Korean Fashion Trends | Latest Trends for Woman and Men

How do Koreans always look so incredibly stylish? No matter where you are, or what time of day, there is always a fashionable-looking Korean guy or girl close by. It is almost like looking fashionable is a secret skill in South Korea.

In fact, Korea has a very strong fashion culture. If you walk along the streets of Myeongdong or Hongdae, you can see countless clothing and accessory stores, all showcasing the most recent Korean fashion trends. These trends are not just clothes, Korean fashion is very heavily dependent on accessories, such as glasses or hats!

So, do you want to know what the fashion trends are in Korea, and what you need to buy to fit right in? Keep reading!

korean fashion trends

Korean Fashion Trends

Of course, there are different styles in Korea, and you dress differently depending on the occasion. An office worker will not be walking around in streetwear, for example. However, there are many common elements and trends that transcend these styles, and that you can commonly see. Let’s have a look at those!

1. Glasses 

When we were younger, glasses were not the coolest accessory on the block. However, South Korea is the opposite. Here, glasses are a must-have accessory, even if you do not technically need them! Glasses are really seen as a statement piece and are often matched with the outfit, or to make an outfit look complete. Koreans often buy high-quality, designer-like glasses, such as the glasses from Mouqy. Mouqy makes designer-quality glasses, for regular, affordable prices. Using functional technology, they also ensure that you will always have clear vision, whether you are looking at some birds in the sky or at some words on your screen.

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Nowadays, round, big frames are all the rage in South Korea. Both the thinner frame – almost Harry Potter-style – and thicker frames are popular here. Thick-framed glasses are often used as statement pieces, the focus of the entire outfit. Koreans do prefer glasses in neutral colors that complement the color of their eyes or hair.

Even if you can see quite clearly, you can still wear glasses. Koreans do too! The right kind of glasses also helps protect your eyes from harmful blue light. Staring at your screen all day can cause digital eye strain, so wearing non-prescription glasses is actually a good idea. Lots of people in Korea have a special pair of blue-light glasses for the office. All of Mouqy’s glasses can be made to filter out blue light, and they will complement your outfit too!

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2. Short Skirts

If you have legs (like we all do), show them! That is certainly what they like doing in Korea. Short skirts are all the rage here, and they wear them a lot. Short skirts are often seen as cute, so they usually have a cute print, like checkers. Their colors vary, from black and white to soft pink and beige. They are either tight-fitting or quite loose and flared. And, they are often worn with very tight, short shorts underneath, for protection, comfort, and safety.

The short skirts are usually combined with a streetwear-style, baggy top to offset the tight, cute bottoms. Or, they are combined with a cute knitted vest for a more student look. This is often also combined with glasses, like these from Mouqy, to give the student look a final touch.

3. Sneakers with Thick Soles

They are making a comeback: the chunky sneaker! They are super popular in Korea, especially large sneakers with very thick soles. Not only do they add to your height (without the discomfort of high heels), but they also help to make an outfit look a little bit less cute and more modern.

Sneakers with thick soles are often combined with shorts or short skirts because they really show off your legs. They are worn from winter through summer and come in all kinds of different colors. Simple white ones are very popular in Seoul, but Vans with thick soles or chunky All-Stars are also popular. Chunky running shoes (like Nike or Adidas) are a must-have here as well.

4. Oversized Shirts

As you might have noticed, Korean fashion trends are all about balance. Wearing chunky shoes? Combine it with a cutesie skirt! Wearing tight pants or a skirt? Combine it with an oversized shirt!

Oversized shirts are worn with virtually everything. Usually, they are tucked into tighter bottoms, like skinny jeans, high-waisted pants, or a miniskirt. The loose top and tighter bottoms give a nice juxtaposition that highlights your figure.

Koreans like wearing oversized t-shirts, as well as oversized dress shirts. The oversized dress shirts are great for the office, especially when tucked into some smart, clean-cut pants. They are also a staple in Korean streetwear, where they are often combined with loose bottoms for a tougher look. 

5. Knitwear

Do you want to go for a soft, comfortable look? Knitwear is the answer. Knitted sweaters and cardigans are the perfect winter staple to keep you warm and comfortable. Plus, they go well with short skirts and high waist pants. The knitwear often comes in soft colors, like white, pink, or beige, so it matches stronger colors very well.

Knitwear is great for a student look, but also for the office. 

6. High Waist Pants

High Waist pants are a staple. They belong in your closet. Korean women often have multiple pairs of high-waisted pants, for different occasions. A high waist skinny jeans is great for stuffing your oversized t-shirt into. High-waisted slacks are the perfect office attire, especially when combined with smart-looking glasses from Mouqy to give yourself a sophisticated look. Some wider high waist pants are also a nice streetwear piece, especially when combined with an oversized top. 

7. Street Style

Street style is also a major trend in South Korea. Generally speaking, most streetwear is chunky, comfortable, and often contains large logos or sayings. Sometimes it combines streetwear-style clothing – like sweaters, hoodies, and sneakers – with some girlier clothing pieces as well, like a short skirt. 

It is also important to understand that street fashion differs per neighborhood. Most often, three distinct types of Korean street fashion are named: Hongdae street fashion – which is oversized, unisex, and chunky – Ewha Street Fashion – which is soft, comfortable, and elegant – and Retro Street Fashion – which borrows from the 1980s. 

The key to street fashion is buying chunky, oversized items in some dark colors, or white. Big sneakers are key as well. You can even combine streetwear with glasses! Sunglasses are most common in streetwear, but large glasses with a thick frame are also becoming trendy in Korea. Luckily, Mouqy has plenty on offer.

8. Sheep Fur Sweaters & Cardigans

Thick, chunky, and super warm: sheep fur sweaters are the latest fashion trend in South Korea. These oversized sweaters are often worn during fall and winter, as they provide a lot of comfort and warmth. Made of sheep wool, they have a slightly rougher fabric, so most Korean women wear a t-shirt underneath.

The sweaters are often very oversized: think slightly longer than your hips. This means that they are often combined with shorts or a skirt, to give the illusion that the sweater is worn as a short dress. Korea has a lot of warm tights, which means you can even wear shorts or a skirt in winter and still stay warm.

9. Crop Tops

Because a lot of fashion in Korea is high-waisted, crop tops are a must-have item. There is a huge variety in crop tops: some are tight-fitting, others are loose, they can have tank top-like straps or short sleeves, etc. They also go great under chunky sweatshirts, to provide some warmth and coverage. 

A lot of Korean women wear simple crop tops with a one-color design, to match a patterned skirt or trousers. Street style crop tops often feature a large logo and are combined with baggier pants and chunky sneakers.

10. Hats

Hats are often used to accessorize an outfit. Baseball caps of the major teams in and out of Korea are hugely popular, as are caps of Nike or Adidas. These days, bucket hats are becoming more trendy as well, especially in street style. 

Korean Male Fashion Trends

Not only Korean women are fashionable, the men are too! There are a lot of men’s fashion trends that often match the women’s ones. Glasses and hats are must-have accessories. Glasses are worn by most students and office workers, to both protect their eyes and give their look a stylish finish. Baseball caps and bucket hats are something most young men in Korea own.

Street style is becoming very popular among men as well. Large, oversized trousers combined with a simple shirt with a large logo is a common look in the streets of Hongdae. Especially when combined with large black or white sneakers.

High waist pants are also often worn by Korean men. The waist is not as high as women’s pants, but generally quite a bit higher than regular jeans. These are often combined with a simple white or black t-shirt, carefully tucked into the front of the pants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the latest fashion trends in Korea?

Korean fashion trends are known for their unique and trendy styles that blend traditional elements with modern fashion. Some of the latest fashion trends in Korea include oversized blazers, pleated skirts, bucket hats, chunky sneakers, and baggy jeans. Korean fashion also emphasizes layering and mixing and matching different textures, patterns, and colors. K-fashion is constantly evolving, so it’s important to keep up with the latest trends by following Korean fashion influencers and brands.

Where can I buy Korean fashion in Korea?

There are various places to buy Korean fashion in Korea, from high-end department stores to street markets. Some popular shopping destinations for Korean fashion include Myeong-dong, Garosu-gil, and Dongdaemun Market in Seoul. These places offer a wide range of Korean fashion brands and styles, from luxury to streetwear. Many Korean fashion brands also have online stores that offer international shipping, making it easier to buy Korean fashion from anywhere in the world.

How can I incorporate Korean fashion into my wardrobe?

Incorporating Korean fashion into your wardrobe can be a fun and exciting way to add some new styles and trends to your closet. You can start by experimenting with different layering techniques, such as wearing a turtleneck under a slip dress or a sweater over a collared shirt. You can also try incorporating Korean accessories, such as bucket hats, hair clips, and statement earrings. Another way to incorporate Korean fashion is to mix and match different patterns and textures, such as plaid with florals or velvet with denim. Ultimately, the key to incorporating Korean fashion into your wardrobe is to have fun and experiment with different styles and trends.

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