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What is the ATEEZ lightstick called? Where to buy the ATEEZ official light stick? What is ATEEZ merchandise? Read on to find out all about it!

ATEEZ is a very popular K-pop band that debuted in 2018. Since then, they have gained fame all over the world with their upbeat and cheerful songs. The boy band was formed by KQ entertainment and consists of 2 rappers – Hongjoong and Mingi – and 6 vocalists – Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Wooyoung, and Jongho. ATEEZ has sold over 1 million physical copies of their albums in South Korea, and many more worldwide. Their global popularity has even led to them becoming ambassadors for the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. As ambassadors, they participated in the “Overcome Together” relay challenge, which aimed to show the daily things you can do to help prevent the current global situation.

ATEEZ has also released their own Kpop lightstick for their fandom, called ATINY. This lightstick can be used during concerts and such to show love for the popular boyband. Let’s review the ATEEZ Lightstick and other ATEEZ merch, such as shirts, hoodies, enamel pins, photocards, posters, and more.

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Where To Buy ATEEZ Lightstick & Merch

There are many places Kpop online stores where you can buy the ATEEZ Lightstick and other ATEEZ merch, but be sure to buy from a trusted vendor. If you are located in the United States or anywhere else with a good Amazon reach, it might be best to check trusted Amazon vendors.

  • Amazon: There are many vendors of the Lightstick on Amazon, such as this one, and this one.
  • Etsy: Etsy is always a great, vendor of all things K-pop. They have a lot of fan made ATEEZ merch on their website! Note that this is not a vendor for official merchandise but mostly fan made stickers, decals, shirts, etc.

ATEEZ Lightstick

The ATEEZ Lightstick was revealed early in 2020 for their fanbase, ATINY. ATINY is a combination of the words ATEEZ and destiny, meaning that ATEEZ and their fanbase were destined to be together. The lightstick is shaped like a globe, with a tilted hourglass at its center. It is named LIGHTINY, a combination of the words light and destiny. ATEEZ wanted to create a lightstick that symbolizes the tight bond with their fans, the light of destiny.

Did you know the lightstick was designed by ATINY? KQ Entertainment held a competition for ATEEZ’ fans to submit their designs for the light ATEEZ’s concept is pirate/treasure, so many fans submitted these kinds of designs. In the end, this design was chosen!

1. ATEEZ Lightstick Features

Let’s have a closer look at what the ATEEZ Lightstick looks like, and what it does. It has a matt-black handle with a keyhole-shaped button in the color of brass. On top of the handle is a transparent dome, shaped like a globe with the continents outlined. At the center of the globe is a brass hourglass. The globe is held in place with a brass handle. 

The lightstick is battery operated, you will need three AAA batteries to make it work. It comes with a wrist strap and a user manual. The packaging is a very sleek-looking black and brass box.

The ATEEZ Lightstick has a lot of light settings:

  • White light
  • White blinking light
  • Red Aurora Mode
  • Green Aurora Mode

The order of the light is: White light → White blinking light → Red Aurora Mode → Green Aurora Mode → Off.

As the lightstick runs on batteries, it is controlled completely wirelessly and you can easily use it during concerts. 

2. Where To Buy ATEEZ Official Light Stick

ATEEZ Light Stick is very popular, so it is not very easy to get. However, there are still a lot of LIGHTINY’s on Amazon, sold by trusted vendors. We recommend the following two vendors on Amazon:

If you buy from another vendor, make sure to always check their credibility! You can read reviews from other customers and see what other products they sell to verify that you will really get the ATEEZ Lightstick.

3. Customize Your ATEEZ Lightstick

You can customize your ATEEZ Lightstick to show your unique love for ATEEZ as well! You can find many stickers online, such as on Etsy. We really recommend using Etsy, as the stickers are made by ATEEZ fans so you can be sure that you are getting unique stickers. You can take a look at the following products:


Of course, ATEEZ has a lot of other merch as well, besides LIGHTINY. You can buy t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, photo cards, and more! Some of the merch is official merch by KQ Entertainment, but other merch is also made by fans.

It is best to buy your merch through trusted sites, such as Amazon, Etsy, Fashion Chingu and StyleUpK. However, each country might have its own local K-pop shops as well, so check those out as well! If you are located in South Korea, we recommend checking Gmarket or checking K-pop stores in Seoul.

1. ATEEZ T-shirt

There are so many ATEEZ t-shirts, it is hard to choose! A bunch of the Kpop online stores have a whole range of different t-shirts, most of them are quite simple and include the ATEEZ logo or have the word ATINY on them.

For more unique and original t-shirts, take a look at Etsy! Most of these t-shirts were designed by fans and are printed to order. We really like this t-shirt: it has the words FIX ON and ATINY on it, and is quite colorful.

ateez merchandise

2. ATEEZ  Hoodie

If you want something warmer than a t-shirt, go for a hoodie. They are super comfortable and warm, so you can wear them during winter or during a concert! Once again, Amazon has a lot of hoodies available.

Etsy also has beautiful, original ATEEZ hoodies. This one is really simple, a black hoodie with a red ATEEZ logo and a bold line at the top. This one sure stands out!

3. ATEEZ Poster

Of course, just clothing is not enough to show your love for ATEEZ, you also need posters to brighten up your room! There are so many posters available: we recommend searching for ATEEZ posters on Etsy and Amazon. Below are some of our favorites:

4. ATEEZ  Phone Case

ATEEZ phone cases are a popular accessory among K-pop fans who want to show their support for the group. They come in a variety of designs, featuring the members’ names, faces, and album art. These phone cases are not only stylish but also provide protection for your phone.

There are also some ATEEZ phone cases that you can find on Amazon or Etsy. Our favorites:

5. ATEEZ Photo Cards

ATEEZ has also released a set of photo cards, which you no longer can buy officially but you can still get them through Amazon. The set contains 54 cards and is a part of Zero Fever Part 2. You can buy it here on Amazon.

6. ATEEZ Enamel Pins

ATEEZ enamel pins are collectible accessories that showcase the group’s distinct style and aesthetic. They are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting wear. Fans of ATEEZ can wear these pins on clothing, bags, or display them in collections to show their support for the group.

The best ATEEZ enamel pins can be found on Etsy. They are custom-made by fans and super cute and unique. Take a look at these two:

7. ATEEZ Album

Their albums often feature a diverse range of musical styles, from EDM to hip-hop to rock. ATEEZ’s albums also showcase the group’s dynamic vocals, rap skills, and powerful performances, making them a must-have for fans of K-pop music. You can buy some ATEEZ albums on Amazon. Always make sure to use a trusted Amazon vendor!

8. Other Merch

You can find much more merch online, especially on Amazon and Etsy. Just look for ATEEZ and see what comes up! We recommend Etsy for more unique products. Amazon has a lot more popular products as well. Some examples:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ATEEZ Lightsticks called?

The ATEEZ Lightstick is officially called LIGHTINY. A combination of the words light and destiny, the lightstick symbolizes the tight bond between ATEEZ and their fanbase, ATINY.

Who designed the ATEEZ lightstick?

It was designed by ATINY! KQ Entertainment released a public contest where fans could submit their design for the lightstick. The best design was chosen from ATINY submissions.

Does ATEEZ have an official light stick?

Yes! The LIGHTINY ATEEZ Lightstick is the official lightstick of ATEEZ, made especially for the fans.

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Do you have any questions about ATEEZ merchandise? Have you made fan ATEEZ enamel pins or posters? Do you have a ATEEZ lightstick? Let us know in the comment section below.

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