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As traveling to South Korea has become almost impossible over the past year, more and more online Korea experiences are popping up. You can take all kinds of experiences from learning Korean, to online Korean cooking classes or even K-pop dance lessons.

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K-Tour Top 10 Live Streaming

The Korean Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism partnered up with Guide Live and created 10 unique live tours of places around South Korea. The tours include major destinations like (Busan, Gangneung, Gyeongju, Incheon and Yeosu) as well as smaller cities like (Buyeo, Damyang, Mungyeong, Danyang and Jeonju).

Each tour is hosted by a different local tour guide and is held on Zoom. After booking you’ll receive a confirmation email which includes a Zoom link to the event. The link is active 15 minutes before the start of your online experience.

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1. Jeonju Live Tour

Jeonju is a popular travel destination in South Korea and is famous for the beautiful hanok village, bibimbap and moju traditional wine. It’s located only 2 hours away from Seoul by public transport and is a nice day or weekend trip to escape the big city.

Jeonju Hanok Village lies just outside the city centre of Jeonju and houses over 800 traditional style Korean hanok buildings. Even though the village was constructed not too many years ago, it is a good representation of what buildings used to look like back in the Joseon Dynasty.

The Jeonju Live experience is hosted by a foreign local, Andreas, who has been living in South Korea since 2012. Of all the different online experiences available this is the only one hosted by a foreigner which makes it a bit different from the other experiences.

1.1 Personal Experience

I’m someone who travels on a very frequent around South Korea and have been to Jeonju 10 times or more. I’ve also worked as a Korean history teacher and tour guide. Because of this I’m not easily blown away by tours or Korea experiences. BUT I really enjoyed this tour. Andreas is very knowledgeable about Korea and Korean culture, and is a great story teller and speaker.

He really managed to capture the highlights of Jeonju and put a personal touch to it. I learned some new things about Korean history that I wasn’t aware off. The experience was personalized and participants could interact, ask questions and be part of the experience.

Taking this experience wanted me to instantly sign up for the other experiences.

2. Danyang Live Tour

Danyang is a beautiful city and is a rather less touristic travel destination, especially among foreign tourists. It is know for having unique paragliding locations and has lots more to offer in terms of touristic sights. Gosu Cave, one of the most famous caves in Korea, Guinsa Temple and the unique Dodamsambong Peaks are located in and around Danyang.

The online Danyang experience is hosted by Jaewoo Ahn, a local Korean, who has been in the tourism industry for years. She speaks great English and has unique stories to tell about her experience abroad and in Korea.

What’s unique about the Danyang tour is not only the touristic sights but also the food that is being shown. Jaewoo takes you to Danyang traditional market which is famous for its fried chicken and to a unique cafe with garlic themed desserts.

2.1 Personal Experience

Danyang is in my top 3 favourite places to visit in South Korea. I’ve been multiple times and it’s just such a beautiful travel destination. This is a destination I always highly recommend to anyone coming to Korea and wants to visit some lesser known places.

The online experience was nice as I could see Danyang from another point of view but it didn’t blow me away for 2 different reasons. The online experience was filmed on a cloudy day, and cloudy days just don’t do justice to the beauty of Danyang as it should be enjoyed with a blue sky. Reason number 2 was because the experience was not really interactive. It felt more like watching a lecture instead of an immersive experience.

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Have you taken any of these online experiences? Which one was your personal favourite or which one would you still like to take? Let us know in the comment section below.

This is a sponsored post by Korea Travel Easy. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal experience and view.

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