Discovering the Taste of Andong

When thinking about Andong, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous Hahoe Folk Village and the Mask Festival. But what else Andong has to offer? Well we went on a quest to visit Andong’s less famous tourist attractions. They are all over the place, you could spend 3 or 4 days in Andong. Having a car would definitely help as all sites are in the country side.

Andong country side
We started our day with a short hike in the mountains near the beautiful accommodation we had booked. It is located close to the Hahoe Folk Village, a place that is perfect to relax and for the beautiful scenery.
Andong Fermentation Pots
 Andong has many unknown delicious specialties. We were lucky because when visiting 안동웅부와 공민왕 (Ungbuwa Gongminwang), there was a small food festival. The festival focused on local specialties, crafts and games.
Andong Food Festival Temple
At the festival, you could try Andong Sikhye (식혜). This Sikhye is different from the normal Sikhye as the colour is red due to the added peppers. This Sikhye has a very peculiar taste, and maybe is not for everyone, but it is definitely a must try. I didn’t like it at all, but I’m happy I tried it once.
Andong Food Festival
Another thing we could try was the Andong pear tea and rainbow rice cakes (떡). The tea was unexpectedly sweet. It had some tiny star-shaped pear pieces floating in it.
Andong Food Festival
Andong Food Festival
From Andong Bus Terminal you can take the bus to Gounsa Temple, it is a quiet temple surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Deungun. The temple was built by Monk Uisang in 681. As it was almost Buddha’s birthday the temple was beautifully decorated with colorful lanterns and flowers. When visiting Korean in May all temples will be decorated with these colourful lanterns in honour of Buddha.
Andong Gounsa Temple
Andong Gounsa Temple
The temple pictures were taken by my wonderful friend Alexandra Prévôt.
Our next stop in the discovery tour of Andong was Gusijan traditional market (안동구시장).   This market is not different from other traditional markets except from Jjimdak!

Andong is known for Jjimdak, and what could be a better place to find Jjimdak than a traditional market. Jjimdak is a stewed chicken dish, that comes with rice. You can have it spicy or not. The best place to try Jjimdak is this small restaurant Yongga (영가) opposite the tourist information center.

Mammoth Bakery Andong

From the traditional market it’s a short walk to the most famous bakery in Andong. A French bakery called Mammoth. As a European who grew up with cakes and chocolate, this bakery is probably to closest you will get to French cakes. Down stairs you can find a cute chocolatier. It is a little pricey but definitely worth the try.


From downtown Andong you can take a taxi to Wolyeonggyo Bridge (월영교), this should cost approximately 4000KW and take maximum 5-10 minutes. At both sides of the river there are parks to walk through, this place is especially beautiful at night. Once a year you can also find the Moonlight Festival in the area of the Moonlight Bridge.

Andong Moonlight Bridge

See … there is more than the traditional village in Andong.

Looking for accommodation in Andong? Why not try one of the places?

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Andong House near Hahoe Village

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A day in Andong

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