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Korea is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and to go on many exciting adventures! From hiking, biking, camping to diving, bungee jumping, and paragliding. There are a wide range of fun activities available at the tip of your fingers. This article covers everything there is to know about Paragliding in Korea.

paragliding in korea

Paragliding is not just popular for the adrenalin rush but is a great activity to do while traveling to enjoy the scenery. If you are unfamiliar with paragliding, it is a sport where you get to glide fly through to the air using a specially designed parachute. It’s a safe and fun way to observe the scenery from a bird’s-eye view.

Korea has a beautiful nature and many mountains which makes it great for paragliding. There are many locations available for paragliding in Korea, each unique in its own way. If you are staying Seoul, you can go on a 1-day paragliding trip in the beautiful Gyeonggi-do province.

Best Season For Paragliding In Korea

Flying through the air is great fun, but perhaps more than most sports, paragliding needs the perfect season and weather.

Spring and autumn are in general the best seasons to explore Korea because the temperature is mild and pleasant and the landscape at its peak. In springtime (late March to early June) the whole landscape takes on pastel colors and there are blossoms everywhere. In autumn (late September to November) the sky turns sapphire blue and the tree leaves turn into a beautiful range of rusty fall colors. Most Korean mountains are covered in trees of every kind; you’ll get to enjoy the best of nature from above. 

paragliding korea

Tips For First Time Paragliding In Korea

Now that you’ve made your decision, it’s time to get ready for your paragliding experience. First, you will need to select a package, decide on the equipment, and plan your trip.

1. Choose a Tandem Package

If you are a first-time paraglider, have no fear, choose a tandem paragliding package and fly with a seasoned instructor. What is tandem paragliding you ask? It is when two people are teamed up and jump together, usually a newbie with a professional certified pilot. The pilot will make sure the jump is safe and fun. Even if you are considering learning paragliding, it might be best to do a tandem for your first experience. 

Tandem flights are a popular option, so read through the available packages, and book one that you find interesting.

2. Get the Right Equipment

Moving on to equipment, quality comes first! If you’re sighing up for a package for beginners you’ll probably be lent the needed equipment. If you want to get your own, however, you need to make sure to get high-quality gear that also fits you well. Before heading out to the store, research online as well as ask an expert for their opinion. It’s better to double-check before finalizing any expensive purchase. 

Paragliding gear can include items such as parachute wings, helmet, harness, etc. 

3. Go With Friends or Family

Any activity is better with other enthusiastic companions so why not take friends or family along? Based on your package, you will have to make a trip to the outdoors, you’ll have a lot of transportation time that can best be enjoyed with good company. 

Some locations, such as Yangpyeon, offer a package for couples! If you want to have a cute but exciting experience with your beloved, why not give it a try. We’ve even included this activity in our South Korea honeymoon guide.

Are you traveling with children or older adults? In many Tandem experiences, kids above 10 and adults up to 80 years in age are welcome to join. Paragliding, contrary to what you might think, is safe and makes an adventure for the entire family. 

*If any of your companions have a special condition such as hypertension, heart disease, acrophobia, asthma, epilepsy, had recent major surgery, or pregnant this activity is not advised.

It’s best to do all your research, planning, and preparation beforehand so that you can make the best of your money and fully enjoy your trip.

What to Expect When Paragliding In Yangpyeong?

If you are looking for a paragliding experience easily accessible as a day trip from Seoul, we suggest you go to Yangpyeong and try the Korea Paragliding School. See more info and prices here.

Yangpyeong is a great destination for a 1-day trip from Seoul; it offers beautiful landscapes and activities including rail bikes and ski resorts where you can spend a fun day. They have multiple package options including a basic course, photography course and long distance course. We booked the photography course with Seoul station departure for 150 000 krw per person. Sounds expensive, but actually it’s very good value for your money as it includes Seoul Station-Yangpyeong KTX ticket, Yangpyeong station pick up, all equipment, safety instructions, a 25 minute drive to the top of the mountain, an paragliding instructor, pictures/video and after returning you’ll get some ramen and tea.

Are you ready to go paragliding in South Korea? 

1. Getting There 

The Korea Paragliding School has several packages. You can choose your preferred mode of transportation, length of the flight, and whether you want your flight to be photographed. 

For the earliest time slot, you have to be in Seoul Station at 7:30, it will take less than 1 hour (on KTX) to reach Yangpyeong station, where you’ll be picked up by the staff. You can also use the Seoul subway to get there!

Since you need to start paragliding from high altitude, the school is located in the mountains and you’ll be able to enjoy the magnificent scenery on your way.

paragliding in south korea

2. Getting Ready

Upon arriving in Korea Paragliding School’s base camp you’ll be handed jumpsuits and receive guidelines, tips, and warnings from the staff to familiarize you with the procedure. 

From the base, there is a 30-40 minutes car ride to the mountain top. The car ride to the top can be very bumpy, if you tend to get motion sickness, you can get some medicine from the staff before the ride. This time you’ll be driving in a much more pristine area, enjoy the green scenery and the fresh mountain air. 

*If you have sensitive ears and get ear pain or infection you should be aware that wind can be very strong while flying down so prepare beforehand.

tandem paragliding korea

3. The Flight

Finally, it’s time for the actual paragliding in Korea experience. When you arrive at the take-off point your instructors will begin to prepare the gear. While putting on the rest of the gear you’ll have a chance to take some photos here using your phone, if you have paid for photography the instructors will help you take some photos using a Go-pro camera they have prepared. 

And then it’s time to run and enjoy what you’ve come all this way for! You won’t have to do much during the flight, the instructors will take care of everything, including shooting photos and videos. You’ll have the choice to sail down smoothly or go for a “dynamic flight” were the instructor will spin the parachute in the air. The dynamic flight can be a bit scary but it’s no scarier than a steep roller coaster fall, so we suggest you go for it. 

The flight will take around 10-15 minutes, it will be so exhilarating that it can go like the blink of an eye. On top of that, the instructors are friendly and talented, one of our instructors was a former member of the Korean national paragliding team!

Other Places To Go Paragliding in Korea

There are other cities where you can experience paragliding as well. Cities all around the country offer paragliding packages and each have a unique experience.

paragliding korea seoul

1. Paragliding In Yongin

Yongin is another destination that’s great for a one-day trip from Seoul, you can reach Yongin by public transport. It is the home of Everland, Caribbean Bay, and the largest Korean Folk Village. It also offers paragliding packages all-year-round. Click here for more info and prices.

Next time you’re paragliding in South Korea, make sure to enjoy the beautiful view of Yongin city!

2. Paragliding In Busan

Busan is a must-go travel destination. It is a great modern city surrounded by green mountains on one side and the sea on the other. If you’re interested in paragliding in Busan, you’d be happy to know there are different starting points, with very different routes, available. Depending on the weather, you might even get lucky enough to glide over the sea! Click here for more info and latest prices.

3. Paragliding In Jeju

If you haven’t visited Jeju, you should definitely add it to your plans. Jeju is an amazing destination for those who love outdoor activities and a great choice for paragliding in Korea.

During a paragliding experience in Jeju, you’ll get to observe Halla Mountain slopes covered in forests, the white Jeju village houses with colorful roofs, and the land blending into the blue sea. Click here for more info and latest prices.

4. Paragliding In Danyang

Danyang is a county in the center of Korea. It is covered in forest hills and mountains, a river flowing through it and pouring into a lake making it a very scenic region. As it is one of the less-known destinations to travel to, it will make a great place to make your very own unique Korea adventure. Click here for more info and latest prices.

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Written By Nahid Taheri

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