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What is your go-to cleansing routine? The best skin care routines are thorough yet non-irritating. A good toner can be a very helpful addition to any cleansing routine as it can help remove the bacteria and breakthrough sebum or dead skin. If you choose the right product, your toner will also help hydrate your skin. Read on to find out more about the AXIS-Y Toner.

Today I’ll be reviewing a natural, cruelty-free, and healing toner from AXIS-Y. The Daily Purifying Treatment Toner is the first product they made for their signature 611 line of natural and gentle skincare products.

We will take a look at the product, its ingredients, feel, texture, and more.

axis-y toner review

About The Brand: Axis-Y

Since the skincare enthusiasts are increasingly more conscious about the environment, the planet, and its inhabitants, the demand for eco-friendly and cruelty-free products has increased. South Korean beauty brands have long been following a more natural approach to skincare and now brands such as AXIS-Y have stepped up to make beauty products that are natural, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free.

AXIS-Y is focused on helping those who have sensitive and troubled skin, especially if they live in humid climates. Every climate has a different effect on the skin, and AXIS-Y realizes the importance of making specialized products that can solve specific skin issues. 

Another interesting thing about the brand is that AXIS-Y has established a brand with a friendly image, and wants to create products that feel more personal rather than commercially mass-produced products that target everyone.

The 611 product line has been developed to help people suffering from acne and oily skin battle the blemishes and balance out their skin.

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Why Use A Toner?

Toners are great for cleansing the skin while keeping it moisturized. Toners, especially the ones used in K-beauty and skincare, are different from what was traditionally used in western beauty trends.

The Daily Purifying Treatment Toner is a hydrating cleansing product; it allows you to thoroughly cleanse and clarify your skin using the method called “double cleansing”.

Depending on the toner of your choice, you can get other benefits aside cleansing and hydrating your skin. The AXIS-Y The Daily Purifying Treatment Toner is focused on keeping the skin clear and acne-free.

axis-y Daily Purifying Treatment Toner

Pros & Cons

I would like to briefly go over the pros and cons of the AXIS-Y toner before we take a deep dive and review the product.


  • Light and hydrating
  • Gentle on the sensitive and acne-prone skin
  • Cruelty-free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Vegan toner


  • The ingredients include a small amount of alcohol

AXIS-Y Toner Review

Without further ado, here is my review of the AXIS-Y’s Daily Purifying Treatment Toner.

1. Purpose

The Daily Purifying Treatment Toner is a great step for cleansing; it can act as a preventative measure for acne-prone skin. You can add it to your daily skincare routine if you want to minimize the bacteria and pollution that get stuck in the pores and can lead to acne and inflammation when they remain in the skin and block the glands. AXIS-Y has included natural ingredients that can help with soothing and healing the irritated skin on top of its cleansing function.

If you have been foregoing toners, you might want to revisit the K-beauty type of toners to benefit from the exfoliation while maintaining your skin’s hydration.

2. Ingredients

The Daily Purifying Treatment Toner is made with a wide variety of soothing and healing ingredients to maximize its effects.

Centella Asiatica is used to boost the skin’s healing and help with the scars. It has been used for treating minor wounds for generations.

Tea tree extract or oil is a well known and commonly used acne treatment ingredient that is also used for curing infected eyelashes as well as other dermal problems. AXIS-Y uses this ingredient for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Sugar cane can help remove debris with the help of alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA). AHA can also help improve wrinkles and improve the overall look and feel of your skin.

One of the ingredients is driven from a beautiful yellow flower related to daisies called Narrowleaf Hawkweed (or Hieracium Umbellatum) which is added to soothe skin irritation.

Fish mint or Houttuynia Cordata is a southeast Asian plant full of flavonoids. It helps detox the skin and improves the healing process. The healing effects can improve a range of issues such as acne scars and eczema.

Lotus is another natural ingredient that is used to create the Daily Purifying Treatment Toner. This beautiful flower is a natural moisturizer that can help control the sebum production in the skin.

The AXIS-Y Daily Purifying Treatment Toner includes 0.5% salicylic acid. As a skincare enthusiast you probably already know that salicylic acid is a power ingredient that dissolves dead skin cells and debris. It can also help with the treatment of fungal acne.

Other AXIS-Y Toner Ingredients

Water, Centella Asiatica Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water, Butylene Glycol, Alcohol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree Extract), Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Vaccinium Myrtillus Fruit Extract, Saccharum Officinarum (Sugar Cane) Extract, Acer Saccharum (Sugar Maple) Extract, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Extract, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Fruit Extract, Betaine, Salicylic Acid, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Extract, Houttuynia Cordata Extract, Hieracium Pilosella Extract, Illicium Verum (Anise) Fruit Extract, Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract, Nelumbium Speciosum Flower Extract, Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Chlorphenesin, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Citrate, Gluconolactone, Arginine, Rheum Palmatum Root Extract, Artemisia Princeps Leaf Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Carbomer, Dimethyl Sulfone, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil and Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil.

The AXIS-Y toner ingredients are marked as completely safe by CosDNA.

3. Texture & Smell

The toner doesn’t have any scent (slightly plant based scent) and the texture of the toner is quite watery. It is not very thick but feels really nice on the skin. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky after using it.

axis-y toner scent

4. Where To Buy

Getting the K-beauty skincare product might sound a bit more complicated than running to the closest drugstore. But you can easily order the AXIS-Y Daily Purifying Treatment Toner on the official AXIS-Y website or on YesStyle. Click here to check out the AXIS-Y toner on YesStyle and get up to 10% off.

5. Packaging

I like the clean and minimalistic design of The AXIS-Y Daily Purifying Treatment Toner. Like their other products, the packaging design is a clean and crisp mixture of green and white. The Daily Purifying Treatment Toner comes in a transparent green (200 ml / 6.76 fl oz) bottle.

The bottle comes in a similarly white box with a clean and crisp design.

6. Personal Review

Before using the AXIS-Y toner I was using the Klairs Supple Preparation Toner and one of the main things I didn’t like about this toner was the scent. Too strong and it took me quite a while to get used to it. When switching to the AXIS-Y toner I was pleasantly surprised that it had no scent whatsoever. I love it. 

Like always I used a cotton pad to apply the toner both in the morning and evening. The toner is relatively thin so you need to put quite a lot on the cotton pad so you can cover your whole face. 

I don’t have anything negative to say about this toner. I love the texture, how well it spreads, that it doesn’t have a scent and that it is very moisturizing. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky at all. 

How To Use Daily Purifying Treatment Toner

Koreans pay a lot of attention to keeping their skin clean and their pores properly functioning. In the K-beauty skincare routine, it’s common to do what’s called a double-cleansing. Toners are often used as the second step to another cleanser of your own choice.

After the first cleansing step, pour a proper amount of the 611 AXIS-Y Daily Purifying Treatment Toner onto a cotton pad and gently wipe your skin (try to work from inside towards the outer areas of your face).

AXIS-Y suggests you use this product with their other products to ensure your skin is hydrated throughout the day.

Other Axis-Y Products

  • Complete No-Stress Physical AXIS-Y Sunscreen is a great sunscreen if you have sensitive skin. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, and free of the chemicals that damage the coral reefs.
  • The Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum will be suitable for healing the dark spots. If you’re looking for a moisturizing product that can also even out your skin tone you might want to check out my review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Axis-Y Toner vegan and cruelty-free?

AXIS-Y seems to be dedicated to creating products that can help humans without harming the planet. The AXIS-Y toner is vegan, cruelty-free, and without artificial coloring.

Where can I buy this Toner?

If you’re interested in purchasing the AXIS-Y Daily Purifying Treatment Toner You can find it on the official AXIS-Y shop or on YesStyle.

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Have you used this Daily Purifying Treatment Toner by AXIS-Y? Would you recommend any other AXIS-Y or toner products? Do you have any questions about this AXIS-Y toner? Let me know in the comment section below.

This is a sponsored post by AXIS-Y. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal experience and view.

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