By Wishtrend Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum Review

The use of vitamin c in K-beauty products is a hot topic. Is this the ultimate ingredient to restore your skin? Who knows?! This blog post is a By Wishtrend Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum review. This serum has been incredibly popular over the last year and is a must include in your skincare routine.

Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum Review

About The Brand By Wishtrend

Wishtrend is an online K-beauty store which features a collection of cruelty-free and vegan Korean brands. It features brands like Klairs, I’m From, COSRX and many more.

Wishtrend also has a housebrand By Wishtrend which has launched a selection of very popular products like this Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum and the Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water.

I personally love all the brands sold on Wishtrend as I can trust the ingredients used and you get good value for your money. This time I didn’t buy this product on Wishtrend (as it was sold out at the time) but bought it in Åland instead. Åland is a Korean store which sells most of the Wishtrend products. In Åland you’ll find all the same beauty brands as on Wishtrend, plus some others. They also sell a wide selection of Korean fashion brands. It’s a great store to check out if you are in Korea. They have a 3 story shop in Myeongdong shopping street.

Why Use Vitamin C Serum?

Wishtrend Vitamin C serum is a beauty product which is like a liquid or gel. It is to be applied to the face and the benefits of using a vitamin c are collagen boosting, brightening and firming of the skin. As vitamin c is an antioxidant, the serum also helps prevent forming of free radicals, which results in a glowing and youthful skin.

Vitamin C can be obtained through food, like oranges, Brussels sprouts and other fruit or vegetables. It is an important nutrient to have as it plays a vital role in forming and repairing tissue.

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Pros & Cons

Before going into a detailed review of the By Wishtrend Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum, here is an overview of the pros and cons.


  • Cheap (in comparison with other vitamin c serums)
  • Safe ingredients and doesn’t cause acne or irritation
  • Easy to apply and not oily
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Needs to be stored in fridge
  • After a while, crystals start forming on the dropper
  • If you wear it during day time, you’ll need to put on sunscreen when going outside
  • Don’t use it together with retinols, AHAs or other chemical exfoliators
wishtrend vitamin c

Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum Review

Below you’ll find an in depth review of the By Wishtrend Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum.

1. Purpose

The vitamin c serum contains 21.5% pure vitamin c and 70% vitamin tree water. The product only contains 10 ingredients which is impressively low. As the vitamin c is highly concentrated it helps remove dead skin cells, evens out the skin tone and brightens the skin.

Each bottle contains 30ml of serum. This should last a while as you only need about 7 drops every time you apply the serum.

2. Ingredients

The ingredient list for this product is quite short. Main ingredients are vitamin tree water and pure vitamin c. This serum does not include any of the following: ethanol, silicon, steroids, artificial coloring or artificial fragrance. The pH value of the vitamin serum lies around 3. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) helps restore the skin.

Other Ingredients:

Hippophae Rhamnoides Water (70%), Ascorbic Acid (21.5%), Sodium Lactate, 1,2-Hexanediol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Panthenol, Cassia Obtusifolia Seed Extract, Allantoin, Xanthan Gum, Ethyl Hexanediol

Sodium Hyaluronate and Panthenol are great moisurizers which can be found in most products.

Note: Ingredients included in this product don’t cause any harm to the skin. There should be no acne outbreak or irritation. Find full details here.

This serum is suitable for all skin types, including people with sensitive skin.

3. Texture & Smell

When you open the bottle for the first time you’ll hear a small pop, like when you open a soda bottle. The serum doesn’t really have a smell, it has a faint scent but I can’t figure out what the scent is similar to.

The serum isn’t very thick, a bit like thick oily water drops. It is easy to apply and to spread. The dropper makes it especially easy to apply.

After using it, my skin doesn’t feel sticky or oily, so that’s a good feature. I only use a couple of drops each time and it actually absorbs really quickly.

I prefer to put the drops on my hand first instead of straight on my face as accidentally the serum went into my eye (which is super painful and totally not recommended).

4. Price & Where To Buy

You can buy this product in online K beauty stores or in the Åland store if you are located in South Korea. The price online depends on where you buy it and where you ship it to.

Without taking into account shipping costs, buying the product on Wishtrend seems to be the cheapest option.

5. Packaging

The product is packaged is a nice red cardboard box. It’s strong and easy to open. Once you open the box, you’ll find another box type section which gives the packaging extra protection. Inside this you’ll find two things, namely the glass bottle and a dropper. The dropped wrapped in extra plastic. The glass bottle which contains the serum looks very sturdy and strong.

6. Personal Review

To finish off this Wishtrend vitamin c serum review, here is my personal review.

I absolutely love this product. It isn’t too expensive and the quality of the serum is good. I never use it in the morning as you are more prone to sunburns, but I’ve been using it every night before going to sleep.

Since I started using this vitamin c serum I have noticed that my skin texture and brightness have improved. Usually I suffer from dry and rough skin on my face, this has improved since I started using this serum. (I also use hydration cream in the morning, so it might be a combination of using these 2 products)

I would definitely buy this product again. It’s reasonably cheap, lasts a long time and has a really nice effect on the skin.

Note: If you apply this product before going to bed, let it soak in first so it doesn’t stain on your pillow.

How To Use Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum

This product can be used both in the morning or in the evening. Cleanse your face first and prep your skin with a toner. Then use the dropper to dispense a couple of drops. You can apply the drops straight to your face or on your hand. Avoid putting the serum on sensitive areas like eyes, lips or injured skin.

After applying the serum, let it soak in for about 15 minutes. If you applied too much serum, you’ll have the remove the excess serum using toner or water.

TIP: The serum has to be stored in a cold or refrigerated area.

Note: If you put this serum on in the morning, you’ll have to combine it with using sunscreen. The serum contains highly concentrated acid, so you’re more prone to getting a sunburn.

If it is your first time using this advanced vitamin c serum, start by applying it just a few times a week. Let your skin get used to the product. If it stings, wash it of straight away!

Other Vitamin C Products By Wishtrend

By Wishtrend has a couple of other products which can be used together with the pure vitamin c serum. They even sell sets on their site, buying a set is much cheaper that buying the individual products.

  • 2 Step Vitamin Enhancing Set – This set includes the Vitamin C serum and and 5 sheet masks. The price of this set is almost the same as just buying the serum. Click here for more info and prices.
  • 2 Step Skin Enhancer Set – In addition to the vitamin c serum this set also includes the propolis ampoule. The ampoule is soothing and has powerful antioxidant effects. Click here for more info and prices.
  • Vitamin Junkie Package – This is exactly what the name says. A package which includes the best vitamin skin products. It includes the vitamin c serum, vitamin 75 maximising cream and vitamin sheet masks. Click here for more info and prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the By Wishtrend Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum last?

This serum should go a long way. You only need a couple of drops to cover your whole face.

Does this advanced vitamin c serum have an expiry date?

Yes, the expiry date is printed on the bottom of the packaging. The serum stays good for 2 years after fabrication.

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By Wishtrend Vitamin C 21.5 serum review

Do you have any questions about this By Wishtrend Vitamin C 21.5 serum review? Have you used the advance vitamin c serum? Do you have any recommendations for other vitamin c serums? Let me know in the comment section below.

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