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I grew up in Ypres, a small city in Belgium 5 minutes from the French border. Since I was a kid I always had the urge to travel and was fortunate enough to travel to many countries (mainly England and France) in Europe with my parents. After finishing high school I took my first solo steps abroad, spending my summer vacations in Oxford, studying  English Literature and British History before starting University in Belgium. This encouraged me to visit more places and live in other countries. The following year I spend my summer holidays living and studying Design in Milan, Italy.

After my second year of university in Antwerp I moved to Nottingham to finish my BSC in Industrial Design, and decided to stay another year to finish my MSc in Medical Product Design. Check out my design portfolio here. At that time I was playing basketball in the International Student Team of Belgium, I got to play in Serbia and Denmark.

Marie Basketball

During my masters I won a scholarship to spend my summer studying art at a Chinese University. During this period I took the opportunity to solo travel to Korea and Japan. Little did I expected to return back to London with a Korean boyfriend. My ‘now’ Korean husband was running an AirBnB in his hometown Gyeongju, and that’s where I stayed during my trip. He was really shy, but I like him instantly. We’ve spend the whole 4 days I was in Gyeongju together and saying goodbye was heart breaking. You might think; the perfect holiday romance, but long distance relationships are hard! Now looking back to it, I’m really happy we made it through, I’m proud of all the challenges we defeated.

Marie and Evan

The following two years were rather intense, I started working as a Design Engineer in London on top of that the 8 hours time difference made it really hard to keep contact. We managed to see each other every 3 to 5 months as Evan came to London/Belgium 2 times, I visited Korea once more and we met one time in Laos/Thailand.

November 2016 we decided it was finally time to end this long distance relationship and take the next step. I quit my job and moved to Gyeongju, South Korea. The hometown of Evan and the place he lived for almost 26 years. I used this time to get to know my parents in law and prepare for our big wedding (two weddings ><). We had one traditional Korean wedding and one small Belgian wedding.

August 2017 we moved to Seoul where I’m working as a freelance content writer and designer. That’s when I started this Korea Travel Blog, to share my experience with travelers and expats.  Are you interested in working with me? Find more information here.