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If you’ve ever been to South Korea, you’re probably already familiar with how celebrated and delicious the snacks are. Convenience store culture is massive here, as colourful candy and chips line the shelves across from refrigerators jam-packed with unique drink options. One of the best ways to experience these goodies outside of the country is through Seoulbox, a leading subscription service for snack boxes based in South Korea! Read on for our Seoulbox Review.

seoulbox review

About Seoulbox

Seoulbox was started in 2018 by co-founders who shared a passion for spreading the delectable tastes of their country with the rest of the world. What’s more, Seoulbox emphasises Korea’s distinctive culture by also including beauty products, K-pop merchandise, and other representative items in their boxes.

Although there are several snack box companies, Seoulbox goes the extra mile by including a vegetarian box perfect for those with more specific dietary requirements as well as an incredibly informative magazine. In order to avoid any confusion, each magazine comes with a detailed guide that explains all of its items.

Shoppers can expect boxes to be shipped between 2-5 business days. Each box can be ordered numerous times a year on a schedule, as well as a one-off purchase. Seoulbox currently offers three different boxes, which we will explore in further detail below.

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1. Seoulbox Signature

For those looking for a truly authentic introduction to Korea, Seoulbox Signature is the perfect match. Each Seoulbox Signature comes with snacks, drinks, meals, candy, as well as K-beauty products and K-pop merchandise to share with friends… or keep all to yourself!. With such a wide range of items, it’s no wonder this is Seoulbox’s most popular option. Seoulbox Signature is available for monthly, quarterly, and annual purchases.

2. Seoulbox V

It can be hard to experience new cuisines as a vegetarian, especially in a country famous for its BBQ, but Seoulbox V makes it easy! Vegetarians can enjoy a wide range of Korean snacks and drinks, as well as beauty products and Kpop merchandise with this exclusive option. No more checking ingredient labels – everything in here is safe for eating*! This box is available for monthly, quarterly, and annual purchases.

*Please note that this box is aimed for vegetarians and may include dairy products not suitable for vegans. This box is also recommended for halal eaters.

3. Seoulbox Life

Totally stocked with Korean snacks? Looking for something more cultural this time around? Seoulbox Life is designed for those looking to experience or reminisce on the Korean culture they know and love! Seoulbox Life contains a wide variety of lifestyle goods, a full-sized beauty product, numerous K-pop themed gifts, and more. This box comes once every season and can also be ordered annually. 

Seoulbox Review

If your curiosity hasn’t peaked by now, we have plenty left to convince you. Keep reading to find more detailed information about the items included in each box. In addition, we have a personal and honest review of the latest Seoulbox Signature!

1. Seoulbox Signature (+Review) 

Seoulbox Signature has everything you could want from a snack box and more: drinks, savoury snacks, meals, goodies, sweet snacks, and extra treats. What’s more, their special magazine included in each box has tasting guides for the streets of Seoul, recipes, games, travel guides, etiquette lessons, info on seasonal foods, and much more!

Let’s delve inside this month’s Seoulbox Signature to see what snacks are available.

seoulbox review

Enjoy the last days of summer with the Bye Bye Summer box of the year! This box features the July Busan box and is the symbol of summer in South Korea. It includes 18 Korean goodies including a wide range of snack and K-pop merch.

1.1 Savoury Snacks

Creamy Chili Sauce Potato Chips – Even if you’re a potato chip expert, you may have never seen a chip quite as big as these. These chips are double the size of regular chips and come with a packaged chilli dip that’s the perfect combination of sweet and spicy.

Stubborn Sweet Potato Chips – Sweet potato is a staple Korean food during the colder months, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy it. One of our favourites is as a potato chip, so these Stubborn Sweet Potato Chips are just what the doctor ordered. Made out of real potatoes, these are sure to transport you to the wintery streets of Seoul.

Korean Fried Chicken Chips – Craving some Korean chicken? Why not try it in the form of a chip? These chicken-flavoured potato chips are also adorably shaped like drumsticks!

Kimchi Fried Rice Nooroongji – You might have expected ‘rice’ to go into the ‘meals’ section, but this is actually a snack! Nooroongi is made from kimchi fried rice and goes perfectly with melted cheese on top. 

korean chips seoul box

1.2 Sweet Snacks

Twisted Donut “Kkwabaegi” – This Korean-style donut is coated in sugar and twisted into a braid, making it easy to devour in just a few bites! You can find this classic snack in almost every food market in Korea. To make the flavour pop, Seoulbox recommends coating it in honey or chocolate sauce.

Sable Butter Cookie – This packet of cookies blends the traditional taste of butter cookies with a hint of lemon, making it the perfect snack with your morning cup of tea.

Yummy Puffs – With Yummy Puffs, you’ll not only be enjoying a delicious snack, but also a Korean snack icon! Yummy Puffs has been around for decades and is popular nowadays as a diet snack. These puffed rice cookies are mild in taste and go well with a hot cup of coffee.

Hotteok Fishcake Bun – Brown sugar and cinnamon are the key ingredients of Hotteok, a popular dessert served in stalls during the wintertime. Now you can enjoy it in cake form, transporting you to the snack’s origin in Busan.

21 Crispy Roll – This roll-shaped snack is filled with a sweet, cream cheese flavour. The crunchy exterior melts on your tongue and is a great treat at all times of the day!

Kaya Butter Short Bread – Kaa jam is a sweet coconut spread popular with butter or cheese on toast. You can enjoy this buttery cookie that adds its own unique twist to the Singaporian delicacy. 

1.3 Meals

Noodles Fit Eomuktang (Fishcake Soup) – Another signature food in the winter months is fish cake soup! This month’s box allows you to try this spongy and delicious meal for yourself, easily cooked with boiling water.

Tteokbokki – Tteokbokki is one of the most well-known Korean street foods around the world. These spicy rice cakes are both soft and chewy, spicy and sweet. To bring this iconic Korean flavour to your home, you only need a microwave and a minute to spare.

1.4 Treats

Jelly in Jelly Mango – This packet of gummies is packed full of flavour with mouth-watering mango, complemented by its extra-gooey texture. 

jelly in jelly korean snack

1.5 Drinks

Sikhae Rice Punch – Sikhae is a rice-based drink that goes back to ancient Korea. While many Koreans enjoy this drink at a sauna, it’s also a sweet way to get an energy boost in the middle of the day. The texture might surprise you, however, as there’s actual grains of rice inside! 

1.6 Goodies

BT21 Soft Keyring – BTS is Korea’s most iconic K-pop group and any fan would be incomplete without one of these adorable, plush keyrings. There are seven keyrings available and each box is random.

Boryeong Mud Mask Recovery – The coastal city of Boryeong is well-known for its mud-flats offering rejuvenating effects for the skin. This mask is sure to make your skin soft and supple while also applying nutrients for a healthier glow. 

seoulbox review

2. Seoulbox V

Seoulbox is centred on a variety of snacks friendly for meat-free eaters. Your first thought might be sweets and candies, but Seoulbox goes the extra mile to offer savoury goods as well. Of course, we’re talking about vegetarian ramen!

Seoulbox V contains 18 different snacks and products. Some examples of previously included items are…

Green Tea Spread – A delicious, spreadable topping that goes perfect on toast or to add a unique flavour to cakes and cookies.

Tangerine Doll – Love fruit as much as we do? Keep it from going bad with this adorable plushie guaranteed to light up your room and remind you of Korea’s tropical Jeju Island! 

Red Ginseng Extract – This stick of red ginseng is a powerful energy booster known to improve various aspects of one’s health and mood. Ginseng has been a Korean superfood for hundreds of years, and now you can enjoy it in your home! 

Tiny Tan Figurine – All BTS fans will know what this means! This adorable Tiny Tan doll is the perfect way to decorate your desk at home or work. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter to meet like minded BTS fans!

3. Seoulbox Life

Considering Korea is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of skincare products, and also has 5,000 years of culture and history to promote, it’s safe to say there is a lot more than snacks and drinks to be found in Korea. The Seoulbox Life brings Korean culture and beauty straight to your door, making it one of the most stand-out subscription boxes available today.

Each Seoulbox Life contains X different items. Some noteworthy items included in previous boxes are…

Lucky Charm DIY Kit – Lucky charms are a traditional accessory of ancient Korea and now you can have your very own! 

Four Gate Keepers Soju Glass – Soju is a classic Korean alcohol and enjoyed in a small shot glass. This one is adorably decorated with one of the Four Gate Keepers known as Guardians of North, South, East, and West. Plenty of Korean culture packed in one item! 

Dynamite Buff Scarf – Show your love for BTS with this colourful, “Dynamite” inspired scarf. 

Kakao Friends Foldable Travel Bottle – Kakao is celebrated for its adorable characters, and now you can carry them with you! This foldable travel bottle is great to keep shampoo, conditioner, and lotion safe on your next trip (hopefully to Korea!).

Personal Review

The Seoulbox Signature stands out among the competition for its wide selection of goods, contemporary pop culture items, and incredibly detailed magazine. The snacks are also unique in that they’re not the most commonly known ones, and so they offer a wide range of flavours. I also appreciate that they incorporate imported flavors popular among Koreans, such as Kaya jam, to demonstrate that Korean snacks can sometimes go beyond our expectations. 

I was also very impressed by the goodies and meal additions to the snack box. If you’re a K-pop fan, it’s not always easy to find brand items of your favourite stars overseas. Plus, it’s exciting to see which item you get to slowly build up your collection. Overall, Seoulbox Signature is a great taste of Korea at a reasonable price and one that I highly recommend.

Seoulbox Discount Code

Seoulbox and Be Marie Korea have teamed up to give you the best first experience of a subscription snack box. Use the code MARIE10 during your checkout for a guaranteed $5 off of your first order! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Happy eating, everyone! 

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seoulbox review

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This is a sponsored post by Seoulbox. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal experience and view.

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