Alpaca World Korea | An Easy Day Trip To The Alpaca Farm, Gangwon-do

Alpaca World, heaven on earth for Alpaca lovers. More than 20 fluffy alpacas reside in Alpaca World and it is one of the largest forest experience farms in Korea. The park is located in the countryside of Gangwon-do where visitors can have a happy and interactive experience with the alpacas. Read on to find out more about Alpaca World Korea.

Alpaca World Korea

Visiting Alpaca World in Korea is a unique and unforgettable experience for animal lovers. Located in the picturesque countryside Korea, Alpaca World is a theme park dedicated to these adorable creatures. Upon arrival, visitors are greeted by a large herd of alpacas grazing in the green fields, surrounded by beautiful mountains. The park offers various activities, such as feeding the alpacas, petting them, and even taking a walk with them. In addition to the alpacas, visitors can also see other animals, such as llamas, sheep, and rabbits. The park has a restaurant, souvenir shop, and a farm where visitors can see how alpaca wool is made into clothing. Overall, a trip to Alpaca World is an ideal day trip for families, couples, or anyone seeking a unique experience with these fascinating creatures.

Things To Know Before Going To Alpaca World

  • What To Wear – picking what to wear in Korea really comes do comes down to the season you will be visiting Korea in. In summer wear light clothes that protect your skin against the sun and in winter layer up and be prepared for temperatures under 0°C.
  • Tips – tipping in Korea is usually not a custom and many local restaurants won’t accept any kind of tip. Restaurants in Seoul, tour guides and taxi drivers are more open to receiving tips.
  • Itinerary – visiting the Alpaca World Korea is a must when looking to escape the bustling Seoul. Check the best 4 day5 day and 7 day itineraries for South Korea here.
  • Day Trip – Going to Alpaca World is a very easy day trip from Seoul. Using public transport, it is a bit harder to reach, but with an organized bus tour it is very convenient. Companies like Trazy offer excellent one day bus trips to the Alpaca World in Korea. More info here.

Alpaca World Korea

The Alpaca World Korea is located in Gangwon-do between Chuncheon (famous for dakgalbi) and Hongcheon which is a well known ski destination as this is where Vivaldi Ski Resort is located. It is an experience forest farm where animal are surround by the beautiful Gangwon-do scenery. The farm stretches over 110,000 square feet of land and not only has Alpacas which are imported from Australia, but also lots of birds, deer, sheep, goat, bunnies and camels.

Entrance fee: 15 000 krw
Opening times: January – March 10 AM to 5 PM, April – December 10 AM – 6 PM.
Practical: At the entrance of the park there is a coffee shop and in the park there is one restaurant and one snack bar.

1. Feeding The Alpacas

One of the highlights of a visit to the Alpaca farm is feeding the alpacas. Upon entering the park, the feeding meadow is the first thing you will come across. Every day a couple of alpacas are put in this meadow and for 1000 krw you can get a cup of alpaca food. Make sure to bring enough cash as the vending machine doesn’t accept card. This a great experience for both kids and adults.

alpaca world korea feeding alpacas

2. Alpaca Safari

Up next is the alpaca safari, and believe me when I say, it is so much more fun than you can image. For 3000 won (payment by card only) you can sit on a little train which goes through a through which has around 10 alpacas in it. You’ll get a handful of food to feed the alpacas. Just by hearing the sound of the train, the alpacas will come running.

3. Alpaca Healing Walk

The last alpaca activity is the healing walk. For 10 000 krw (card only) you can take a 15 minute walk with one of the alpacas. This is the perfect time to take pictures with the fluffy animals. Again, you’ll receive two little food sachets which is to feed the alpaca. The animals are really well cared for and get enough rest time before being lend out for the alpaca healing walk.

4. Bird Feeding At The Alpaca Farm

The farm is not only about alpacas, but other animals reside on the farm. Many of the animals are free roaming, like the ducks and the goats. There is staff to keep an eye on them, but they just go around as they wish. Another highlight is the bird feeding. One of the cages is filled with the most colourful parakeets. At the vending machine you can buy a cup of bird seed for 1000 krw (cash only) and have a great time feeding the birds. Once you put the food in your hand, the birds will come flocking on you.

Getting To Alpaca World Korea

Getting to the alpaca world using just public transport is quite hard and takes a long time. It is highly recommended to book a tour leaving from Seoul.

1. Bus Tour Leaving From Seoul

On Wednesday and Friday there are bus tours leaving for a one day trip from Seoul. Buses leaves from Hongdae, Myeongdong or Dongdaemun and arrive at the Alpaca Farm around 10:30 and you’ll get free time till around 1 PM. This is more than enough to enjoy all the different experiences and even have lunch at the restaurant on site. After the tour continues and goes to the Gubongsan cafe street, which is a great place to relax and enjoy the stunning view looking down on Chucheon city. Next the tour continues to the stunning Jade Garden. Which is a stunning European style garden. Here you’ll get around 1h30 free time which is more than enough to explore the vast garden.

The tour costs 64 000 krw and includes the bus, tour guide, entrance fees and a free drink at the coffee street. I have joined this tour with Trazy on a Wednesday in May and most places were almost deserted, which is great to have a relaxing day in the country side. Book the Trazy tour here.

2. Using Public Transport

Make your way from Seoul to the Namchuncheon Station which lies on the Gyeongchun line. Getting to this station is similar as getting to Nami island subway station.

From Namchuncheon station there is a bus (bus #3) going to the Alpaca World, but the bus only runs 3 times a day. At 8:50 / 12:20 / 16:10, which is quite inconvenient as 8:50 is quite early and 12:20 is too late. The bus stop is in from of the Namchuncheon station exit and takes around 1h30. The bus fee is 1000 krw and the bus will stop at the Alpaca Farm parking lot. From there take the free shuttle bus to Alpaca World.

When going back, from the Alpaca World Korea, the bus to Namchuncheon station runs at ​9:55 / 14:05 / 17:20.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alpaca World in Korea?

Alpaca World is a theme park, that features alpacas and other animals. It is a popular destination for tourists and families, who can enjoy interacting with the alpacas, feeding them, and taking photos with them. In addition to the alpacas, Alpaca World also has other attractions such as a petting zoo and a garden.

How do I get to Alpaca World in Korea?

Alpaca World is about 90 minutes away from Seoul by car. Visitors can take public transportation such as buses or trains from Seoul to Chuncheon, and then take a taxi or shuttle bus from Chuncheon to Alpaca World. The park also offers a shuttle bus service that picks up visitors from several locations in Seoul.

What should I bring when visiting Alpaca World in Korea?

Visitors to Alpaca World should wear comfortable clothing and shoes, as there is a lot of walking and standing involved. It is also recommended to bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses, as the park is outdoors and there is limited shade. Visitors may also want to bring their own water bottle and snacks, although there are food and drink options available at the park. Lastly, don’t forget your camera or smartphone to take photos with the adorable alpacas!

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  1. Yeeba says:

    Hello there,

    Me and my friends are trying to get to alpaca world but I heard some buses were changed. How are we able to get there?

    • Marie says:

      The best way to get there is to book a package tour. This would include the bus and also entrance tickets. The bus ride takes 1,5 hours from Seoul to the alpaca farm. By public transport it’s a bit more difficult, as the shuttle bus between chuncheon station and the farm is currently not running.

  2. Sofia says:

    Hello. My sister and I are planning to go to Alpaca World on Tuesday. Does it still open on Monday and Tuesday?

    • Marie says:

      Yes, Alpaca world should be open Monday and Tuesday. Please check the official website for exact details on opening times.

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