel make sure to book in time. Genius members of receive an additional 10% discount when booking the Premier Western. The shuttle that comes by every 30 minutes stops just in front of the hotel. The hotel offers free access to the gym and business center for all guests. Other facilities available are an indoor golf and massage room. Find more info here.

7. Incheon Airstay Hotel

This high rated budget hotel is one of the more cheap hotels near Incheon Airport. Room rates are starting at 47 000 krw for 2 people, which is much cheaper that most hotels in the Incheon Airport neighbourhood. This great Incheon Airport transit hotel is accessible through the free airport shuttle or by taxi. Find more info here.

Incheon Airstay Hotel

8. Hotel Airrelax Incheon Airport

The beautiful Hotel Air Relax at Incheon Airport is a great mid-range budget option when looking to book a hotel close to the airport. The hotel is located in a lively area with loads of restaurants and convenience stores around. For Muslim visitors, there is a Halal Indian Restaurant just around the corner of the hotel. There is a free shuttle bus running between the airport and the hotel. Find more info here.

Hostels Near Incheon Airport

Are you traveling on a low budget and prefer to sleep in a shared dorm, then check out these guesthouses and hostels near Incheon Airport.

1. Incheon Airport Transfer Guesthouse

This is a high rated hostel which offers additional discount to Genius Members on The airport shuttle runs between the hostel and the airport. This is one of the only hostels in the area and therefor sells out quickly, make sure to book on time when wanting to stay here. Find more info here.

2. Familiar 

This hostel lies at subway station Unseo, which is only 2 stops away from the International Airport. A bed in one of the dorms is only 18 000 krw which is really cheap for the area. Genius Member at receive an additional 10% discount. This is a great basic place to stay with super friendly owners. Find more info here.

Things To Do At Incheon Airport

Have a layover in Korea and don’t want to be stuck in your hotel near Incheon Airport all day. Check out the activities listed below to spice up your day.

  • CGV Incheon Mission Race – In Incheon Airport you’ll find a CGV, so you could just go and watch a movie or take part in the Incheon Mission Race. Be the hero of your own movie and try to break out of the dungeon.
  • Incheon Airport Layover Private Tour – Want to explore the country a little more? Take this private tour that will take you different spots in the area. You’ll be able to put together your own tour based on some options presented.
  • Coastline Rail Bike – On the Incheon Airport Island lies a coastline rail bike track. Rail bikes are extremely popular in South Korea and are fun for people of all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How close are the hotels near Incheon Airport?

The hotels near Incheon Airport are located within a 10-15 minute drive from the airport terminals. Some of the hotels even offer free shuttle bus services to and from the airport for their guests. Visitors can also take a taxi or use public transportation, such as the airport railroad or the airport limousine bus, to reach the hotels.

What amenities and facilities do the hotels near Incheon Airport offer?

The hotels near Incheon Airport offer a range of amenities and facilities to ensure a comfortable stay for their guests. Many of the hotels have restaurants, cafes, and bars where guests can enjoy a variety of cuisines and drinks. Other common amenities include fitness centers, swimming pools, and spa services. Additionally, some hotels offer meeting rooms and business centers for business travelers.

How much do the hotels near Incheon Airport cost?

The cost of the hotels near Incheon Airport varies depending on the hotel, room type, and season. Generally, the prices range from $50 to $200 USD per night.

Have any questions about staying in a hotel near or in Incheon Airport? Do you have recommendations on which airport hotel Incheon to add to this blog post? Have you stayed in a hotel inside Incheon Airport? Let us know in the comment section below.

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