Busan To Fukuoka By Ferry Or Flight

Korea and Japan are so close to each other that getting from Busan to Fukuoka by ferry or flight only takes up to 3 hours. Very convenient and inexpensive when booked during the low season. Read on for more info on the ferry and getting there by flight.

Busan To Fukuoka By Ferry

Things To Know When Visiting Fukuoka

  • What To Wear In Japan – Japan has similar weather as South Korea, especially the Fukuoka and Kyushu area. Make sure to dress appropriately for the season.
  • Things To Do In Fukuoka – Fukuoka, Japan is not a super touristic destination like Tokyo or Kyoto, but it still has some great tourist attractions. Use Fukuoka as a base to explore the Kyushu prefecture. Check the best day trips from Fukuoka here.
  • Portable WiFi – WiFi is not widely available in Japan like in Korea. Purchase portable WiFi device upon arrival at the airport. More info here.
  • Busan To Fukuoka Distance: the flight distance between Busan and Fukuoka is 214 kilometers.

Busan To Fukuoka Ferry

Going to Fukuoka is the perfect two or three day trip from Busan. Below is an overview of all there is to know about getting to the terminal, purchasing tickets and which boats to take.

1. Busan Fukuoka Ferry Terminal

The international Busan ferry terminal lies a short walk away from Busan KTX station. If you are packed light, it is a pleasant walk, but with heavy suitcases it is recommended to take a taxi or shuttle bus to the international terminal. When you are coming from Seoul to Busan, this is where you will be arriving.

busan ferry to fukuoka

1.1 By Walking

From the train station, the terminal is just a 10 minute walk away. Leave the station from exit 9, turn left behind the train station and walk for 400 meters until you reach the passengers terminal on your right hand side.

1.2 By Shuttle Bus

Multiple times a day the shuttle bus runs between Busan Port Passenger Terminal and Busan Station. The shuttle bus runs once an hour, starting at 7.20 and the last bus runs at 19.30. Find the timetable here. The shuttle bus also stops at Exit 14 of Jungang-dong Station, the Yeongju-dong Intersection and Pungmul Geori. The fare for the bus is 1130 krw.

1.3 By Taxi

From anywhere in Busan you can take a taxi to the terminal. Show the following to your taxi driver 부산국제여객터미널 or say Busan Gukjae Yogeg Teminal.

1.4 By Subway

Take the subway to Choryang station on line 1, this is one station further than the KTX station. Leave at exit 4, go straight under the KTX train tracks and the passengers terminal lies on the other side of the tracks. To use the subway, you will need at transportation card.

2. Busan To Fukuoka Ferry Tickets

There are multiple companies operating between Busan and Fukuoka. The 2 main ones are the JR Beetle and the Korea Ferry. The JR Beetle is the fastest one, taking only 3 hours. The Korea Ferry takes around 5,5 hours to reach Fukuoka. Both companies have a website where tickets can be purchased, but it is highly recommended to use a 3rd party as the company websites are only in the local language (limited use of English).

Busan To Fukuoka Ferry Tickets

3. Busan To Fukuoka Ferry Price

The prices for the ferry are quite stable and don’t fluctuate much in high or low seasons. Special discounts are available for the elderly, groups and handicapped passengers.

  • JR Beetle ferry Busan to Fukuoka: one way costs 140 000 krw and return 280 000 krw on the JR Beetle ferry website. More info here.
  • Korea Ferry Camilia: one way costs 45 000 krw and return 90 000 krw on the Camila website. More info here.

Cheaper tickets can be found on the AFerry website and they offer combination tickets between the JR Beetle and the Korea Camilia.

Busan To Fukuoka Ferry Price

4. Busan To Fukuoka Ferry Time

Ferries from Busan to Fukuoka run multiple times a day. The JR Beetle runs 2 to 3 times a day. There are 3 available slots available in the morning (7:40, 8:30 and 11:20) and 2 slots in the afternoon (15:00 and 15:20).

Busan To Fukuoka Ferry Time

The Korea ferry Camilia runs 1 or twice a day. Daily ferries depart at 8 PM. Schedules for the ferry differ from day to day. Check the official website for more concrete times.

5. Accommodation Near Busan Ferry Terminal

Taking the early JR Beetle ferry? Then booking an accommodation close to the terminal the day before is recommended. Below is a list of hotels and guesthouses that are located close to the terminal.

  • BS Hotel Busan Station: The BS hotel is a well rated hotel withing 7 minutes walking distance of the terminal. It is great for families or small groups travelling together in Busan. More info here.
  • K-Guesthouse Premium Busan 1: A cozy guesthouse with great staff who will make you feel right at home. Continental and American breakfast options are available at the guesthouse. More info here.
  • Sohostel Korea: One of the highest rated hostel in Busan, within walking distance of the passengers terminal. The cool common area has a Nintendo and Playstation for guests to use. More info here.

6. Additional Fuel And Exit Fee At Terminal

There is an additional fuel and port exit fee to pay when leaving Busan Port or Fukuoka Hakata Port. The fuel fee is 14 000 krw, this is already included in the ticket when bought online. The port exit fee is 4300 krw, this should be paid in tax upon check in.

7. Check In, Immigration And Boarding

Check in starts around 1,5 hours before departure and boarding starts approximately 30 minutes before departure. Check in starts on the 3rd floor. Here you’ll receive a boarding pass and immigration forms, these have to be filled in before arriving in Fukuoka.

Up next is security check and immigration. Similar to other international ports this include a bag and body scan, visa check and getting your Korea exit stamp/paper.

After immigration lies the waiting rooms and the duty free shopping area. Wait here until the boarding for your ferry commences.

8. Arriving At Fukuoka Hakata Terminal

The ferry from Busan to Fukuoka arrive at Fukuoka Hakata International terminal. Here you’ll have to go through immigration again before you can leave the terminal.

From the terminal you can take a bus, taxi or shuttle service to your hotel or next destination. Find more info about getting to central Fukuoka here.

Fukuoka To Busan Ferry

The process of going from Fukuoka to Busan by ferry is very similar. The only difference is the port exit and fuel charges. The port exit fee is 500 JPY per person and the fuel fee is 300 JPY per person. This has to be paid in cash. Please be aware there are NO cash machines available at the port.

Busan To Fukuoka Flight

Another option when going to Fukuoka is going by plane. This is often faster and cheaper, but the view is not as nice as when taking a boat.

busan fukuoka flight

1. Busan Gimhae International Airport

The airport is located outside the center of Busan and can easily be reached by subway, taxi, bus or shuttle bus.

1.1 By Subway

The airport lies on the Light Rail line. When coming from the Busan KTX station on line 1, transfer at Seomyeon to line 2 and transfer again at Sasang Station to Light Rail line. A transportation card is needed when taking the subway.

1.2 By Taxi

Ask your taxi driver to bring you to 김해국제공항, pronounced as Gimhae Gugjae Gonghang. Estimated taxi fares are shown below.

busan to fukuoka flight

1.3 By Public Bus

Bus 307 from Hongdae Beach goes all the way to Gimhae Airport and stops at multiple locations along the way. The first bus runs at 5:20 and the last one at 23:20. Find the full route here.

1.4 By Shuttle Bus

The last option is the most convenient option as you can book your shuttle in advance of your flight. It will pick you up at your hotel and bring you right to the airport. This is especially usefull when having an early flight. More info here.

2. Flight From Busan To Fukuoka Tickets

Return flights to Fukuoka from Busan can go as low as 120 000 krw for a return ticket. This is much cheaper than a return ferry ticket between Busan and Hakata. The best website to find these discount tickets is Momondo.

Fukuoka To Busan Flight

Same procedure counts from when getting a Fukuoka to Busan flight.

1. Fukuoka Airport

The airport is located outside Fukuoka center and can easily be reached by taxi, shuttle bus or subway.

1.1 By Subway

When going to Fukuoka Airport using the subway system transfer to the Hakozaki Line at Nakasu-Kawabata Station. 

1.2 By Taxi

Most taxi drivers in Fukuoka speak some English. So they will definitely understand when you ask for Fukuoka Airport. Make sure to ask for the international terminal, not the domestic terminal.

1.3 By Shuttle Bus

Booking a shuttle bus online is most convenient. The shuttle bus will pick you up at your accommodation and drop you off at the right terminal. This is especially useful when having an early flight. More info here.

2. Fukuoka To Busan Flight Tickets

Prices for a return ticket from Fukuoka to Busan are very similar to going from Busan to Fukuoka. The best site to use when booking tickets is Momondo.

Fukuoka To Busan Flight

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to travel from Busan to Fukuoka?

The fastest way to travel from Busan to Fukuoka is by taking a flight. Several airlines operate direct flights between Busan and Fukuoka, and the flight takes about 1 hour.

How do I get from Busan to Fukuoka by ferry?

There are several ferry companies that operate between Busan and Fukuoka. The journey takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. Passengers can choose between a standard seat or a private cabin.

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