Food Delivery In Seoul | How To Order Delivery In Korea

We all know those moments when we are worn out from a hard day of work and have no energy left to cook or go to the market. Luckily we live in an era of modern technology where placing a food order online couldn’t be easier, simple and faster. Read on to learn more about food delivery in Seoul and how to order delivery in Korea!

Food Delivery In Seoul | How To Order Delivery In Korea

Food Delivery In Seoul

When you want to order food delivery in Seoul you will have a wide variety of restaurants and services to choose from. Shuttle Seoul and Uber Eats are only available to use in Seoul, while Yogiyo and Baedal Minjok are also available in the rest of the country.

All these offer similar food delivery in Seoul services. You order food in your area from their website and pay by credit card or cash when the delivery guy arrives at your house.

1. Coupang Eats (Seoul & Gyeonggi-do)

If you are living in Seoul or Gyeonggi-do then Coupang Eats is a great option. The app and their restaurants available are rather similar to Shuttle Delivery but the main difference is the delivery fee. Most of the restaurants available on Coupang Eats don’t have a delivery fee. The app is in Korean and English so ordering food has never been easier.

Don’t miss out on some great delivery deals! Coupang Eats offers 10 000 krw credit to every new person that signs up to their platform. Check sign up Coupang Eats code here.

Personally I prefer Coupang Eats over Shuttle delivery. The delivery usually comes within 20-30 minutes whereas deliveries through Shuttle usually take up to an hour.

2. Shuttle Delivery

If you are looking to get food delivery in Seoul, Shuttle is the easiest and most straightforward option. The website and app come in English, so no need to know Korean when ordering food online. All the staff at Shuttle are fluent in English, so if ever any problems arise with your order you’ll receive a phone call from an English speaking staff member.

All sorts of food, like burgers, Italian, Korean, Mexican, fried chicken, Middle Eastern, Indian, vegetarian and vegan, halal, desserts and even groceries are available for delivery.

PRO! Shuttle offers halal food delivery in Seoul, there are quite a lot of halal options available. Like the Halal Guys, Istanbul Delight, Mr. Kebab and many other restaurants located in the Itaewon area.

Click here for 4000 krw off your first order!

1.1 Shuttle Delivery Details

Minimum food order starts around 7000 krw, depending on the restaurant. The delivery fee starts around 2000 krw, but gets more expensive the further away you are from the restaurant you are ordering from. Fortunately many restaurants, discount the delivery costs for people living in the area. This makes Shuttle a rather affordable foreign food delivery option.

Even though Shuttle is mainly focused in Seoul but has recently expanded to offer food delivery at Camp Humphreys in Pyeongtaek and Busan

food delivery seoul south korea

Once the order is made, you’ll receive a confirmation email and text message. The text message will also state the expected delivery time.

** Personal Shuttle Review: what I really like about Shuttle is the fact that they send you some credit once in a while for you to use on your next order. If you don’t order on a regular basis, you’ll receive the occasional 2000 won. Another great thing about them is their customer service. If there is ever an issue with your order, an English speaking staff member will give you a call and sort things out for you. **

1.2 Types Of Food On Shuttle

You can get anything on Shuttle, from American, Indian, South American food to flower or cookies delivery. Below are the most popular food types

Seoul Fried Chicken Delivery – Shuttle has quite a few fried chicken restaurants on board which offer delivery service. Like Kyedong Chicken, Hosigi Chicken and Hangang Chicken & Beer

Seoul Taco Delivery – There are 10 Mexican restaurants available on Shuttle. The best ones to order tacos (or any kind of Mexican food) from are El Pino 323, Coreanos Kitchen, Vatos and On The Border.

Seoul Pizza Delivery – There are 26 restaurants that sell pizza through Shuttle. From high quality restaurants to the regular pizza delivery shop. Make sure to try out Trevia, Vera Pizza and Luigi’s. ** For me Trevia is the best pizza delivery in Seoul as they use fresh ingredients as their toppings. **

This is just a small selection of everything they have to offer. This is definitely the best foreign and Korean food delivery app for foreigners.

1.3 Best Restaurants On Shuttle

There are loads of restaurants on shuttle, impossible to list them all, but below is a list of some of the most famous restaurants.

  • Halal Guys: The famous street food from New York has made its way to Seoul. Their New York-styled American halal food is yummy. There are two types of dishes, the platter and sandwich. Don’t forget to try the signature white sauce from the Halal Guys.
  • The Little Pie: The Little Pie in Itaewon sells the most delicious pies. The small pies are the perfect light lunch or snack. Make sure to try their specialty meat cheese pie or chicken and cheese pie.
  • El Pino 323: Authentic Mexican food all the way from LA to Seoul. The Korean American chef serves yummy food like the carne asada Tacos and the chicken tortilla bowl.
  • Wolfhound: The Irish pub in Itaewon serves the best bangers and mash, classic burgers and a proper English breakfast with beans.
  • Linus’ BBQ: The best meat in town! Linus’ is known all over Korea for serving the best pulled pork and brisket. For meat lovers this is the ultimate food delivery in Seoul.

Food Delivery In Korea

Yogiyo and Baedal Minjok are the two biggest platforms to order food from outside Seoul. They are a little bit more complicated to use than Shuttle or Uber Eats as you do need to know some Korean to get your order placed. If you are living in smaller cities or in the countryside, you are bound to start using one of these services for your delivery food.

1. Shuttle Delivery (Pyeongtaek & Busan)

Apart from Seoul, Shuttle Delivery is also based in Pyeongtaek and Busan.

2. Yogiyo Delivery In Korea

The Yogiyo website and app are only in Korean but there is a wider variety of restaurants to order from outside Seoul. The problem with Yogiyo is that the whole ordering process is more complicated than with Shuttle. This is probably the most popular website to use among Koreans as it has such a wide variety of options. Mainly Korean food, but there is the occasional foreign food restaurants like Chinese, Japanese, burgers, etc.

2.1 How To Order On Yogiyo

When using the website or app you’ll have to start by typing in your location (in Korean), it doesn’t need to be the exact street location, just the area will do. Or you can press the GPS icon next to the search bar. This will automatically find your locations but more often than not, this doesn’t seem to work.

Next, the app will load the restaurants which are able to deliver to your area. Now you can start your search for food with the help of pictures.

Usefull Korean words to know are:
한식 (Korean food)
양식 (Western food)
치킨 (chicken)

south korea delivery service

Once you decided on the restaurant and food, simply click on the items to add them to your basket. When all items are added click 주문하기 (order).

how to order delivery in korea

Now the scary part starts: filling in all your details in Korean.

Section 1: 배달정보

In the first box you’ll have to fill in your exact address in Korean. If you don’t know your address, you can find it written in Korean on the back of your ARC card or on one of your electricity or gas bills. In the next box your phone number goes. Next is any comments to the restaurant or delivery guy.

Section 2: 결제수단 선택

Here you’ll have to choose if you want to pay upon receiving your food with card or cash. No need to fill in your card details here. The delivery guy has a card machine on him.

Select whether you would like to pay by card (신용카드) or by cash (현금결제).

Before being able to place your order, you’ll have to accept the terms and conditions. Next to each box you’ll see 필수 (mandatory) or 선택(optional).

Now hit the big red button to complete your order. You will receive a confirmation text, which will tell you how long your order will take. Sometimes you’ll receive a phone call from the delivery guy, be aware this will be in Korean only.

3. Baedal Minjok

Baedal Minjok is quite similar to Yogiyo, but is only available on the app. Even though Baedal Minjok is a bit easier to work with than Yogiyo ( especially when you don’t know Korean) the payment process is more complicated as it has more steps involved than Yogiyo. What’s nice about Baedal is that they use cute food illustrations instead of real pictures.

3.1 How To Order On Baedal Minjok

First of all download the Baedal Minjok app and make an account using Facebook or Naver log in. It is recommended to make an account as it saves your home address and other settings, so you don’t have to reenter this information for every order.

Once the account is set up, you can start ordering your food. On the homepage you’ll see the types of food available. When clicking through all the way to a restaurant, you can see the types of payment accepted by this specific restaurant, the minimum delivery cost and an estimated delivery time.

Add the wanted dish to your shopping basket, next you will be asked if you want to add any sides or drinks. Finish your order and pick your way of payment. 마나서 카드/현금 결제 is paying with card/cash upon arrival.

If you order through Baedal Minjok riders, you will have to pay an extra tip for the driver. As these are delivery guys that will pick up your order from a restaurant that doesn’t provide its own delivery.

4. Ordering Food In Korean On The Phone

There are multiple restaurants in Korea that have their own delivery service, most of the time these are chains or fast food restaurants. Some of these companies even offer 24 hour food delivery Seoul!

McDonalds Delivery Korea: you can have McDonalds delivered to your house if you live reasonably close to one. The number you should call is 1600-5252 or you can place an order online/on the app. Most of the employees speak English, so no need to know Korean when ordering from McDonalds. McDonalds offers 24 hour food delivery food in Seoul!

Pizza Hut Delivery: The number to call when ordering from Pizza Hut is 1588-5588 or online. Not all Pizza Hut employees know English, so it’s probably easier to place your order on the website.

KFC Delivery Korea: KFC also offers delivery service for people living relatively close to a store. The number to call is 1599-8495 but it’s always easier to order online to get fried chicken delivery Seoul.

Another option is to order delivery from a Korean take out restaurant on one of the pamphlets you received in your letter box. You’ll definitely have to know Korean for this as most restaurant owners do not speak English. Check out this video below on how to order food by phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the popular food delivery services available in Seoul?

There are several popular food delivery services available in Seoul, including Baedal Minjok, Yogiyo, Coupang Eats and Shuttle Delivery. Each of these services allows customers to order food from a variety of local restaurants and have it delivered to their doorstep.

How long does it typically take for food to be delivered in Seoul?

The delivery time for food in Seoul can vary depending on the restaurant, the time of day, and the location of the delivery. However, most food delivery services in Seoul aim to deliver food within 15-60 minutes of placing an order.

Is it safe to order food for delivery in Seoul?

Yes, it is generally safe to order food for delivery in Seoul. The food delivery services in Seoul follow strict hygiene and safety guidelines to ensure that the food is prepared and delivered in a safe and sanitary manner. Customers can also choose contactless delivery options to minimize any potential risks.

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