Kokdu Traditional Performance

Last week I went to see “Kokdu” at the National Gugak Centre and I must say it was absolutely amazing. The story is about two young siblings Sumin and Dongmin, who accidentally fell into the world between life and dead. The story continually switches between modern film and traditional performance, telling two parallel stories, leaving you hanging until the end.

Kokdus During Joseon Dynasty

Kokdus were dolls that accompanied dead people on the way to the cemetary, these were used during the entire Joseon Dynasty and until the mid 20th century. These dolls had different characters and protected the dead on their way to heaven against evil spirits.

It is a traditional performance that combines modern theater and video with traditional Gugak music.  They way they integrated the modern video and acting with the traditional music and performance worked really well. It was an engaging play that will stay with you for a long time.  Subtitles in English, Chinese and Japanese.  The play is still running until 22nd of November and costs around 30000~50000won.

Kokdu Performance

Free gift for foreigners

Go to http://www.gugak.go.kr for more information.

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