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On this Seoul Food Blog you’ll find all the best places to eat local Korean food, Western Food and more. There are a lot of amazing restaurants to try in Seoul which will be like heaven for food lovers. It’s a never ending amount of yummy food which will help you truly enjoy Seoul and Korea.

A Seoul Food Blog: Best Korean Foods

There is a wide variety of Korean food, from spicy soups to stews, Korean BBQ, grilled fish dishes and kimchi dishes. Below is a list of some of the best Seoul foods and best restaurants in Seoul which are a must try when in Korea.

  • Samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) – This is known as being a healthy (and delicious) dish especially eaten during summer. A whole chicken is used and served. The chicken is stuffed with glutenous rice, ginseng, jujube and other vegetables. Check out this post on the best Samgyetang in Seoul.
  • Kalguksu (Korean knife cut noodles) – Kalguksu is a type of noodles dish which is served with soup and vegetables/seafood. Each region of Korea has a different type of Kalguksu with Seoul using bone marrow to make the soup broth. Click here for more info on the best Kalguksu in Seoul.
  • Gomtang and Seollongtang – These are two kinds of Korean beef broth soups. Both soups are quite similar, but the main difference is the part of the beef used to make the broth. Read more about Gomtang and Seollongtang here.

The Best Street Food Markets In Seoul

  • Gwangjang Market – The oldest food market in Seoul and the place to go for trying local traditional Korean street food. Unfortunately most of the vendors in this market do not speak English.
  • Namdaemun Market – Seoul’s biggest traditional market filled with food stalls and clothes vendors. This market is getting more and more touristic. Consider visiting Gwangjang market instead.
  • Dongdaemun Food Street – In the Dongdaemun Area you’ll find loads of food stalls shattered all over the place, there is no specific food stall area.
  • Myeong-dong – The Myeongdong area is filled with restaurants and street food stalls. Even though all that street food looks pretty attractive, try some of the delicious restaurants in the area. Check what to eat in Myeongdong here.

Typical things to try are chestnuts, silk worms, sikhye, kimbab and fish cakes.

Other Food Recommendations

  • Food Tours – Going on a food tour in Seoul is one of the best way to experience the local gastronomy. Seoul has many major and local street food markets which can be enjoyed with a local guide. Check more info on Seoul Food Tours here.
  • Ordering Delivery – Don’t feel like going to a restaurant or cooking? Then food delivery is the way to go. The best company to use in Seoul is Shuttle (English/Korean App). Check more info on food delivery in Seoul here.

Have any questions about food in Seoul (Korea)? Looking for some of the best Korean restaurants in Seoul? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

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