Found Of The Week: This Woman’s Embroidery Is Truly Amazing

Ever since I’ve seen Saya’s embroidery work on Facebook, the idea kept playing in my head of starting a new blog section “found of the week”. A section where I would introduce ‘makers‘ based in Korea. As a designer myself, I have a soft spot for hand made items; the time and effort that goes into such objects give it a special personal touch.

The story of the beautiful Saya starts in Siberia; the coldest part of Russia. Her love for the Siberian nature and weather has always been an inspiration for her. While in Russia, she was working as a casting director and photographer. But in 2011 she made the big step and moved to Seoul, South Korea where she is still working as photographer.

Artist in Korea: Embroidery work

When shopping, she always had the feeling that ‘something was missing’ on clothes and accessories. That’s when she decided to add her own colourful details with acrylics and embroidery. It’s no surprise when uploading pictures on social media; she was immediately asked about the price. Everything was sold in no time!
” I do not even know what was the first feeling in this whole story – money or a desire to create? Most likely I just do things for myself, and then I have no desire to use them, since I want to keep the memories as they are, untouched. Apparently this is just a property of my character. I rarely even eat the food I cooked. Or maybe it’s because I’m a quarter Jew, selling is in my blood. “
 Artist in Korea: Embroidery work
 Russian woman and their sense of fashion inspire her as they are always searching to put an interesting touch to their outfits. She loves combining different cultures in her designs; the colourful Arabic culture, the formal but elegant Korean style and the awesome crazy Japanese designs. When looking around Seoul, she sees many western women who are just wearing jeans without that special detail! That’s the people she wants to design for; provide an accessory to spice up the boring look.
Artist in Korea: Embroidery work


Want to buy one of these wonderful designs? You can do so buy contacting Saya through Facebook or Instagram. The best part of all; 5% of her sales will go to an animal charity! Isn’t that wonderful?

Artist in Korea: Embroidery work


Artist in Korea: Embroidery work

Have any questions? Are you a ‘maker’ in Korea? Let me know in the comment section!

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