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Following a previous blog post on day trips from Seoul, this is a guide on the best day trips from Busan, a metropolitan city in South Korea. Busan is located on the south coast of the peninsula and is a vibrant must visit city when coming to South Korea.

Busan is well connected to the rest of the country by KTX (high speed train) and express buses, it can take visitors almost anywhere very quickly and at an affordable price. It is a wonderful base from which to embark on great day trips to the rest of the country. Cities like Gyeongju, Daegu, Yeosu and many cherry blossom festivals are a nice addition to your Korea itinerary.

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Things To Know When Going To Busan

  • Getting To Busan: Busan can easily be reached from anywhere in South Korea, especially from Seoul and many airports in South East Asia have direct flights to Busan.
  • Busan Itinerary: It is highly recommended to stay at least 2 days in Busan. Let this 2 day Busan itinerary help you plan your trip.
  • Travel Adapter: The travel outlets in South Korea are similar to the ones in mainland Europe. Make sure to bring the right power converter.
  • Getting Around: You can get around Busan using public transport or the hop-on hop-off bus. A T-Money card is needed to use the bus, subway and it can even be used in taxis.
  • WiFi: Many place in South Korea have free WiFi, but it is always easier to carry your own WiFi egg. Check more info here. 

Day Trips From Busan

One of the most popular destinations is the nearby city of Gyeongju, which was once the capital of the Silla Kingdom and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visitors can explore ancient tombs, temples, and palaces, including the famous Bulguksa Temple.

Another option is to visit the scenic island of Geoje, which is known for its beaches, hiking trails, and seafood restaurants. The nearby city of Tongyeong is also worth a visit, offering stunning views from its cable car and a historic harbor area to explore. For those interested in natural beauty, the Jirisan National Park offers excellent hiking opportunities and stunning mountain views just a few hours’ drive from Busan.

Below is a list of the best day trips from Busan, suitable for all seasons. The most popular trip being Gyeongju.

1. Gyeongju

Gyeongju is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of Korea, it used to be the ancient Silla capital and has over 1500 years of history. The city is often referred to as a museum without walls. Gyeongju city has so much to offer that a day wouldn’t be enough to cover it all, but if you have a shortage of time, then a Busan to Tyeongju day trip will do.

The best things to do in Gyeongju are Cheomseongdae Observatory, the Tumuli Park, the Unknown Tomb, Gyochon Village, Bulguksa and Seokuram Grotto, the National Museum of Korea and Wolji Pond.

You can make your own way from Busan to Gyeongju using public transport or you could book a one day package trip leaving from Busan.

	busan to gyeongju day trip

2. Daegu

Daegu is another metropolitan city in the east of South Korea. There are many things to do in Daegu like the famous for Daegu E-World, the 83 Daegu tower and the teddy bear museum, Kim Gwangseok-Gil street and the chicken & beer festival in July.

You can easily take the KTX or express bus from Busan to Daegu are connect by KTX or join a one day package trip bringing you to all the hot spots by bus.

3. Yeosu

Yeosu is a seaside city on the southern coastline of Korea. From the port of Yeosu, daily boats are leaving to the many islands off the south coast, like Odongdo Island and Dolsando Island. Other things to do in Yeosu are
Yeosu Expo Park, the Sky Cafe, go to the beach, visit the aquarium and eat yummy seafood.

From Busan you can take the express bus bound for Yeosu, this takes around 2,5 hours and costs 20 000 krw.

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4. Oedo Island

The stunning Oedo Island is part of Geoje city and is famous for its marine western-style botanical garden. It was built in 1969 by Lee Chang-ho and his wife who settled on the island.

From Busan you can take the Seogu- Jangseungpo Intercity Bus and get off at Jangseungpo Port. This takes around 1,5 hours and from the port, catch the ferry to Oedo Island. An easier option is to book a one day trip leaving daily from Busan.

5. Namhae

Namhae is a stunning island of the south coast of Korea, it is also known as the treasure island. The best things to visit in Namhae are the Art Village,Garlic Land, Darangee Village Rice Terraces, the German Village, the American Village and the many beaches.

From Busan, take the intercity bus to Namhae, this is around a 1,5 hour drive, or book a one day package trip leaving daily from Busan.

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6. Eden Valley Ski Trip Or Luge

Eden Valley is the closest Korean ski resort to Busan. It is a small resort with only a couple of slope, but is perfect to experience skiing and snow for first timers. If traveling to Busan in winter, then this is the perfect winter day trip.

The easiest way is to book a package deal when looking to visit Eden Valley ski resort. This includes the bus, rental equipment, lift pass and clothes. More info here.

During the summer months the ski slopes are closed, but the luge track is open. On a long twisting downhill path, you can ride a luge. More info here.

7. Tongyeong

Tongyeong, a nice post city on the south coast of Korea, often referred to as the ‘Napoli of Korea’. Stunning Tongyeong is a gateway to many islands of the south coast like Saryangdo, Somaemuldo, Bijindo, and Yeonhwado. Other great things to do is hiking up Mireuksan’s Summit, visit Yi Sun Shin Park, go to Dongpirang Mural Village and try yummy seafood.

There are direct buses running between Busan and Tongyeong. These take under 2 hours. Another option is to book a package day trip from Busan.

8. Paragliding

Paragliding is a fun activity to do outside Busan, expecially when the weather is a bit warmer. There are four different launch sites around Busan, namely Yeongdo, Songdo, Eonyang and Gimhae. You will be gliding over the beautiful coastline with a licensed instructor. More info here.

Festival Day Trips From Busan

Below is a list of the best festival day trips from Busan, these are seasonal and only happen once a year.

1. Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

Each year in early April, the cherry blossom in Jinhae turn the city into a pink paradise. The major spots to visit are the Romance Bridge and Gyeonghwa Station. This is a perfect spring day trip from Busan. Make sure to try the cherry bossom flavoured ice cream which can only be found at the festival.

From Busan there are daily buses running to Jinhae, these buses only take up to an hour. It is recommended to book a package trip as the cherry blossom spots are quite far apart from each other.

2. Boseong Green Tea Festival

One of the nicest festivals in the whole of Korea! The relaxing green tea festival in the tea plantations of Boseong. Apart form Jeju, Boseong has the most famous tea plantations of Korea. During the 4 day festival join the treasure hunt, pick green tea, try different teas from farms in the area and learn about the history of green tea.

The Boseong green tea fields are quite hard to reach using public transport, so booking a package trip is highly recommended. More info here.

3. Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Festival

The Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Festival falls at the same time as the Jinhae Festival in early April. The contrast of the ancient architecture and sights with the cherry blossoms is just stunning. There are 2 major spots to see the cherry blossoms. In the historic center of Gyeongju, around Cheomseongdae Observatory and at Bomun lake, just outside the city.

Gyeongju is easily accessible from Busan by train or express bus (only 50 minutes). It is not recommended to visit during the weekend as the city will be packed, weekdays should be fine. If you book a package day trip from Busan, it includes transport and entrance tickets. More info here.

4. Gwangyang Maehwa Festival

This is one of the first flower festivals of the year and it falls in early March. Gwangyang is located on the south coast of Korea. The Gwangyang International Maehwa Festival is a stunning festival and less touristic than the major cherry blossom festivals like Jinhae and Gyeongju.

The maehwa festival happens at the Maehwa hanok village, which lies a bit outside the city and is rather hard to reach using public transport as there are only a few buses a day going from the Gwangyang bus terminal to the festival grounds. During the festival, shuttle buses are running directly from Busan to the festival grounds. More info here.

Two-Day Trips From Busan

The three destinations below are just a little too far to do as a one day trip from Busan, a minimum of 2 days and preferably more to fully enjoy Seoul, Jeju or Fukuoka.

1. Seoul

Going to Seoul is a must when in Korea! The vibrant capital has so much to offer to foreign and local travelers. Take the express bus (4 hours) or KTX (2 hours) from Busan to Seoul and enjoy everything Seoul has to offer. It is highly recommended to stay at least 4 days in Seoul.

busan to seoul

2. Jeju

From Busan you can take the ferry or airplane to the stunning Jeju Island. It is highly recommended to stay at least 3 days in Jeju island. The island has everything to offer from stunning beaches, yummy sea food to hiking trails and sea sports.

3. Fukuoka

Last but not least, Fukuoka in Japan. Make your way from Busan to Fukuoka by ferry or airplane and enjoy a weekend in the Kyushu peninsula. Be aware that a separate visa is required for entering Japan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular day trips from Busan?

There are many popular day trips from Busan, including a visit to the UNESCO-listed Gyeongju Historic Areas, a trip to the scenic coastal city of Tongyeong, and a hike up to the top of Geumjeongsan Mountain for panoramic views of the city.

How long does it take to travel to these day trip destinations from Busan?

The travel time to these day trip destinations can vary depending on the destination. For example, a trip to Gyeongju takes around 1.5 hours by bus or train, while a trip to Tongyeong takes around 2 hours by bus. A hike up to the top of Geumjeongsan Mountain can take several hours, depending on your hiking speed.

What are some tips for planning a day trip from Busan?

When planning a day trip from Busan, it’s important to consider travel time and transportation options. It’s also a good idea to research the destination beforehand to ensure that you have enough time to see the sights and experience the culture. Finally, make sure to bring comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, and plenty of water, as many day trip destinations involve outdoor activities.

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