Taehwa River Bamboo Forest Ulsan

Taehwa River Ulsan
Taehwa River Ulsan


  • Taehwa River runs from east to west, cutting across Ulsan. The 48km long river originates between Gijisan Mountain and Baeksunsan Mountain, going all the way to the Ulsan Bay.
  • The Sipridaebatgyo bridge; spanning over the river represents the white heron and the whale; which are the symbols of Ulsan. The only urban area in Korea where you can see white herons is in the city of Ulsan (yearly around 6000 white herons migrate to Ulsan during summer). The whale (haewuri) means both sun and sea; which perfectly explains the passionate city of Ulsan.
  • Between Taekwa and Samho bridge lays a 4km long bamboo field (Taehwagang Simnidaebat) which was created during the Japanese colonial period to prevent the frequent flooding.
Taehwa River Bamboo Forest Ulsan
Taehwa River Bamboo Forest Ulsan


The metropolitan city of Ulsan is situated in the South East of Korea, with neighbouring cities Gyeongju and Busan. Korea’s seventh largest city is known to be the industrial powerhouse of South Korea. Ulsan is not really known for it’s touristic attractions, but has definitely some places worth visiting when passing through like; Oegosan Onggi villageYeongnam Alps and it’s coastline.


Spring; every place in Korea suddenly turns into a magical wonderland in spring. Along the Taehwa River you’ll find 60 million flowers in full bloom like; poppies, golden coreopsis and cornflowers. This grand park along the Taehwa river is the largest riverside flowering plant on the Korean peninsula.

Autumn; you’ll probably know by now that I’m a massive fan of autumn in Korea. All the beautiful colours in nature and the soft temperatures, what more can you ask for?

Taehwa River Ulsan

Along the river there are a few facilities such as ‘typical Korean’ exercise facilities, walking trails, grass fields perfect for pick-nicks or relaxing and of course food trucks! Which makes this a favourite hang out spots for the Ulsan Citizens during weekends or for a quick work out after a full day of work.


Ulsan is located in the South East of South Korea between Busan and Gyeongju, from both cities you can easily take the express bus which will take around 30-50 minutes and cost no more than 4000 won. These busses run every 15-20 minutes, just turn up at the bus terminal 10 minutes before departure to buy your tickets; no need to book in advance.

From Seoul you can take the KTX towards Busan; all KTX trains to Busan make a stop in Ulsan. Depending on the train it will take 2h-2h30 minutes to reach Ulsan. You can buy your ticket online or directly at the ticket office in the KTX station. A sitting ticket will be around 55 000 won and standing 45 000, this can differ a little depending on the train and time of purchase. Ulsan KTX station, is located in the country side of Ulsan. You can take bus 327, 357 or 807 directly to the Taehwa River Bamboo Forest, this will take around 1h and cost 1250 won.

When travelling on a budget the express bus is the better option. From Gangnam or Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, you can take the bus directly to Ulsan. The ride will take approximately 4h20, but will make a stop halfway on the express way. The ticket price will be around 28 000 won. From the Ulsan Express & Intercity bus terminal you can take bus 407 or 327 to the Taehwa River Bamboo Forest. The bus stop is called ‘Croba Apartments’.


  • Visit the the Taehwa River Bamboo Forest just before the sun set. The setting sun makes everything so much more magical.
  • Combine your trip to the Taehwa River Bamboo Forest with a visit to Korea’s biggest pottery village in Ulsan.
Taehwa River Bamboo Forest Ulsan


Hotel 109 – This hotel is located in the center of Ulsan, along the river side. All bathrooms are fitted with a bath (yey!) and a private bathroom. Perfect when you’re planning to visit the Bamboo forest.

Ulsan Ramnant Guest House – This guesthouse offers private rooms or a bed in a dormitory, perfect when travelling on a budget. The guesthouse is located in Ulsan downtown, as short walk away from the river side.

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Taehwa River Bamboo Forest Ulsan

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  1. this place looks so heavenly and peaceful. the pictures look great as well

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