Beauty At The Moonlight Festival in Andong

When thinking about Andong, you probably think about the Hahoe Village and the Mask Festival? Well there is another fun festival; The Moonlight Festival in Andong.

Yearly mask festival in andong

The festival took happened at different locations along the Andong Nakdong River; this year the festival was held on the 10th of September.

We went on a special tour, organized by the Andong City Hall, that brought us by bus to the different locations. The tour started at 6pm, next to the Andong Train Station.

Located on the right side of the Andong train station is a small pagoda, this setting was used for the traditional music performance, the first act of the evening. There were two musicians who played two songs each. The girl was playing a traditional string instrument called a Haegeum and the guy played a traditional flute called a Taegeum. The also played one song together, one of my favourite Korean songs Fate by Lee Sun Hee.

After the performance the bus brought us to the traditional market for dinner. I’m sure you know we ate Jimdak; you can’t visit Andong and not eat Jimdak. The restaurant we tried this time was called Daejamgum,wich served Jimdak with different side dishes, like potato Jeon and squid.

Up next; the best lightshow I had ever seen in my life! They mixed modern international pop and old Korean songs; the cool thing was that the water danced on the beat of the music. Sadly enough it only lasted 30 minutes –  you might think “But Marie, 30 minutes is quite long for a fountain show!” Yes I agree, normally this would be way too long for this kind of spectacle, but again the way the water danced on the music was truly amazing!

To finish of the our Moonlight experience the bus brought us to Woryeonggyo Bridge or also known as the Moonlight Bridge. There are a couple of carts on the parking lot with food and different games. The moonlight bridge is the perfect place for a romantic date with your significant other.

You can get to Andong by bus from Seoul, this will take around 3 hours and should cost 16 000 won. There are two bus terminals that have busses to Andong; Gangnam Express Bus Terminal or East Express Bus Terminal. The busses are running every 30 minutes. If you are travelling in weekends, make sure to book your ticket in advance as busses are easily fully booked.

Looking for accommodation in Andong? Why not try one of these?
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Moonlight Festival in Andong

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