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Planning a holiday to the beautiful Jeju Island in South Korea? You’ll be in for a treat, as the island filled with stunning white sand beaches, hiking trails and waterfalls. What first time visitors often forget is that the island is massive! You can’t go around the island by bus or Jeju rental car in just one day. That’s why you need to make sure you know where to stay in Jeju Island, depending on the things you plan on visiting.  Read on this Jeju travel blog post to find out more.

Where To Stay In Jeju Island korea

Things To Know When Visiting Jeju

  • When to visit Jeju: the best time to visit Jeju Island is mid/late spring and early/mid autumn. During those periods it is not too hot to enjoy going around the island.
  • What to pack for Jeju: weather and temperatures in Jeju are much milder than the rest of Korea, but there are 4 different seasons. Winter temperatures can reach 0 or below and in summer it is extremely hot and humid. Luckily the sea breeze helps with the summer heat. Check what to pack here.
  • Discount Activities: There are many things to do all around the island, make sure to check out Klook or Trazy for many discounted activities.
  • Getting around: there are a couple of ways to get around the island, by renting a car in Jeju or using public transport. When using public transport, make sure to purchase a transport card in advance. This is an electronic ticket which makes it easy to get around. Buy transport card here.
  • Data & WiFi: Rent a portable WiFi egg upon arrival in the airport, so you never loose connection while traveling. Check more info here.
  • Horse Park: Riding a horse in Jeju is a must when visiting the island. Don’t miss out on this unique experience!
best location to stay in jeju

Best Location To Stay In Jeju Island

There are two main districts in Jeju Island – Jeju City and Seogwipo City, this is where you’ll find the best hotels in Jeju island. These two cities are well connected and are easily accessible by car or bus.

Jeju city lies in the north of the Island and is located next to Jeju Airport and Jeju Port, which most people will be arriving at. From Jeju Airport to Jeju city it is just a 10 minute taxi or bus ride, which is perfect if you’re arriving late at night or have an early flight. This is a great area to stay in for shopping, finding nice restaurants and historic sites.

Seogwipo City, which lies in the south of the island is a smaller and more laid back city. Most of Jeju’s museums, Jeju Island resorts and hiking trails are located in the south part of the island, which makes Seogwipo City a great base.

Another area to stay at Jungmun Area, which is also located in the south and filled with big resort hotels. Perfect if you just want to relax.

How To Choose The Best Place To Stay In Jeju Island

Choosing the best area to stay in mainly depends on the amount of days you’ll be staying in Jeju Island. Here are some quick tips to choose between a stay in Jeju City or Seogwipo!

  • You are staying 3 nights or less in Jeju Island. Stay in Jeju city and explore the city from here. Check a 3 day Jeju itinerary here.
  • Break up your stay when you’re spending more than 3 nights in Jeju. Stay a couple of nights in Jeju city and explore the north part of the island. The rest of the time stay in Seogwipo City and explore the south.
  • This is your second time to Jeju Island? Stay in a unique accommodation in between Jeju city and Seogwipo.

Hope this helped you decided the best area to stay in Jeju? If not let me know in the comment section below.

Best Hotels and Accommodations In Jeju City

Where to stay in Jeju City? Jeju city is the capital of the Jeju independent province and it is also the largest city on the island. It has a mild climate all during the year. The city is just located next to the Airport and has around 10 million people from Seoul flying in. Making it the busiest airport for domestic flights. Staying in this area is by far the most convenient place to stay in Jeju. Below is a breakdown of some of the best Jeju Island hotels located in Jeju city.

1. Budget Accommodation Jeju City

Mir Guesthouse is an affordable but stylish guesthouse with an observation deck, restaurant and bar. The modern ‘designer’ building has both shared and private rooms, all bookings include a free drink in the bar and a daily simple breakfast. Prices starting at 25 000 won per night making this the perfect Jeju Island guest house. Check prices and info for this cheap guesthouse in Jeju.

cheap guesthouse in Jeju.

BJ Stay has a score of 9.8 on Booking and prices for this Jeju Island hostel are starting at 16 000 won per night in a dorm. This is rated as the best hotel in Jeju Island and is great if looking for cheap accommodation in Jeju Island. Check prices and info.

Maro is located only 5 kilometers from the airport and is a cute budget hotel. Rates are starting at 34 000 won per night for a private room. Check prices and more info.

2. Mid Range Jeju City Hotels

Lotte City Hotel is an affordable 4 star hotel which has a stunning rooftop pool looking out on Jeju City. The breakfast buffet is located on the 22nd floor of the building. This is a hotel near Jeju airport, maximum a 5 minute taxi ride away. Check prices and info here.

Hotel The One Jeju is located in central Jeju and is known for having stunning views from the terrace. The modern design of the hotel and the comfort of the rooms make this a great place to stay when in Jeju! Check prices and info here.

Jeju City Hotels

Value Hotel Jeju is a well known chain which is located all over the world. The hotel has a coffee shops and bar for guest to enjoy during their stay. The breakfast buffet is served daily and is included in the hotel fee.

3. Top Range Accommodations Jeju City Hotels

Vista Resort Jeju lies a 6 minute walk from the beach and offers modern studio rooms for up to 3 people per room. All the rooms look out on the ocean. Check prices and info here.

Maison Glad Jeju is the perfect luxurious escape. Guests have access to the sauna, swimming pool, casino and the delicious buffet breakfast. Check prices and info here.

Jeju Island Accommodation In Seogwipo

Seogwipo lies south of the island and is the 2nd biggest city on Jeju Island. Right in the center of the city you can find the one of the three Seogwipo waterfalls; namely the Jeongbang waterfalls. 

1. Budget Accommodations

Mstay Hotel is located in central Seogwipo and looks out on the Saeyeongyo pedestrian bridge which connects the Seogwipo port and Birds Island. A beautiful swimming pool is located on a terrace looking out on the harbor. The hotel has different kind of rooms which are very affordable. Check prices and info here.

2. Mid Range Hotels

Orojeju is a beautifully decorated guesthouse which lies just next to the ocean. Some of the rooms are suitable for big families with up to 12 people. Guests can use the garden and each room has a private terrace. Check prices and info here.

Howard Johnson Hotel is a luxurious but affordable 4 star hotel. Some of the rooms have a private Jacuzzi available on the balcony.

3. Top Range Hotel Seogwipo

Podo Hotel was designed by the prestigious architect Itami Jun. The stylish traditional rooms are all constructed with eco-friendly materials. The hotel has a great view of the ocean and Jeju’s biggest mount, Halla. The water in the hotel comes from Arago Night Hot Spring, which is Jeju’s first discovered hot spring. If you are an architecture fan then you will not be disappointed! Podo Hotel is one of the best luxury hotels in Jeju Island Check prices and info here.

Hyatt Regency Jeju is a luxurious hotel offering comfort and stunning ocean views. All guests have access to the outdoor pool and sauna facilities. Included in the stay is an airport transfer. Check prices and info here.

Unique Hotels In Jeju Island Korea

The Baume Couture Boutique Hotel located in Jeju City provides customized services to it’s visitors. Even though the hotel is located in the city centre, the guests are isolated from the street noise. The outdoor pool has great views over Hallasan.

Ato Pension looks like a colourful birds nest from the outside. With prices starting at 40 000 KRW per night, this is a very affordable guesthouse in Jeju.

The Blue Jeju is unique because of it’s covered swimming pool. Located in Seogwipo, most rooms look out on the sea. The hotel serves breakfast and dinner buffet style. Check prices and info here.

Hotel Nanta Jeju is part of the popular Nanta show. The hotel has a big life theater where the show is performed. Guests can join for an extra price. Check prices and info here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to stay in Jeju without car?

If you don’t have a car then you want to stay in areas that are easily accessible using public transport like Jeju City or Seogwipo City.

What part of Jeju Island is best to stay?

The two areas which are best accessible by public transport and have a wide range of food options are Jeju City and Seogwipo. Here you will find a wide range of hotels in all price categories.

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