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Acne scars are a type of skin condition caused by years of severe acne on the face and body. Acne scars can be a large source of insecurity for people, but thankfully there are several remedies available today. Let’s take a closer look at what acne scars are, how they form, and how they can be treated. Read on to learn more about the best Korean acne scars treatment & procedures.

korean acne scars treatment

What Are Acne Scars?

Acne scars are indentations or raised areas on the skin that develop from prolonged or severe acne. This occurs because acne damages underlying tissue including collagen and elastin fibers. As the skin begins to heal, the body repairs the damaged tissue by producing new collagen. Although this helps, this healing process does not typically result in smooth or even skin.

Acne scars come in a variety of types.

  • Icepick scars are narrow scars that appear like small holes in the skin.
  • Boxcar scars are broader, depressed scars with sharpened edges. 
  • Rolling scars appear as if a wave, or undulating depressions on the surface of the skin.
  • Hypertrophic scars are raised, thick scars that form due to excess collagen production during the healing process.
  • Lastly, keloid scars are similar to hypertrophic scars but extend past the original acne spot.

Acne scars can be a source of stress for many people as it affects their self confidence. Thankfully, a wide range of treatments are available to heal and reduce these scars such as laser therapy and chemical peels. We always recommend consulting with a medical professional about your unique situation in advance before jumping into any treatments.

What Causes Acne Scars?

Acne scars develop for a number of reasons. Most acne scars are caused by inflammation and damage that occurs after acne penetrates the deeper layers of the skin. The severity of the acne is also important to consider, as severe or cystic acne typically results in scarring.

A major source of acne scars, however, is delayed treatment. If acne is not treated early on, or is inadequately treated, this can greatly increase the risk of scarring. As soon as you notice severe or prolonged acne on your face or body, you should seek out treatment.

Picking or popping acne also contributes to acne scars. This is because squeezing the acne can worsen inflammation and trauma to the skin layer. It is always important to avoid touching or manipulating acne to prevent additional damage.

Lastly, it’s always important to consider your genetic history. Many individuals are predisposed to acne due to their genetic factors. In addition, the healing process can also be related to genetics as some individuals may not produce collagen as easily as others, making them more susceptible to scarring. 

Not everyone who has acne will develop scars, but taking steps towards managing and treating your acne will never result in any negative outcome. If you feel that your acne is already at a severe level, consult with a dermatologist as soon as possible for a personalized treatment plan. 

Best Korean Acne Scars Treatments & Procedures

Korea is one of the leading countries in the world for acne scar treatments and overall skin care. There are numerous procedures available for healing today, but let’s look into ten of the most popular options.

1. Exosome

Exosome treatment uses extracellular vesicles from stem cells that contain grown factors and proteins. These help promote skin rejuvenation and collagen production to reduce the appearance of acne scars. This is a relatively new Korean acne scars treatment, that many Korean dermatologists are practicing with positive results today.

2. Rejuran

Rejuran is a skin rejuvenation treatment that uses polynucleotide (PN) injections. PN is derived from salmon DNA and helps stimulate collagen and elastin production. Rejuran is a popular treatment for acne scars as it promotes tissue repair. Click here for more info about getting rejuran treatment in Korea at Seojin Clinic.

3. Infini Laser

The Infini laser is a minimally invasive treatment that combines radiofrequency energy and microneedling to control small injuries to the skin. These injuries stimulate collagen and remodels scar tissue.

korean acne scar removal surgery

4. RF Lasers

Radiofrequency (RF) lasers use radiofrequency waves to target deep layers of the skin. This helps promote collagen production and skin tightening and is particularly useful for boxcar scars and rolling scars. Click here for more info about RF Laser scar removal at THE PLUS clinic in Korea.

5. Peeling

Chemical peeling involves applying a chemical solution to the skin to exfoliate and promote skin regeneration. This is among the more popular Korean acne scars treatment & procedures.

6. Fraxel Laser

Fraxel laser treatments use fractional laser technology to target microscopic areas of the skin. This creates controlled wounds and pushes forward the body’s natural healing process and collagen production.

7. Vivace Laser

Vivace laser is a fractional, minimally invasive laser that uses microbeams of laser energy to stimulate collagen production. It is well-known for its minimal downtime.

8. PDRN Injection

Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) injections use a substance from salmon DNA to promote tissue repair, reduce inflammation and stimulate collagen.

acne treatment in korea

9. Filler Injection

This is a useful treatment when acne scars are deep and cause depressions in the skin. Fillers, typically made of hyaluronic acid, are injected into the depressed areas to help plump them up and create a smooth, even skin surface. Click here for more info about fillers at Haru Clinic in Seoul, Korea.

10. Toning Laser or Vitamin Treatment

This treatment is used to target acne scar pigmentation. They work by breaking down pigmented areas and promoting rejuvenation. Vitamin treatments help to brighten the skin and improve texture.

Best Korean Clinics for Acne Scars Treatments & Procedures

Considering Korea is the leading country in the world for skin treatments, it can be overwhelming to choose a clinic that best suits your unique situation. Here are the top clinics in Seoul for acne scar treatments, all of which offer English consultation and professional services.

Are you overwhelmed by the choices of acne scars removal clinics in Seoul? Don’t know which clinic is the best one for you? Consider using a medical tourism service to help you with every step in your journey of coming to Korea. Click here to find more info

korean scar removal treatment

Be sure to take a closer look at the staff and available operations that each clinic provides. It may be necessary to consult several clinics to determine which one is right for you.

Other Ways To Care For Acne Scars

There are several at-home remedies for acne scars, although they will likely not have the same level of success as the aforementioned procedures. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend looking into these methods as a way to heal and prevent future acne scars.

  • Lemon juice: Apply lemon juice to the acne scar area. After a few minutes, rinse the solution off. This can help brighten the overall tone of the skin and reduce the appearance of acne scars.
  • Aloe vera: Aloe vera has soothing and healing properties that help with acne scars. After applying aloe vera gel to the affected areas, wait 30 minutes before rinsing it off.
  • Honey/Coconut Oil: Honey and coconut oil have antibacterial and moisturizing properties that can help reduce the appearance of acne scars. Apply a thin layer to the affected areas and leave on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off.
  • Exfoliation: Regular exfoliation can help remove dead skin cells and therefore promote skin rejuvenation. Use a gentle exfoliating scrub or a brush to gently exfoliate the skin, but avoid scrubbing too harshly as it can worsen the appearance of scars.
  • Sun protection: Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays is always a crucial way to benefit your skin from a number of harmful results such as acne scars.
  • Creams and Serums: Professional creams and serums are great ways to reduce the appearance of acne scars. In particular, Korea is famous for its scar-reducing products.

Here are a few of our favorites to help you get started:

  1. Step by Step Acne Self Care Box from Wishtrend: Wishtrend is a popular skincare product seller based online that creates useful boxes with a number of treatments inside. Apart from minimizing acne scars, all of their products firm the skin and brighten the overall tone. What’s more, all products are Korean and cruelty free.
  2. Some By Mi, AHA. BHA. PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner: This toner is excellent for addressing acne scars. It fights against acne but also exfoliates the skin, regulates sebum production, and prevents the loss of moisture. Click here to get up to 10% off on the Miracle Tone from YesStyle.
  3. Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream: This exceptional product combines the powers of snail mucin and bee venom to heal damaged skin. The product also improves collagen production, brightens the skin, and provides moisturization. Click here to get the Benton Steam Cream on Amazon.
  4. COSRX AC Collection Ultimate Spot Cream: In addition to scar reducing properties, this cream offers skin soothing benefits with its inclusion of aloe vera extract. This product is vegan and cruelty free. Click here to get the COSRX Spot Cream on Amazon.
  5. COSRX Centella Blemish Cream: This cream serves as an after-care solution for acne breakouts. Users have reported a visible reduction in scars within just a few days of using this product. It is vegan and cruelty free. Click here to get 10% off on the COSRX Blemis Cream on YesStyle.

Remember that at-home remedies have results that vary from person to person. If you are very concerned about your acne scars or feel that it is affecting your mental and physical health, consider consulting a professional as soon as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Korean acne scars treatment? 

The ‘best’ treatment for acne scars varies between individuals, but there is no doubt that the high-quality Korean skin care products are a great place to start. Their high-quality ingredients make these creams and serums some of the best products in the world. Many of them are able to show clear results in only a few days while also being friendly to one’s wallet.

What are the best clinics in Seoul to get acne scars treatment?

There are many great cosmetic clinics located in Seoul. Some of the top options include View, Oracle, Modelo, Migo, Banobagi, and Chaum. These are particularly popular among international clients who praise their English consultation services and level of professionalism.

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