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I have finally found a Korean brand which suits me 100% (this is rare). As you might know from following me on Instagram, I don’t really wear too elegant or sexy clothes and many Korean brands sell elegant, sexy or cute clothes for women. This isn’t really my style and never will be as I tend to like tomboy, comfy clothing. When I came across the Korelimited website, I was instantly sold. Street wear, Korean culture and history combined, could it be more perfect?!

Maybe this is something you don’t know about me but I love history, and especially Korean history. I am even a Korean history teacher here in Seoul and give history tours to foreign travellers. The clothing items from Korelimited that instantly attracted my attention were the March 1st inspired shirts and sweaters.

Korelimited review korean street fashion


KORELIMITED is a fashion brand based in the US which creates Korea inspired street wear. If you look through their past collections you’ll see lots of items which feature historic events (like 1st of March Movement, the Japanese Occupation, General Yi Sun-Shin’s Turtle Ship from the Joseon Dynasty and much more) or cultural aspects like scenes from the Oscar winning Parasite movie.

Where To Buy: On the official KORELIMITED website
Price Range: T shirts are around 40$ and sweaters go for around 70$
Delivery: Worldwide (delivery fee depends on your location)

When History, Culture And Fashion Meets

I was really looking forward to receiving my KORELIMITED delivery and as I knew I would love it and nothing was less true. I’m absolutely in love with all the items. The fitting, the quality and designs are just superb. The 4 items I got are the beige respect hoodie, the concrete March 1st tee, the army green Corea 1900 pullover windbreaker and the orange Corea Beanie. Below you’ll find an in depth review of each item.

1. Beige Respect Hoodie

Have you watched the Oscar winning Parasite movie by Bong Joon-ho? Then you’ll definitely recognise the print on the back of this hoodie. I’ve been a fan of Bong Joon-ho since his movie Snowpiercer was released in 2013. He is probably one of the greatest Korean film makers and all the awards he won in the past year can confirm this.

The front of the hoodie says 리스펙트 (Respect), which refers to the scene where the man of the basemen gets stabbed but still shouts “Respect, Mr. Park”.

Click here to buy this hoodie.

Korelimited sweater

2. Concrete March 1st Tee

March 1st is a very important date for everyone in Korea and every year there are huge processions going through the streets of Seoul to remember this day. The first of March movement was one of the earliest displays of the Korean resistance against the Japanese during occupation times. As I’m a huge fan of Korean history, I got really excited to see this shirt in the store. One of the biggest sites of the Japanese Occupations that is still remaining in Seoul is Seodaemun Prison Hall, in there you can see the pictures of all the prisoners, just like on this t-shirt. One of the people on the t-shirt is the famous Yu In-seok, a 18 university student who led the 1st of March Movement.

Click here to buy this t-shirt.

NOTE: I ordered a medium as I like my t-shirts to be a bit oversized but this one is too big for me and too long.

Korelimited tshirt

3. Army Green Corea 1900 Pullover Windbreaker

Absolutely love this windbreaker. I have been wearing it every time I go outside since I got it. It is perfect for spring season in South Korea. It’s a pretty thin material but very comfortable. On the back of the windbreaker, the Korean flag patterns are printed, but one of the trigrams is replaced with a hand print. The hand print belongs to Ahn Jung Geun, who was an important activist during the Japanese Occupation. He, together with other freedom fighters, cut off parts of his finger and used his blood to write on the Korean flag.

Click here to buy this windbreaker.

4. Orange Corea Beanie

If you have been following me on Instagram for a while, you know I absolutely love colourful beanies. I have a huge collection of hats in yellow, red, pink and now this stunning orange one. They also sell this beanie in other colours.

Click here to buy this beanie.

Final Review

Absolutely love all the items I got from KORELIMITED! The quality is great, very detailed and nice colours. Delivery from the USA to Korea took around 10 days, which was surprisingly quick.

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Did you like this review about the Korean street wear brand KORELIMITED? Have you ordered clothing items from this brand? Do you know of any other cool Korean street wear brands? Let me know in the comment section below.

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