Camp Humphreys Delivery | How To Order Food in Pyeongtaek

Are you living in Camp Humphreys or the neighborhood and are you looking to order delivery food on base? Then you came to the right address! This article covers all the different delivery companies that delivery to the base or the area around base and are easy to use for those who don’t speak Korean. Most of these companies have an app which you can order food from, but not all of these apps are available in English. Read on to find out more about Camp Humphreys delivery.

camp humphreys delivery

Camp Humphreys is a United States Army installation located in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. It is the largest U.S. overseas military base in the world, covering an area of approximately 3,500 acres. Originally established in 1919, the base was named after Brigadier General Andrew Atkinson Humphreys, a Union Army officer who served during the American Civil War. In recent years, the camp has undergone significant expansion and modernization, with new facilities and infrastructure being built to accommodate the growing number of U.S. troops stationed in the region. Today, Camp Humphreys serves as a vital hub for U.S. military operations in the Asia-Pacific region, and plays a crucial role in maintaining regional security and stability.

South Korea is a country known for its delicious and diverse cuisine, ranging from traditional dishes to modern fusion cuisine. With the fast-paced lifestyle of many Koreans, delivery food has become an essential part of their daily routine. In fact, South Korea has one of the most advanced delivery food industries in the world, with a wide variety of options available at any time of day or night. Whether you’re craving Korean fried chicken, spicy tteokbokki, or a comforting bowl of jjajangmyeon, you can easily order it online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. In this rapidly evolving industry, there are even delivery robots and drones being tested for more efficient and speedy delivery.

Camp Humphreys Delivery Services

There are quite a few companies that offer delivery services to the base but not all of them are easy to use. Listed below are companies ranked from easy to use to less user friendly. If you want to know more info on how to use delivery services in Korean then check out or other guide on how to order delivery in Korea.

Note: The different companies listed below deliver to base but can’t come on the base. You’ll have to have the food delivered to one of the gates and pick it up from the gate.

1. Coupang Eats (Seoul & Gyeonggi-do)

Probably one of the easiest and fastest services to use when you are living in Pyeongtaek or around. This app is part of the major Coupang company and they pride themselves with their super fast delivery. They have a wide variety of restaurants available, relatively low delivery fees and the app comes both in English and Korean.

Don’t miss out on some great delivery deals! Coupang Eats offers 10 000 krw credit to every new person that signs up to their platform. Click here to get 10 000 krw off your first order.

Personally we prefer Coupang Eats over Shuttle delivery. The delivery usually comes within 20-30 minutes whereas deliveries through Shuttle usually take up to an hour.

2. Shuttle Delivery

The best delivery company out there by far! If you want an easy to use platform with excellent customer service, then Shuttle is the way to go. They only delivery food in Seoul, Pyeongtaek and Busan but are the leading service among foreigners living in Korea. Click here to get 4000 krw off your first order.

Restaurants available through Shuttle are mainly foreign food restaurants like Mexican, Indian, pizza, burger, etc but they also have a wide selection of Korean food restaurants and coffee shops.

camp humphreys food delivery

The general minimum food order starts at 7000 krw, but each restaurant has their own set minimum.The delivery fee starts at 0 krw, but restaurants further away can have a delivery fee up to 6000 krw. Each month there are certain deals on new restaurants and extra discounts or even credit is distributed in their newsletter. Get 4000 krw off your first order!

2.1 Best Restaurants On Shuttle Pyeongtaek

New restaurants are added everyday, but listed below is just a small selection of the best ones out there, from yummy pizza to exotic foreign cuisine.

  • Wolfhound – Want some decent Irish pub food? Then Wolfhound is the place to order it from! Their battered fish is to die for. They also have a kids menu and a selection of beers.
  • Maloney’s Pub & Grill – Great pub food! If you want a decent burger, some fries or a sandwich than this it a great restaurant to order from! Make sure to try the Dirty Burger
  • Yeosu’s Favorite Steamed Monkfish – The name says it all, steamed monkfish from Yeosu. Korea is famous for delicious fish and seafood, and steamed monkfish is a popular dish in the south.
  • Nene Chicken – The popular fried chicken chain is now also available through Shuttle Delivery. You can’t live in Korea and not eat fried chicken!
  • Istanbul Kebab – Craving Turkish food? Then Istanbul Kebab is the answer. They are serving simple and honest food.

2.2 Why We Love Shuttle

We at Be Marie Korea have been using Shuttle for about 2 years and absolutely love it. There are quite a few reasons why we love Shuttle. First of all, when there is an issue with your order they will instantly call you. For example, once I (Marie) was at a friends house, so I changed my address as I wanted to have my food delivered at my friends house. After placing the order they instantly called me to check if my address was changed on purpose or by accident. Another time the restaurant made a mistake with my order and delivered the wrong dish, when contacting Shuttle, they apologised and refunded my order. All these small little things make ordering from this company so much easier, especially because they are all fluent in English and Korean.

3. Yogiyo

Less convenient to use than Shuttle, Yogiyo is a popular Korean delivery app. They deliver all over Korea and are both available through the website and the app. The problem with this delivery service is that the whole ordering process is rather complicated. Especially if you don’t speak Korean. There are many steps involved and it can look like daunting process. More restaurants are available through Yogiyo than through Shuttle, so if you want more options and aren’t afraid of the challenge, then go for it. Read this guide on how to order through Yogiyo delivery.

camp humphreys food

4. Baedal Minjok

Similar to Yogiyo, Baedal Minjok is a popular delivery app among Koreans. They deliver all over the country but again, the app is only in Korean. They only have an app and not a website. The nice thing about Baedal is the use of cute graphics and the great design of their app. The app is a bit more user friendly than the Yogiyo app. Check how to order on Baedal here.

camp humphreys pizza hut

Other Delivery Services

Listed below are some other services that offer food delivery.

  • McDonalds Delivery Pyeongtaek – McDonals also offers 24 hours delivery. The number to call is 1600-5252 or instead you can place your order online on the app.
  • Camp Humphreys Downtown Food Court – Another service is ordering from the online food court system. Restaurants which you can order from are Pizza Hut, Popeyes and Manchu Wok.
  • Sentry Food Court – Are you east of 14th Street, then you can order from the Sentry Food Court. Restaurants available are Anthony’s Pizza, Popeyes, Subway and Pizza Hut.
  • KFC: Order fried chicken from KFC, but this is only available if you are living close to the store. The number to call is 1599-8495 but it’s always easier to order online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are popular services that offer Camp Humphreys delivery?

Delivery services like Shuttle, Baedal Minjok and Yogiyo are the most popular delivery companies. Other places like McDonals, Pizza Hut, etc also offer delivery.

Do Yogiyo and Baedal Minjok have an app in English or English speaking customer service?

No, those two companies offer their services in Korean only.

What’s the easiest way to order food to Camp Humphreys.

The best way is to use the Shuttle app as it is in English, your delivery can be tracked and all delivery guys speak English too.

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  1. Clark says:

    Hello. Good info, but just a note. I’ve heard great things about Shuttle, but when I tried to order they said we were “out of their delivery area”. I was shocked to hear this as we are five minutes from Humphreys, out of the Charleton gate. So basically they will not come to our side of base, no matter how close. My family and I are in quarantine and we cannot fine any way to order food, quite disappointing. Healthier to cook, but would be a nice change. Thanks!

  2. Dani says:

    There are literally only 2 options for Shuttle, which are Next Day Essentials and Next Day Grocery. Grocery doesn’t even have meat. It hardly has anything really.

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