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Jeju Island, the Hawaii of Korea, has its own breed of horse, namely the Jeju Horse. Jeju is not only the island of black pigs but also of horses. Wherever you go, you’ll eventually stumble upon some horse grazing in the beautiful Jeju fields. They are absolutely beautiful and it comes as no surprise that horse riding in Jeju is a popular experience of tourists to enjoy. This blog post covers everything you need to know about going horse riding.

Horse Riding In Jeju

Things To Know About Visiting Jeju

  • Foreigner Packages – It is highly recommended to book your horse riding experience in advance. This way you are certain of your slot and don’t need to wait for your turn. Book your horse riding experience with Trazy here.
  • Getting Around – The easiest way to get around Jeju Island is by car. A can can easily be online and picked up upon arrival at Jeju Airport. Find more information about driving in Jeju Island here. If renting a car is not an option then traveling by bus is also possible. Jeju’s bus system is quite good, but it just takes longer to get around than by car. When taking the bus, make sure to have a T Money Card.
  • What To Wear In Jeju Island – In general Jeju Island is slightly warmer than Seoul and the rest of mainland Korea, but it still has 4 seasons. Check what to wear in Jeju here.
  • Jeju Itinerary – Are you looking for an example itinerary to help you plan your upcoming trip to Korea? Click here for a 2-3 day Jeju Itinerary.
  • Travel Adapters – Jeju has the same power outlets as most countries in Europe. Travelers from South East Asia, Japan, US should bring the right adapter. Find out more about travel adapters here.
  • Where To Stay – Jeju Island is huge so it is essential to pick the right area to stay in! If this is your first time in Jeju then it is recommended to stay in Jeju city or Seogwipo City. Find more info about best accommodations in Jeju here.
  • What To Eat – There are many restaurants across the island, and reservations online is possible for the best restaurants. Check more info here.

The Horses Of Jeju Island

In the 60’s the horses of Jeju were an endangered species due to industrialization. But in 1986, the government designated the Jeju horse as a Natural Monument and did they best to preserve the 150 remaining horses. This was a big success and now over 2000 horses are registered and can be found anywhere on the island.

Jeju horses are a very strong breed of horses and can survive in the harsh summer and winter conditions without the need of blankets or stables.

Best Time To Go Horse Riding In Jeju

The best time to visit Jeju island is during spring and autumn. Summer tends to be too hot while winter is too cold. Spring and autumn have the best temperatures to enjoy going for long walks on the beach and horse riding in the mountains. During this time it is also less busy, so most of the beaches will be deserted and mountain trails will be empty.

Jeju Steel Flower Horse Riding Park

** My visit to the Jeju Steel Flower Horse Park was sponsored by Trazy (an English friendly package booking site)

One of the most beautiful places in Jeju Island is Seongsan Ilchulbong, also called Sunrise Peak. There are many horse parks located in this area and on of the most famous ones is the Jeju Steel Flower Horse Riding Park. This park is located just next to Gwangchigi Beach and is famous for their horse riding courses on the beach. It was also one of the filming locations of the Korean drama Warm & Cozy (맨도롱 또똣).

jeju horse

You can book your package online through Trazy and for 50 000 krw you get a 20 minute horse riding experience. Upon arrival you get a riding hat and jacket which you have to put on and then you get paired up with a horse. The ride is about 10 minutes through the country side and then about 10 minutes on the beach. One of the guides speaks English quite well and is very accommodating.

1. Personal Experience

I have been wanting to go horse riding on the beaches of Jeju for ages. I’ve seen it pass by on Instagram for quite a while but the only issue is: I’m afraid of sitting on a horse… This year I decided that I needed to conquer these fears and so getting over my fear of sitting on horses had to be done. Luckily I had a very calm and friendly horse. After take off my fears quickly disappeared and I managed to relax just a bit. The ride was super nice and the young guide was very friendly. He answered all my questions about horses and live on Jeju while guiding my horse. Half way through when on the beach we took a break for pictures. I was actually quite sad when the 20 minutes were, so I’ll have to come back next time and book a longer ride.

jeju horse park

What I liked about this place is that the horses that aren’t used that day have a big meadow to graze in and look very well kept. The place is also very accessible by bus from Seogwipo City and Jeju City.

Other Jeju Horse Parks

Apart from Jeju Steel Flower Horse Riding Park, there are many other places in Jeju where you can enjoy horse riding. Listed below are some of the best places to go to.

jeju horse riding park

1. Jeju Land

At Jeju Land you can experience horse riding in the countryside. With a guide you’ll be going to the top of Nasiri Oreum and enjoy the stunning scenery with mount Hallasan in the background. This experience is a bit cheaper than the beach horse riding experience. You can enjoy 25 minutes of riding for 40 000 krw. Click here for more info.

2. The Ma Park

The Ma Park is actually a theme park and it is one of the largest horse-themed parks. They do mainly horse performances but also have state of the art horse riding facilities. Their show is called ‘Oh, Guguryeo! 1000 years of Kingdom’ and lasts about 50 minutes. It is a much watch performance when in Jeju as it features about 60 professional male and female riders from Mongolia. Buy entrance tickets to the park here.

3. Jeju Horse Riding Park

At the Jeju Horse Riding Park you can go horse back riding in the forest together with a guide. It is mainly a membership-based equestrian center and is one of the largest in Korea but you can also have a 15-30 minute experience. It is also the only nighttime horseback riding course in Korea. Find more info here (Korean only).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best time to go horse riding in Jeju?

A: Spring and autumn are by far the best times to enjoy riding a horse in the country side or on the beaches of Jeju.

Q: What to wear when riding a horse in Jeju?

A: Wear comfortable and casual clothes. In the horse riding park you’ll receive a vest and a protective hat.

Q: How long does the experience last?

A: Most horseback riding experiences last between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the package booked.

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