This Artist Makes Stunning Illustrations About Food, Cats, The Galaxy And Korea!

For the second week of the new section ‘Found of the Week‘, I want to introduce a lovely lady that I have been following through Pinterest for ages! Born and raised in Switzerland, Evy graduated with a major in Science Illustration and continued working as a comic artist for a German publisher.

Artist in Korea: Illustrations

Surprisingly, what lead Evy to move to South Korea is very similar to my story. She moved out here about four years ago to come and live with her then long-distance Korean boyfriend and got married shortly after. They now live with their cat Hedwig on Korea’s most popular island, Jeju!

As we all know finding jobs at Korean companies can be hard when not knowing the language. So while she continued working for the German publisher she started her own projects alongside to create more security and freedom.

Artist in Korea: Food Illustrations

” I am a perfectionist through and through – lots of research and preparation goes even into my smallest projects, like stickers for different countries and traditional clothing. I combine my two backgrounds, science illustration and comic, for a hopefully unique aesthetic! “

Artist in Korea: Korean hanbok stickers Illustrations

What got me sold to Evy’s work is the way she uses different colours and manages to really capture different cultures in her work. You can clearly see she has passion and an eye for detail, not only in her illustrations but also when it comes to her blog. On top of that, like me, she clearly has a love for cats! Cat people are actually really cool.

Artist in Korea: Water Colour Illustrations

Evy pulls inspiration out of everything; her love for travel, history, people, sci-fi, fantasy and of course a range of other comic artists and watercolour illustrators she met along the way.

Artist in Korea: Water colour Illustrations


Also sold by these wonderful illustrations? Then make sure to check out more off her work on Etsy!

Artist in Korea: Illustrations Etsy


Artist in Korea: Water colour Illustrations

Have any questions? Are you a ‘maker’ in Korea? Let me know in the comment section!

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