Stray Kids Lightstick & Merchandise (Shirt, Hoodie, Poster, Photocards, etc)

Stray Kids is a relatively new South Korea Kpop band that was formed by JYP Entertainment. This 8 member band consists of: Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. The fans of Stray Kids have been spoiled as they regularly release new merchandise whenever they drop their new songs or have a concert tour. In this Kpop article you’ll find a full review of the Stray Kids lightstick and the Stray Kids merchandise (shits, hoodies, enamel pins, photocards, posters and more). Read on to find out more.

stray kids lightstick

Stray Kids is a South Korean boy band formed by JYP Entertainment in 2018. The group consists of eight members, namely Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. Stray Kids gained popularity through their participation in the reality survival show “Stray Kids,” which aired on Mnet in 2017.

The show followed the members’ journey as they competed against each other to debut as a group. Stray Kids’ music is known for its unique blend of hip-hop, electronic, and pop, with lyrics that often touch upon topics such as mental health, self-identity, and societal issues.

The group has released multiple albums, EPs, and singles since their debut, with hits like “God’s Menu,” “Back Door,” and “Miroh” becoming fan favorites. With their captivating performances, relatable lyrics, and distinct sound, Stray Kids has cemented themselves as one of the rising stars in the K-Pop industry.

Stray Kids Lightstick

The Stray Kids official lightstick, also called the Nachimbong, was announced to be released on November the 16th, 2019, ahead of their second concert tour ‘District 9: Unlock’. The Stray Kids lightstick was first available for sale on the first day of this tour (November the 23rd, 2019) at the Olympic Hall in Seoul.

This Kpop lightstick was designed by the Korean company 101X, manufactured in China and licensed by JYP Entertainment.

The design of the lightstick is extremely pretty as it has a very unique design. The lightstick has a white handle with a white button (which has the logo of the band). On top is a transparent dome with a moving red and silver compass inside. The name of the band is printed on the dome and on the red part of the compass it says ‘You make Stray Kids stay’.

This Stray Kids lightstick is namded Nachimbong, which is a merge of the two words Namchimban (compass) and bong (stick).

1. Stray Kids Lightstick Features

The dimensions of the stick are 95x84x231 mm. As the lightstick is equipped with an RGBW LED, it can turn any colour. At a Stray Kids concert, the lightstick can be synced with a central controller at the venue (you can pair your stick with your seat at the concert venue using Bluetooth). This is pretty standard for lightsticks as the effect is just stunning. There are three modes including on, slow blinking and fast blinking.

Even though you can connect this lightstick to your phone, there is no Stray Kids app which then allows you to control your lightstick.

When purchasing the lightstick, it comes with a strap (with the Stray Kids logo on the end), quick start guide and a quality assurance card. The lightstick and extras will come in a white box with a sticker or authenticity by JYP Entertainment.

You’ll need 3 AAA alkaline batteries to make your lightstick work.

2. Where To Buy Stray Kids Official Lightstick

There are loads of online Kpop shops where you can buy this lightstick. Listed below are some of the most popular and trustworthy shops to use. Pick a shop based on your location and the shipping fee.

Note: if you are ordering from abroad, there is a possibility that you’ll be charged additional custom import taxes.

Stray Kids Merchandise

Apart from the Stray Kids official lightstick, other official merchandise was released as part of the 2nd Stray Kids tour. The official Stray Kids merch included a pouch for the lightstick, a black hoodie, a white t-shirt, 8 different straps (each one featuring a different member), a necklace made of real silver, tattoo stickers, shoelaces, a black ball cap, 18 photo cards, 26 Polaroid photos, an L-holder and 4 pouches in PVC.

This is not he only official merchandise released by Stray Kids. With each comeback or single release, a new set of merch was released as well.

Below is an overview of the most popular merch and where to buy it online.

1. Stray Kids Shirt

stray kids merchandise

There is a huge selection of Stray Kids shirts available online, from fan designed shits to official t-shirts, but these tend to sell out very quickly and are most of the time only available at their concerts or events.

Listed below are some really high quality unofficial Stray Kids shirts which are available online.

If you look around any of the shops listed above, you’ll find loads of other unofficial Stray Kids T-Shirts.

2. Stray Kids Hoodie

stray kids hoodie

If you are a true Stray Kids fan, you need more that just the lightstick and t-shirt, you’ll need a whole outfit! The group has released an official Stray Kids Hoodie but that was only available on their Unveil Op. 03 : I Am You showcase in Seoul (an online, but currently not anymore). It was a black hoodie with a pocket on the front which said ‘Stray Kids I Am You’. Luckily there are some really nice unofficial Stray Kids hoodies for sale online.

3. Stray Kids Poster

stray kids poster

The next must have Stray Kids merchandise is posters and sticker sets. JYP Entertainment released an official poster set at Unveil Op. 02 : I Am Who (Kyung Hee University event in Seoul). If you couldn’t manage to get this official poster set, you can still get unofficial posters from one of the many online Kpop shops. Below are some of the best posters available online.

4. Stray Kids Photo Cards

stray kids photo cards

Like every Kpop band, Stray Kids has released a multiple sets of photo cards and Polaroid cards too. They have launched the following sets: Mixtape 10 card set, I Am Not card sets, I Am Who card sets, I Am You card sets and many more.

It’s pretty hard to find these original card sets online, but luckily you can get a set of fan made unofficial cards.

5. Stray Kids Enamel Pins

There are lots of beautiful looking Stray Kids enamel pins available online. You can get a Stray Kids lightstick pin or a pin of your favourite member. Etsy is definitely the best place to buy these kinds of pins as they are designed by other fans and are generally of very high quality. Below are links to some of the most popular enamel pins.

6. Stray Kids Pillow

Stray Kids have yet to release official Stray Kids pillows, but until they, you can find unofficial fan made pillows online on sites like Etsy, Amazon and even Redbubble. These products are harder to find and high quality products are not really widely available.

7. Other Merch

Apart from all the merch mentioned above, you can get many other Stray Kids merch online including face masks, tracksuits, necklaces, key chains, backpacks, a mini lightstick, phone cases and much more unofficial Stray Kids merchandise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the Stray Kids lightstick and other merchandise?

There are loads of online shops which sell Stray Kids merch like Amazon, Kpopshop, Lianox and many others.

Can I buy official Stray Kids photocards online?

It’s pretty hard to find the official cards online as they were only available at Stray Kids concerts or events, but you’ll be able to find many unofficial picture cards or Polaroids.

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