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When preparing to pack for coming to Korea or when shopping in Korea, you’ll have an overload of products to choose from. This guide helps you find the right things.

Korea Packing List: Travel To Korea

A Korea Packing List: a full guide to what to wear in Korea depending on the season you’ll be visiting.
Korea Travel Adapter: make sure to bring the right travel adapter to charge all your devices when visiting South Korea.

Korean Products: Food & Drinks

Korean Instant Coffee: Korea is not really know for its instant coffee, but it is a big part of the Korean market. Koreans love instant coffee, especially Maxim.

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A Guide To Modern Korean Hanboks

If you are walking around the touristic center of Seoul, you will spot many tourists going around Bukchon village and the palaces in traditional clothing. These traditional Korean hanboks are colourful outfits that were...