Korean Silk Embroidery Art Exhibition In Gyeongju

Lee Yong Joo, a famous Korean Silk Embroidery artist and the founder of Hon Ja Soo (혼자수), has an amazing art exhibition in Gyeongju Downtown. Any admirers of Van Gogh  and silk embroidery will definitely appreciate these replicas. The details of the work is absolutely astonishing, make sure to have a close up look.

Lee Yong Joo uses embroidery to make his own interpretation of famous paintings, especially Van Gogh’s work, portraits of famous people and for his own work.

The Hon Ja Soo Art Museum (혼자수 미술관) exists of 2 floors, one floor covers Van Gogh’s work only, and the other floor showcases his own work and replicas from other famous artists. He also has a section with scenes from Gyeongju, lilke Bulguksa Temple and Anabji Pond.

The Lee Yong Joo also makes portraits for famous people like Celine Dion, Brad Pitt, the mayor of Istanbul and many more.

The artist’s manager who will be at the exhibition at all times can give you more information about the artist’s life and paintings. If you are lucky the artist himself will be present to give you a guided tour in Korean.

On the top floor, there is a small coffee shop with free coffee and biscuits. The coffee shop is overlooking an unknown tomb.


The entrance price is 5000 won per person, at the entrance there is a yellow ticket vending machine. Buy your tickets here before going to the next floor. Thiss silk embroidery art exhibition in Gyeongju will run until February 2018.

Address: Gyeongsangbuk-do, Gyeongju, Nodong-dong, 노동동 37. The art center is located next to the unknown tomb and the Tumuli Park.

Van Gogh Silk Embroidery Art Exhibition Gyeongju

Planning a trip to Gyeongju? The KTX from Seoul takes you here in less than 2u30min and costs around 50 000won. Take the KTX train from Seoul Station to Singyeongju. From Singyeongju you can take a bus (50/51) to the city center, this should take around 40 minutes and cost 1200won. Coming from Busan? Why not take the express bus from Nopo Bus Terminal to Gyeongju? It costs 4900won and takes around 1h.

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Visit Gyeongju’s official Tourist Website

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Van Gogh Art Exhibition in Gyeongju

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