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If you love all things K-beauty, chances are that you have heard of the brand CLIO. As one of the oldest and most well-known makeup brands in South Korea, CLIO has become super popular globally with its long-lasting, high-quality makeup products such as eyeliners, lipsticks, and concealers. We love CLIO and its makeup, so today we are reviewing some of our favorite CLIO products. Read on for the best Korean Clio cosmetics and reviews!

Best Korean Clio Cosmetics

About CLIO 

CLIO is one of the oldest makeup brands in South Korea and it was actually the first color cosmetic brand established in the country, all the way back in 1993. The name CLIO is inspired by the mythological Greek muse Clio, who is said to be the proclaimer and celebrator of history and all great accomplishments. Like its namesake, CLIO the brand was founded to celebrate all women, helping them enjoy their lives with colorful makeup to express themselves.

With almost 30 years of experience, CLIO knows how to make great color cosmetics. Its products are known for their innovative formulas, high quality, sensational colors, and stylish packaging. You can buy all of CLIO’s products on their website, or on YesStyle.

CLIO Makeup Review

Let’s have a look at some of my favorite products! Today I am reviewing eyeliners, concealers, cushions, and lipsticks, but CLIO has many more great products, such as eyeshadows and blushes. I hope my favorite products will soon become your favorite products as well!

1. CLIO Eyeliner

CLIO cosmetics has many great eyeliners, but today I will be reviewing only 4: 1 pen liner, 2 pencil liners, and 1 brush liner.

CLIO Eyeliner review

1.1 CLIO – Waterproof Pen Liner XP

This is CLIO’s original waterproof pen eyeliner. It is super long-lasting, smudge-proof, and waterproof. This means that it will not stain on your upper eyelid, and it will remain firmly in place even after a walk in the rain. It is a liquid eyeliner with a fine, sponge tip that allows for very precise application. The formula contains strong polymers which help the eyeliner last all day long. 

Waterproof Pen Liner XP comes in Kill Black and 3 shades of Kill Brown. Kill Black is simply a very strong black color, perfect for any occasion. If you want a softer look, the Kill Brown colors might be better for you. Kill Brown comes in 3 shades: Brown (quite dark), Cacao Brown (quite dark but a little more orange), and Maroon Brown (brown with a little red tint). 

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1.2 CLIO – Sharp, So Simple Waterproof Pencil Liner

This pencil liner is super smooth and creamy and very easy to apply. This formula is also waterproof and smudge-proof, so you are guaranteed that your eyeliner stays on all day. The tip is very thin and does not require any sharpening, making this soft eyeliner perfect for those who do not like to spend a lot of time on their makeup.

The Sharp, So Simple Waterproof Pencil Liner comes in 6 colors: Black, Brown, Cacao Brown, Maroon Brown, Dark Brown (very dark), and Choco Brown (soft, almost orange color). 

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1.3 CLIO – Waterproof Brush Liner

The Waterproof Brush Liner is very similar to the Waterproof Pen Liner but has a brush tip instead of a spongey pen tip. This makes the brush liner better suited for drawing thin and precise lines. I think that this eyeliner is great for people that already have experience with eyeliner and like to be a little more creative. Like the Waterproof Pen Liner, this Brush Liner lasts long, is waterproof, and feels very soft and moist upon application.

It comes in two colors: Kill Black and Kill Brown. As the tip is a very small, fine brush, it is important to keep it clean. You can gently wipe it down with a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover for a light cleaning. If you want to clean the brush thoroughly, rinse it in lukewarm water. Always pat the brush completely dry before putting the cap back on.

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1.5 CLIO – Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner

This is one of my favorite products from CLIO makeup because it is so innovative. It is basically an eyeliner and eyeshadow in one. This eyeliner is so soft that it can serve as a subtle eyeliner. As it is a gel, it spreads out easily when applied, but it does not smudge. The tip is quite thick, so the Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner is not meant for thin, subtle lines. Instead, it is perfect if you want a little bit of a color pop, but do not want to have full eyeshadow on. And, it is also waterproof!

There are 14 colors: Pink Shine, Gilded Lemon, Copper Sand, Maple Bronze, Power Play, Fire Wood, Vintage Cognac, Dark Rose, Pecan Twist, Dark Choco, Cinnamon Cocoa, Midnight Gray, Golden Black, Emerald Lagoon. The eyeliner comes with a built-in sharpener and smudge sponge so that you can smudge the eyeliner out even further for more natural gradation. Truly one of my favorite products!

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2. CLIO Concealer

CLIO is well known for its amazing face makeup. Their Kill Cover line provides the ultimate coverage, such as concealers and foundations, whilst still looking natural and keeping your skin soft and hydrated.

2.1 CLIO – Kill Cover Liquid Concealer

This liquid concealer is super soft and provides great coverage. It can be applied under the eyes to lighten up dark circles, or over blemishes or acne to decrease redness. Kill Cover Liquid Concealer contains ultrafine particles to better cover up imperfections. It is also very light and smooth and, compared to other concealers, I find that it does not pile up as much in the creases under my eyes. This liquid concealer can last all day if applied correctly.

This concealer only comes in very light shades and is thus not very suitable for people with darker skin tones. It comes in the shades Lingerie, Linen, Ginger, and Sand. Lingerie and Linen are both very light beige, with Lingerie having a slightly rosy undertone. Ginger is more of a medium beige, whereas Sand is a more yellowish, bright beige.

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3. CLIO Cushion

Let’s have a look at some of my favorite facial makeup from CLIO, all from their Kill Cover line!

clio cusher review

3.1 CLIO – Kill Cover Conceal Cushion Special Set With Refill

This is a crossover between a concealer and a foundation. Basically, it does the same as a concealer – brightening up dark spots and blemishes – but comes in a cushion form, so it can easily be applied to the whole face. The Kill Cover Conceal Cushion Special Set ensures maximum coverage through its special sponge design. Instead of dabbing the sponge into the concealer, the sponge already contains the concealer inside between its layers. Together with its fingerprint-like texture, this ensures maximum coverage.

This concealer cushion is also long-lasting and provides calming and soothing effects to the skin. As an added bonus, it also contains SPF45, so you are protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays when using this product. It comes in the same shades as the Kill Cover Liquid Concealer: Lingerie, Linen, Ginger, and Sand. As with most Korean foundations, you will receive a refill as well.

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3.2 CLIO – Kill Cover Fixer Cushion Set

If you want to fix or touch up your makeup during the day, the Kill Cover Fixer Cushion Set is the product for you. This concealer/foundation cushion was specially made to touch up your makeup throughout the day, without creating a greasy residue as it helps to absorb excess sebum. 

This product comes with a unique 7-angle puff, so you can easily touch up hard-to-reach places, such as under the eyes or the creases below your nose. The formula contains soothing and hydrating ingredients to ensure that your skin becomes healthier with every touch-up, and also provides sun protection with SPF50. The Kill Cover Fixer Cushion Set comes in the same 4 shades: Lingerie, Linen, Ginger, and Sand. A refill is included.

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3.3 CLIO – Kill Cover Founwear Cushion XP SPF50+ PA+++

This is an amazing, long-lasting foundation. The Kill Cover Founwear Cushion can last up to 48 hours, but is super lightweight and, contrary to some other foundation, does not give your face that “caked” look. It also helps to control excess oil whilst hydrating the skin and providing sun protection, so it truly is a skincare-meets-makeup product. I find that this product helps to even out my skin tone and cover up blemishes, but my face still has that natural, no-makeup look. 

This product comes in the same 4 light shades: Lingerie, Linen, Ginger, and Sand. The puff/cushion is tear-drop shaped, which I find a very nice touch. This product comes with a refill.

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4. CLIO Lipstick

I love CLIO lipsticks. They have a huge range of colors and provide the perfect matte or shiny coverage. Let’s have a look at our 2 favorite ones.

CLIO Lipstick review

4.1 CLIO – Mad Matte Lip AD

This might be one of CLIO’s most famous lip products. This matte lipstick is super hydrating but still gives your lips that matte tint, without any flaking or drying out. Sometimes, matte lipsticks can become flaky during the day, but when using the Mad Matte Lip products I found that the color remained even and strong all day long.

There are 27 different Mad Matte Lip colors, so there is a lipstick color out there for everyone. The colors range from vibrant reds and pinks to softer, nude colors. 

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4.2 CLIO – Stay Shine Lip Syrup Stick

This lipstick is a little more like your traditional, shiny lipstick. It is very soft and hydrating and provides your lips with a deep, vibrant color and a lovely shine to make them pop. It glides on easily and the high-gloss formula lasts quite long, although, as with any shiny lipstick, you do have to reapply it now and then to make sure the shine stays on all day long. This lipstick comes in a variety of shiny colors ranging from bright red to soft pink.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CLIO makeup cruelty-free?

CLIO makeup is not certified cruelty-free.

What are some of the best Korean Clio products?

Clio is a popular Korean beauty brand known for its high-quality makeup and skincare products. Some of their best products include the Kill Cover Founwear Cushion, Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Ampoule Cushion, and the Waterproof Pen Liner.

What makes Clio products stand out from other Korean beauty brands?

Clio products are known for their long-lasting wear, intense pigmentation, and high-quality ingredients. They also have a wide range of shades and formulas to cater to different skin types and preferences.

Are Clio products suitable for sensitive skin?

Clio products are generally safe for sensitive skin, as they are made with gentle and non-irritating ingredients. However, it is always recommended to do a patch test before trying any new product, especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies.

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